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  1. How to Short Alibaba

    January 28, 2015
    We explain how and why to short Alibaba stocks.
  2. Stock Market News for January 23, 2015 - Market News

    January 23, 2015
    Benchmarks turned positive for the year on Thursday after ECB announced a large-scale bond buying program to revive the near-stagnant ...
  3. The Economic Fundamentals Of The Sharing Economy

    January 22, 2015
    The sharing economy is reshaping how businesses and consumers interact with each other by lowering costs and increasing operational ...
  4. Spike in eBay Shares on Q4 Earnings Puts These ETFs in Focus ...

    January 22, 2015
    Shares of eBay are in focus following their Q4 results and their Paypal plans, putting these ETFs in focus.
  5. eBay Reports Q4, Shares Up on Promise to Unlock Value - Analyst ...

    January 22, 2015
    eBay's Q4 earnings and Q1 earnings guidance beat the Zacks Consensus Estimates, which along with forthcoming job cuts drove ...
  6. eBay Posts Mixed Earnings, Plans Job Cuts and Spin Offs - Stocks ...

    January 21, 2015
    eBay beat the consensus earnings estimate, but announced job cuts and spin offs of not just PayPal but the enterprise unit ...
  7. Will eBay (EBAY) Disappoint Earnings Estimates in Q4? - Analyst ...

    January 20, 2015
    eBay Inc. (EBAY) is set to report its fourth-quarter 2014 results on Jan 21. Last quarter, the company reported a positive ...
  8. Technology Stock Roundup: Stocks Make Poor Start to 2015 - Analyst ...

    January 19, 2015
    Most of the top technology stocks didn't have a very good start to the year, but innovation remains the focal point, driven ...
  9. Intel Q4 Earnings Preview: Strong End to Big Year? - Analyst ...

    January 14, 2015
    Intel Corp (INTC) is set to announce fourth-quarter results after the closing bell on Jan 15.
  10. Key Internet Issues Bring These Stocks in Focus in 2015 - Analyst ...

    January 12, 2015
    Several factors are likely to influence the Internet in 2015 and are expected to be the king-makers as the year gradually ...
  11. Venmo: Its Business Model and Competition

    January 7, 2015
    Venmo, with its tagline “Share Payments,” is currently leading the race in the skyrocketing market for peer-to-peer payments.
  12. eBay Inc (EBAY): New Analyst Report from Zacks Equity Research ...

    January 7, 2015
    eBay is one of the largest online retailers in the world. The company's profits increased post third quarter earnings results
  13. Piper Jaffray Reiterates Amazon's Price Target & Rating - Analyst ...

    December 30, 2014
    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reiterated an overweight rating on the Amazon (AMZN) stock and maintained the price target ...
  14. Options give a less risky slice of Alibaba's pie.

    December 29, 2014
    US investors can use options as a way to benefit from the profitability of Chinese-owned Alibaba while minimizing the downside ...
  15. eBay Enterprise & Belk Extend Multiyear Partnership - Analyst ...

    December 24, 2014
    eBay Enterprise, an eBay Inc.(EBAY) company, recently declared that it has renewed its multiyear agreement with Belk Inc. ...
  16. Technology in 2014, part 2: M&As to Make or Break Companies - ...

    December 24, 2014
    The number of acquisitions was way too many to mention separately but some notable splits were also announced that will totally ...
  17. EBay Chiefs to Quit Post PayPal Spinoff, Earn $35M on Exit - ...

    December 19, 2014
    In line with a regulatory filing, five of eBay Inc.'s (EBAY) top executives will step down following the spinoff of its payment-processing ...
  18. Pitney Bowes Selects Neo4j to Develop Graph-based MDM - Analyst ...

    December 17, 2014
    Pitney Bowes Inc. (PBI) recently collaborated with Neo Technology for constructing a novel Spectrum Master Data Management ...
  19. Will A 3D Concierge Be Coming To Your Mall Soon?

    December 3, 2014
  20. Who are Google's (GOOG) main competitors?

    December 3, 2014
    Explore Google's different revenue segments and its competitors in each segment, ranging from Microsoft and Yahoo to Moody's ...
  21. The Top Reasons Why M&A Deals Fail

    November 20, 2014
    A significant number of M&A transactions result in failure. Here are the top reasons, with examples, of why it happens.
  22. What is Alibaba?

    November 13, 2014
    Alibaba might not yet have the name recognition of other ecommerce players like Amazon, but with its record-breaking IPO, ...
  23. Alibaba's Top Competitors

    November 7, 2014
    A look at Alibaba’s top competitors to understand perceived and real competitive threats to the Chinese ecommerce giant.
  24. Mobile Adoption Drives Online Payments, Security - Industry Outlook

    November 6, 2014
    Mobile Adoption Drives Online Payments, Security - Industry Outlook
  25. Retail eCommerce Eyes 2014 Holiday Season - Industry Outlook

    November 4, 2014
    Retail eCommerce Eyes 2014 Holiday Season - Industry Outlook
  26. Navigating E-commerce: Alibaba, eBay and Amazon

    October 28, 2014
    Amazon, e-Bay and Alibaba were each game-changers in global e-commerce, with each not only finding its own niche, but inventing ...
  27. The Corporate 'Trick' Helping Investors Beat The Market 4-To-1

    October 23, 2014
  28. Why Hewlett-Packard Continues To Reinvent Itself

    October 15, 2014
    The pressure to reinvent oneself is huge in the tech sector, and Hewlett-Packard's move to divide into two units is evidence.
  29. Technical Look At eBay Inc

    September 30, 2014
  30. Priming the Pump for Q3 Earnings - Ahead of Wall Street

    September 30, 2014
    Stocks are indicated to start the last trading session of Q3 on a positive note, despite more evidence of global growth challenges.
  31. Alibaba's Goal: Supplant eBay, Amazon and Paypal

    September 23, 2014
    Within hours of its IPO, Alibaba's market cap surpassed Walmart's. So why is it that so many people still don't know what ...
  32. The Days of BABA Are Upon Us - Ahead of Wall Street

    September 19, 2014
    The start of trading for shares of Alibaba and the retail availability of the new iPhones are today's big developments.
  33. Big Week for Fed Prognosis - Ahead of Wall Street

    September 16, 2014
    With the QE program on track to end next month, this has emerged as a key source of uncertainty for global markets.
  34. How To Profit From The Rise in Proxy Fights

    September 9, 2014
    A proxy vote is a vote cast by an entity or person on behalf of another. This sets the stage for a proxy fight between the ...
  35. Companies That Succeeded With Bootstrapping

    August 28, 2014
    Bootstrapping is likely to be part of the history of nearly every successful company. Here are a few success stories.
  36. e-Commerce Stocks on Which to Click (pt. 2) - Industry Outlook

    July 2, 2014
    e-Commerce Stocks on Which to Click (pt. 2) - Industry Outlook
  37. e-Commerce Stocks on Which to Click (pt. 1) - Industry Outlook

    July 1, 2014
    e-Commerce Stocks on Which to Click (pt. 1) - Industry Outlook
  38. How We'll All Be Amazon.com Customers Eventually

    June 9, 2014
    Amazon is unusual among large U.S. companies ranked by market cap in that its profit margins are tiny and its stock is phenomenally ...
  39. Does Your Portfolio Need A Dose Of Cybersecurity?

    June 9, 2014
    The growing threat of increasingly sophisticated hacker attacks could mean that now is the right time to add cybersecurity ...
  40. Bear of the Day: Groupon (GRPN) - Bear of the Day

    April 24, 2014
    Bear of the Day: Groupon (GRPN) - Bear of the Day
  41. Bull of the Day: Dangdang (DANG) - Bull of the Day

    April 24, 2014
    Bull of the Day: Dangdang (DANG) - Bull of the Day
  42. How Some Brands Come Back from Near Death

    April 17, 2014
    Some company brands manage to revive themselves, while others die and go to brand heaven.
  43. Checked Out? StubHub Sales Falter After Eliminating Hidden Fees

    March 28, 2014
    StubHub's effort to please customers by eliminating hidden fees might have backfired. Sales have dipped for the online ...
  44. e-Commerce Stock Update - March 2014 (pt. 2) - Industry Outlook

    March 6, 2014
    e-Commerce Stock Update - March 2014 (pt. 2) - Industry Outlook
  45. Are You Set for Cyber Monday? - Ahead of Wall Street

    December 2, 2013
    ...And the Retail onslaught continues.
  46. Amazon’s Profitless Triumph

    October 25, 2013
    Amazon.com (Nasdaq:AMZN) shares are trading near an all-time high even though the company hasn’t earned big profits since ...
  47. Short Interest In Facebook Falls, In Groupon Rises (FB, GRPN, ...

    October 25, 2013
    Among the social media companies based in the United States, Facebook (NASDAQ: ZNGA) saw significant swings in short interest ...
  48. DC Hijinx Cloud Earnings Season - Ahead of Wall Street

    October 16, 2013
    Oh yeah, almost forgot -- earnings season is hitting full throttle this week.
  49. Short Sellers Pile On Facebook and Google (FB, GOOG, ZNGA)

    October 10, 2013
    Among the social media companies based in the United States, Facebook (NASDAQ: ZNGA) saw significant upswings in short interest ...
  50. Google Building For A Bigger Future

    July 19, 2013
    Investors don't like the margin impact, but Google continues to develop new long-term growth opportunities.
  51. eBay Seems Undervalued, But Wall Street Will Need Convincing

    July 18, 2013
    eBay is delivering good growth and building for the future, but near-term guidance is weighing on the stock.
  52. e-Commerce Stock Update - July 2013 (pt. 1) - Industry Outlook

    July 8, 2013
    e-Commerce Stock Update - July 2013 (pt. 1) - Industry Outlook
  53. Wall Street Clearly Underestimating VeriFone's Struggles

    June 6, 2013
    VeriFone continues to see its once-solid payments business erode under competitive pressure.
  54. Slower Growth And Better Margins Probably Won't Help Amazon

    April 26, 2013
    Amazon's growth continues to slow, but from a high level to a slightly less high level
  55. Goldman Sachs Cuts Hewlett-Packard to $16: Time To Jump Ship?

    April 3, 2013
    Goldman Sachs issued a target price of $16 on Hewlett-Packard's stock April 2. At the same time it cut its rating on the ...
  56. Approved: Paying Online Sales Tax

    March 26, 2013
    States will now be allowed to collect sales taxes on purchases made from Internet-based retailers even if the retailer has ...
  57. Consumers Love Ecommerce, News Crop Shuts Down And Your Weekly ...

    December 4, 2012
    With December finally here, the technology sector continues to be strong in the face of the looming cliff.
  58. e-Commerce Stock Outlook - Nov. 2012 - Industry Outlook

    November 19, 2012
    The Electronic Commerce, or e-commerce, industry is one of the most progressive sectors of the economy. The industry is evolving ...
  59. eCommerce Stock Outlook - Nov. 2012 - Industry Outlook

    November 19, 2012
    The Electronic Commerce, or e-commerce, industry is one of the most progressive sectors of the economy. The industry is evolving ...
  60. 4 High-Growth IPOs to Own in 2013

    November 15, 2012
    Initial public offerings (IPOs) are legendary for producing big gains for early investors. Stories about technology and pharma ...
  61. Bull Vs. Bear - Microsoft On The Rise

    November 15, 2012
    Microsoft has a better chance of going to $60 in the next few years than it does dropping below $20.
  62. Is There Hope For HP?

    October 25, 2012
    HP is trying another turnaround, but can they do it in time and properly?
  63. eBay Guidance Driving Shares - Analyst Blog

    October 18, 2012
    eBay Inc. (EBAY) reported second quarter earnings of 49 cents, which exceeded the Zacks Consensus by 3 cents. Earnings excluding ...
  64. This Week's Technology Events

    October 15, 2012
    Tech-related events for the week of October 15, 2012.
  65. Oracle Agrees to Acquire SelectMinds - Analyst Blog

    September 19, 2012
    Oracle Corp (ORCL) has agreed to buy SelectMinds, a cloud-based recruiting solutions provider. The acquisition is expected ...
  66. The Market Seems To Have Shifted From Blind Love To Blind Fear ...

    September 7, 2012
    VeriFone may not be the darling it once was, but that's not a bad thing for value-oriented investors.
  67. Bull Vs. Bear - The Mobile Payment Revolution Is Coming

    August 21, 2012
    With more and more people living so much more of their lives through their smartphones, it seems inevitable that the U.S. ...
  68. eBay Delivers Another Good Quarter - Analyst Blog

    July 19, 2012
    eBay Inc. (EBAY) reported second quarter earnings of 51 cents including share-based compensation (SBC), which exceeded the ...
  69. Cashing In On Payment Companies

    June 4, 2012
    As payment processing numbers fall, there are new opportunities available.
  70. Making B2B Commerce Sexy

    May 9, 2012
    When talking tech, usually it's the consumer space that gets all the attention, but that doesn't mean there aren't some ...
  71. E-Commerce King Raises the Ante

    April 20, 2012
    The next great tech wave will likely come on the e-commerce side of tech, where our smartphones and tablets will also double ...
  72. New Bullish Put Spread Targets eBay

    April 7, 2012
    Karee Venema of Schaeffer’s Investment Reserch decodes a bullishly biased option trade on eBay (EBAY), which is betting on ...
  73. Mispriced Stocks To Watch

    March 22, 2012
    The long-term value of a company is rarely reflected in the current price of its stock.
  74. Obama’s Corporate Tax Proposal: Which Companies Will Take A Hit?

    February 24, 2012
    President Obama has proposed corporate tax cuts that will lower corporate income taxes from 35% to 28%, but claims he willl ...
  75. Global Payments Maintaining Its Rapid Growth

    January 24, 2012
    As long as credit card usage and electronic payments keep rising, so too should Global Payments' stock.
  76. Is eBay A Trap?

    January 23, 2012
    eBay seems too cheap for everything to work as expected.
  77. M-Commerce Surges

    January 12, 2012
    2011 saw a substantial increase in purchases made via smartphones and tablets. Analysts expect this trend to continue through ...
  78. A Look At Yahoo!'s Past, Present And Future

    December 19, 2011
    Can Yahoo! rebuild itself on the strength of its media businesses?
  79. Store Your Cash In Public Storage REITs

    November 17, 2011
    Investors have flocked to apartment REITs, but a better choice could be in the self storage sector.
  80. Amazon Still Rather Amazing

    October 27, 2011
    Amazon disappointed with guidance, but the performance is still impressive.
  81. Is Yahoo Undervalued?

    August 15, 2011
    In comparison to other technology companies, Yahoo trades at a very attractive earnings, sales and economic book value multiples ...
  82. The Vistaprint Roller-Coaster Screams Down Again

    August 5, 2011
    Vistaprint is ridiculously volatile, but perhaps too cheap today.
  83. Amazon's Growth Trumps Its Spending - For Now

    August 4, 2011
    Amazon turned in massive revenue growth, but its spending initiatives dampened profit. The market approved - for now.
  84. H&R Block: 3 Reasons Buffett Should Buy Back In

    July 27, 2011
    Buffett may have moved on from HRB, but there are three strong reasons he might want to take another look.
  85. eBay's PayPal Pays Off Again

    July 26, 2011
    PayPal has become an even more important factor for eBay's future prospects.
  86. Mobile Payments Predicted To Skyrocket

    July 7, 2011
    Find out the best plays for taking advantage of the expected rise in mobile payments and money transfers.
  87. M-Commerce Continues To Grow

    June 7, 2011
    As smartphone adoption continues to grow, so will M-Commerce. As the mobile landscape expands, investors may want to consider ...
  88. Will Skype Transform Microsoft?

    May 13, 2011
    Microsoft is spending a lot of money on the hope that Skype will open new doors to growth.
  89. Is eBay Looking At GSI Commerce As Another PayPal?

    March 29, 2011
    eBay is paying a high multiple for GSI Commerce, but the similarities to the PayPal deal are encouraging.
  90. Irish Stocks Present Possible Value Play

    March 9, 2011
    Despite its fiscal woes, Ireland' tech story could ultimately become its saving grace.
  91. 6 Stocks With Low P/Es

    January 13, 2011
    Stocks with low P/E ratios tend to, on average, outperform the market average. Here are six low P/E stocks worth a look.
  92. Should Investors Pay Any Price For VeriFone?

    December 6, 2010
    VeriFone has solid growth prospects but an incredibly demanding valuation.
  93. 5 Stocks At 52-Week Highs

    October 29, 2010
    5 Stocks At 52-Week Highs
  94. 5 Overbought Stocks To Watch

    October 25, 2010
    The RSI is a standard component on any basic technical chart and is a great method of filtering stocks that could be setting ...
  95. Facebook Surpasses Google

    September 13, 2010
    As social networking continues to gain international acceptance, Facebook will continue to grow.
  96. Ritchie Bros Feels The Hammer

    July 15, 2010
    Ritchie Bros spooked the market with a mid-quarter update, but the growth strategy still makes sense.
  97. Strength And Value In Technology

    June 23, 2010
    The technology sector has been the leader in 2010, and there are still value plays among the top performers.
  98. ADRs Worth Consideration

    June 11, 2010
    The best way to avoid the inherent problems with U.S. stocks and the U.S. economy is to invest in stocks that have nothing ...
  99. Fuel Cells In Bloom

    March 5, 2010
    Fuel cells are getting some attention, and we look at a number of ways (including Bloom Energy) that investors can play.
  100. VoIP Reality Check

    September 10, 2009
    The market's stoked about Vonage's new international service. Google and eBay should convince them otherwise.
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