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  1. Ten Money Managers Worth Following

    December 23, 2013
    Generally speaking, most retail investors along with the media outlets tend to closely follow the moves of well-known investors ...
  2. Weak Enrollments Hurt ITT's 4Q - Analyst Blog

    January 25, 2013
    ITT Educational Services's, Inc.  (ESI) adjusted earnings $1.83 per share came short of both the Zacks Consensus Estimate ...
  3. Will For-Profit Education Survive? - Analyst Blog

    December 7, 2012
    The for-profit education industry has been going through trying times recently. Industry watchers had tied its fortunes with ...
  4. HCP and More Big Movers in Services on October 17, 2012

    October 17, 2012
    The Nasdaq is unchanged, the S&P 500 has increased 0.3% and the Dow has moved little so far today. The Services sector (IYC) ...
  5. Dollar Tree and More Big Movers in Services on October 12, 2 ...

    October 12, 2012
    The market is having a bad day so far. The Nasdaq has declined 0.2%; the S&P 500 is down 0.4%; and the Dow has fallen 0.2%. ...
  6. Services Stocks, Including DISH Network, Making Big Moves on ...

    October 11, 2012
    The morning has been good for the market. The Nasdaq is up 0.3%; the S&P 500 has climbed 0.6%; and the Dow has moved up ...
  7. Family Dollar Among Services' Biggest Movers on October 3, 2 ...

    October 3, 2012
    The Nasdaq is up 0.6%, the S&P 500 has risen 0.4% and the Dow has climbed 0.3%, marking a bad morning for the market. Outperforming ...
  8. Now is the Perfect Time to Short These Stocks

    August 13, 2012
    The art of short-selling is inextricably tied to the direction of the market. If the market has sold off for a number of ...
  9. Lululemon Athletica inc. and Other Services Stocks Making Big ...

    July 30, 2012
    The morning has been bad for the market. The Nasdaq is down 0.2%; the S&P 500 has decreased 0.2%; and the Dow has declined ...
  10. Big Movers on the Services Sector Today, Including PCS

    July 26, 2012
    The market is having a good day so far: the Nasdaq is up 1.1%; the S&P 500 is trading up 1.3%; and the Dow has increased ...
  11. Biggest NYSE Movers for July 26, 2012: HRC and More

    July 26, 2012
    So far today, the market has been on the rise. The Nasdaq has climbed 1.1%; the S&P 500 has moved up 1.3%; and the Dow is ...
  12. Mixed 2Q at Universal Technical - Analyst Blog

    May 2, 2012
    Mixed 2Q at Universal Technical - Analyst Blog
  13. 6 Stocks from a Quant Master's Strategy

    April 17, 2012
    Joel Greenblatt made quantitive investing accessible for individual investors, and his simplified system is still effective, ...
  14. University Of Phoenix Still Resetting

    March 30, 2012
    Apollo Group is still working to regain its footing, follwing increased scrutiny from regulators. In terms of total revenue, ...
  15. Stocks That Do Well Under Democratic Administrations

    February 20, 2012
    Here are some stocks that have historically shown a correlation to presidential cycles.
  16. Apollo Off Key For Growth Investors

    July 4, 2011
    Apollo's poor results today don't reflect the potential down the road.
  17. After Sound And Fury, For-Profit Educators Get A Break

    June 6, 2011
    New government regulations for for-profit education are much softer than feared.
  18. 7 Companies Using Pricing For Profits

    September 23, 2010
    A 1% increase in prices improves your profits by 12.5% according to the National Post.
  19. Profits In For-Profit Education

    June 24, 2010
    For-profit education is here to stay, so which names should investors study up on?
  20. All Good Things Must Come To an End

    May 4, 2009
    Education stocks had a field day in 2008, but the conditions that made them rally then can't last forever.
  21. April Large Cap Losers

    May 4, 2009
    The large cap loser list for April consists of former safe havens that have suffered from investor shifts to sectors that ...
  22. Apollo Group Sent to the Principal?

    April 10, 2009
    Despite near-term profit concerns, this online learning institution has compelling long-term prospects.
  23. Education Stock Deserves Dunce Cap

    February 9, 2009
    Universal Technical Institute earnings report caused a 32% drop in the stock price, raising the issue of whether its problems ...
  24. Get Smart Returns With For-Profit Educators

    January 30, 2009
    It looks like it's time to hit the books if you're looking for a growing sector in the middle of the market downturn.
  25. Education Companies To Benefit From Stimulus

    January 20, 2009
    Education is one of the few sectors with growth prospects for 2009, thanks to the government stimulus package.
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