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16/4/2014 06:40 PM  |  NYSE : ETN  
Industries : Industrial / Diversified Machinery

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
2/22/2012CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO-3,627$52.24-0.76%
2/22/2012RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller-163$52.24-0.17%
2/22/2012Moran Thomas E.Sr VP and Secretary-90$52.24-2.06%
2/22/2012Moran Thomas E.Sr VP and Secretary-91$52.24-2.13%
2/22/2012McGuire Mark MEVP and General Counsel-516$52.24-1.12%
2/22/2012McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-317$52.24-0.57%
2/22/2012GROSS THOMASVC & COO - Electrical Sector-900$52.24-1.53%
2/22/2012Foster David BSVP Corp. Dev. & Treasury-13$52.24-0.40%
2/22/2012FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-899$54.24-0.37%
2/22/2012ARNOLD CRAIGVC & COO-Industrial Sector-898$52.24-0.65%
2/16/2012McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-32,582$50.74-37.49%
2/16/2012McGill James WEVP - Human Resources16,000$29.5421.95%
2/16/2012McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-1,991$50.70-2.24%
2/09/2012RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller-10,000$51.75-9.66%
2/09/2012RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller10,000$17.3310.69%
1/30/2012CRITELLI MICHAEL JDirector9,000$18.6412.09%
11/30/2011MCCOY DEBORAH LDirector9,408$17.2922.06%
11/30/2011MCCOY DEBORAH LDirector-9,408$44.72-18.07%
11/09/2011LAUTENBACH NED CDirector-221$44.67-0.41%
11/09/2011LAUTENBACH NED CDirector-3,419$44.66-5.94%
11/09/2011LAUTENBACH NED CDirector3,640$17.296.75%
11/09/2011LAUTENBACH NED CDirector5,768$17.2910.69%
11/08/2011RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller-2,185$45.74-2.28%
11/08/2011RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller4,924$20.305.42%
10/28/2011McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-16,000$46.25-17.80%
10/01/2011Moran Thomas E.Sr VP and Secretary-120$36.04-2.83%
8/29/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO4,924$20.300.96%
8/29/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO-2,427$41.18-0.47%
8/15/2011CRITELLI MICHAEL JDirector3,912$18.645.73%
8/12/2011Connor Christopher MDirector1,000$41.0210.68%
6/09/2011McMaken Kurt BSVP-Corp. Dev. & Treasury2,000$46.5044.22%
3/09/2011GREEN ERNIEDirector7,296$33.207.27%
3/09/2011GREEN ERNIEDirector7,732$30.746.41%
3/09/2011GREEN ERNIEDirector7,408$33.025.77%
3/09/2011GREEN ERNIEDirector6,504$37.516.04%
3/09/2011GREEN ERNIEDirector6,450$37.215.65%
3/09/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO-21,042$53.26-3.96%
2/25/2011GROSS THOMASVC & COO - Electrical Sector-1,176$107.30-4.10%
2/25/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-3,575$107.30-2.86%
2/25/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector-2,434$107.30-3.46%
2/25/2011McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-240$107.30-0.53%
2/24/2011McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-125$104.61-0.28%
2/24/2011McGuire Mark MEVP and General Counsel-2,173$104.61-9.02%
2/24/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO-1,923$104.61-0.72%
2/24/2011McGuire Mark MEVP and General Counsel-421$104.61-1.83%
2/24/2011Moran Thomas E.Sr VP and Secretary-63$104.61-2.89%
2/24/2011RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller-104$104.61-0.23%
2/24/2011RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller-671$104.61-1.45%
2/24/2011McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-1,567$104.61-3.37%
2/24/2011GROSS THOMASVC & COO - Electrical Sector-5,461$104.61-16.01%
2/24/2011GROSS THOMASVC & COO - Electrical Sector-743$104.61-2.13%
2/24/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector-743$104.61-1.04%
2/24/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector-5,957$104.61-7.91%
2/24/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-4,574$104.61-3.55%
2/24/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-656$104.61-0.52%
2/24/2011McMaken Kurt BSVP-Corp. Dev. & Treasury-112$104.61-4.73%
2/23/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector-1,909$105.68-2.47%
2/23/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO-5,681$105.68-2.11%
2/23/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-1,915$105.68-1.47%
2/23/2011GROSS THOMASVC & COO - Electrical Sector-1,465$105.68-4.24%
2/23/2011McGill James WEVP - Human Resources-509$105.68-1.08%
2/23/2011McMaken Kurt BSVP-Corp. Dev. & Treasury-350$105.68-14.78%
2/23/2011Moran Thomas E.Sr VP and Secretary-172$105.68-7.93%
2/23/2011Moran Thomas E.Sr VP and Secretary-46$105.68-2.64%
2/23/2011RAWOT BILLIE KSr VP and Controller-289$105.68-0.62%
2/23/2011McGuire Mark MEVP and General Counsel-795$105.68-3.19%
2/14/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector1,692$59.072.39%
2/14/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector-1,692$112.69-2.34%
2/14/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector-38,935$112.19-34.45%
2/14/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector42,308$59.0759.83%
2/14/2011CRAIG ARNOLDVC & COO-Industrial Sector-3,373$112.77-4.55%
2/11/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer1,692$59.071.37%
2/11/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-25,108$112.29-16.83%
2/11/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer25,108$59.0720.24%
2/11/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-889$112.38-0.71%
2/11/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer-17,200$112.14-12.17%
2/11/2011FEARON RICHARD HVC and CFO & Planning Officer17,200$59.0713.86%
2/09/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO-51,636$110.61-16.82%
2/09/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO-187,478$110.09-37.91%
2/09/2011CUTLER ALEXANDER MChairman and CEO239,114$34.6593.63%
2/08/2011CRITELLI MICHAEL JDirector4,462$34.5715.26%
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