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23/7/2014 04:01 PM  |  NYSE : EQU  
Industries : Energy / Independent Oil & Gas

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/18/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO893$5.880.14%
6/05/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO151$5.270.16%
6/05/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO162$5.270.11%
6/05/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO913$5.750.14%
6/04/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO631$5.710.10%
6/04/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO85$5.700.01%
6/04/2014Doyle Michael EdmondDirector30$5.710.16%
6/04/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO67$5.250.04%
6/04/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO619$5.710.40%
6/04/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO17$5.250.02%
6/04/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO213$5.710.22%
6/04/2014Dusik Victor StanleyDirector28$5.710.95%
5/09/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO109$5.240.07%
5/09/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO101$5.240.11%
5/07/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO924$5.680.14%
3/06/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO106$5.350.07%
3/06/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO884$5.940.14%
3/06/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO100$5.350.10%
2/07/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO108$5.290.07%
2/07/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO100$5.290.10%
2/06/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO893$5.880.14%
2/04/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO1,420$5.831.40%
2/04/2014Smalling ScottSenior VP & CFO-7,439$5.83-7.23%
1/06/2014Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO924$5.680.13%
1/06/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO107$5.340.06%
1/06/2014Smalling ScottVP & CFO99$5.340.10%
1/02/2014Doyle Michael EdmondDirector30$5.660.16%
1/02/2014Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO419$5.660.25%
1/02/2014Dusik Victor StanleyDirector27$5.660.92%
12/31/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO10$5.350.01%
12/31/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO58$5.350.04%
12/05/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO158$5.040.16%
12/05/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO170$5.040.10%
12/05/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO982$5.350.14%
11/07/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO117$4.520.12%
11/07/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,117$4.700.16%
11/07/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO126$4.520.08%
10/09/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO114$4.680.11%
10/09/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO122$4.680.07%
10/03/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO3,625$4.840.53%
10/03/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO62$4.710.04%
10/03/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO390$4.680.24%
10/03/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO8$4.710.01%
10/01/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO-5,306$4.62-3.13%
9/09/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO113$4.700.11%
9/09/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO121$4.700.07%
9/09/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,061$4.950.15%
8/08/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,207$4.350.18%
8/07/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO116$4.190.12%
8/07/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO136$4.190.08%
7/09/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,118$4.130.16%
7/09/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO460$4.150.27%
7/09/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO289$4.130.17%
7/05/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO860$4.100.52%
7/05/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,280$4.100.19%
7/03/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO143$4.210.08%
7/03/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO110$4.210.11%
6/05/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO179$3.670.18%
6/05/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO233$3.670.14%
6/03/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO931$3.790.56%
6/03/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,387$3.790.20%
5/02/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO940$3.750.57%
5/02/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO117$3.750.12%
5/02/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,400$3.750.21%
5/02/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO152$3.750.09%
4/02/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO3,158$3.890.47%
4/02/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,072$3.900.16%
4/02/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,354$3.880.20%
4/02/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO313$3.890.19%
4/02/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO253$3.900.15%
4/02/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO909$3.880.56%
4/02/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO158$3.820.09%
4/02/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO533$3.840.32%
4/02/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO115$3.820.11%
3/21/2013Wilkinson Robert M.Director1,400$3.455.88%
3/20/2013Wilkinson Robert M.Director18,600$3.45357.69%
3/01/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,584$3.320.31%
3/01/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO177$3.220.18%
3/01/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO1,063$3.320.66%
3/01/2013Smalling ScottVP & CFO109$3.220.11%
2/13/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,500$3.0125.00%
2/08/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO6,000$3.001.18%
2/04/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,747$3.010.34%
2/04/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO183$3.010.18%
2/04/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO1,173$3.010.73%
1/31/2013Doyle Michael EdmondDirector10,000$3.0531.25%
1/10/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO-19,500$3.01-3.70%
1/10/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO-2,314$3.01-2.28%
1/10/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO-2,525$3.01-1.54%
1/04/2013Chimahusky John S.Senior VP and COO181$3.080.18%
1/04/2013Chapman Wendell PercySenior VP and CFO1,146$3.080.71%
1/04/2013Klapko Donald CharlesPresident and CEO1,706$3.080.32%
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