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Nov. 30, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/17/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-262$70.75-4.89%
8/17/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-206$70.24-3.70%
5/27/2015DESPEAUX KIMBERLY HSenior Vice President-2,100$75.78-15.71%
5/26/2015RICE CHARLES L JRN/A-599$75.00-16.66%
5/19/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A1,000$64.6018.04%
5/19/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-1,000$76.10-15.29%
5/18/2015VINCI DONALD WSVP, Human Resources & CDO-2,100$75.24-35.81%
5/15/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A1,000$64.6018.04%
5/15/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-1,000$74.88-15.29%
2/27/2015VINCI DONALD WSVP, Human Resources & CDO-2,439$78.65-29.71%
2/26/2015VINCI DONALD WSVP, Human Resources & CDO-629$79.34-7.12%
2/17/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-1,933$79.29-25.94%
2/17/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A1,933$63.1735.03%
2/09/2015WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer-17,000$82.16-42.47%
2/09/2015WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer17,000$72.7973.82%
2/02/2015Rainer Sallie TN/A-140$88.15-2.39%
2/02/2015Mount Alyson MSVP & Chief Accounting Officer-214$88.15-2.72%
2/02/2015RICE CHARLES L JRN/A-142$88.15-3.84%
2/02/2015SAVOFF MARK TEVP & Chief Operating Officer-334$88.15-1.36%
2/02/2015VINCI DONALD WSVP, Human Resources & CDO-167$88.15-1.85%
2/02/2015WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer-595$88.15-2.52%
2/02/2015MCDONALD HUGH TN/A-177$88.15-2.49%
2/02/2015MOHL WILLIAM MPresident - EWCB-401$88.15-2.12%
2/02/2015Forbes Jeffrey SEVP, Chief Nuclear Officer-333$88.15-1.86%
2/02/2015DENAULT LEO PChairman and CEO-1,036$88.15-1.68%
2/02/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-167$88.15-2.94%
2/02/2015Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer-476$88.15-2.67%
2/02/2015May Phillip R JrN/A-167$88.15-2.15%
2/02/2015DESPEAUX KIMBERLY HSenior Vice President-261$88.15-1.92%
2/02/2015Bunting Theodore H JRGroup President, Utility Ops.-595$88.15-3.09%
2/02/2015Brown Marcus VEVP & General Counsel-261$88.15-1.71%
1/30/2015WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer-678$87.51-2.79%
1/30/2015VINCI DONALD WSVP, Human Resources & CDO-248$87.51-2.68%
1/30/2015Rainer Sallie TN/A-129$87.51-2.16%
1/30/2015SAVOFF MARK TEVP & Chief Operating Officer-475$87.51-1.89%
1/30/2015MCDONALD HUGH TN/A-152$87.51-2.09%
1/30/2015Mount Alyson MSVP & Chief Accounting Officer-204$87.51-2.52%
1/30/2015RICE CHARLES L JRN/A-126$87.51-3.29%
1/30/2015MOHL WILLIAM MPresident - EWCB-571$87.51-2.93%
1/30/2015May Phillip R JrN/A-204$87.51-2.56%
1/30/2015Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer-554$87.51-3.01%
1/30/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-154$87.51-2.64%
1/30/2015Forbes Jeffrey SEVP, Chief Nuclear Officer-428$87.51-2.34%
1/30/2015DENAULT LEO PChairman and CEO-2,279$87.51-3.56%
1/30/2015DESPEAUX KIMBERLY HSenior Vice President-249$87.51-1.80%
1/30/2015Brown Marcus VEVP & General Counsel-554$87.51-3.51%
1/30/2015Bunting Theodore H JRGroup President, Utility Ops.-509$87.51-2.57%
1/26/2015WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer-501$88.83-2.49%
1/26/2015VINCI DONALD WSVP, Human Resources & CDO-152$88.83-1.92%
1/26/2015Brown Marcus VEVP & General Counsel-156$88.83-1.43%
1/26/2015Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer-175$88.83-1.29%
1/26/2015DENAULT LEO PChairman and CEO-726$88.83-1.37%
1/26/2015Bunting Theodore H JRGroup President, Utility Ops.-263$88.83-1.72%
1/26/2015SAVOFF MARK TEVP & Chief Operating Officer-313$88.83-1.51%
1/26/2015MCDONALD HUGH TN/A-168$88.83-2.50%
1/26/2015May Phillip R JrN/A-146$88.83-2.01%
1/26/2015Mount Alyson MSVP & Chief Accounting Officer-183$88.83-2.52%
1/26/2015MOHL WILLIAM MPresident - EWCB-158$88.83-1.08%
1/26/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-145$88.83-2.82%
1/26/2015DESPEAUX KIMBERLY HSenior Vice President-261$88.83-1.98%
1/26/2015Rainer Sallie TN/A-143$88.83-2.66%
1/26/2015RICE CHARLES L JRN/A-130$88.83-4.06%
1/26/2015Forbes Jeffrey SEVP, Chief Nuclear Officer-262$88.83-1.86%
1/16/2015May Phillip R JrN/A-537$88.67-6.88%
1/16/2015Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer-972$88.67-6.68%
1/16/2015MCDONALD HUGH TN/A-426$88.67-5.95%
1/16/2015MOHL WILLIAM MPresident - EWCB-887$88.67-5.74%
1/16/2015Brown Marcus VEVP & General Counsel-907$88.67-7.66%
1/16/2015VINCI DONALD WSVP, Human Resources & CDO-497$88.67-5.92%
1/16/2015WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer-1,296$88.67-6.06%
1/16/2015Rainer Sallie TN/A-299$88.67-5.27%
1/16/2015RICE CHARLES L JRN/A-408$88.67-11.29%
1/16/2015SAVOFF MARK TEVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,295$88.67-5.88%
1/16/2015Mount Alyson MSVP & Chief Accounting Officer-528$88.67-6.77%
1/16/2015Forbes Jeffrey SEVP, Chief Nuclear Officer-1,006$88.67-6.67%
1/16/2015Bunting Theodore H JRGroup President, Utility Ops.-1,200$88.67-7.30%
1/16/2015DENAULT LEO PChairman and CEO-4,847$88.67-8.41%
1/16/2015DESPEAUX KIMBERLY HSenior Vice President-609$88.67-4.41%
1/16/2015FISACKERLY HALEYN/A-407$88.67-7.35%
12/26/2014Brown Marcus VEVP & General Counsel1,667$68.8918.70%
12/26/2014Brown Marcus VEVP & General Counsel-1,405$90.00-13.28%
12/15/2014SAVOFF MARK TEVP & Chief Operating Officer-8,935$86.72-33.01%
12/15/2014SAVOFF MARK TEVP & Chief Operating Officer10,000$68.8958.58%
12/11/2014Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer2,000$69.4717.51%
12/11/2014Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,755$85.00-13.07%
12/10/2014Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer2,000$69.4717.86%
12/10/2014Marsh Andrew SEVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,775$83.86-13.45%
12/01/2014DENAULT LEO PChairman and CEO35,000$69.4785.64%
12/01/2014DENAULT LEO PChairman and CEO-24,036$83.19-35.39%
12/01/2014DENAULT LEO PChairman and CEO-7,951$82.89-10.48%
11/26/2014Rainer Sallie TN/A2,500$69.4753.00%
11/26/2014Rainer Sallie TN/A-2,500$82.04-34.64%
11/21/2014RICE CHARLES L JRN/A-1,200$82.39-32.36%
11/21/2014Bunting Theodore H JRGroup President, Utility Ops.2,200$69.4717.54%
11/21/2014Bunting Theodore H JRGroup President, Utility Ops.-1,970$82.37-13.36%
11/20/2014HERMAN ALEXIS MDirector-7,006$82.72-89.64%
11/19/2014WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer-1,178$83.55-6.34%
11/19/2014WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer667$69.473.88%
11/19/2014WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer1,334$68.897.74%
11/19/2014WEST RODERICK KEVP & Chief Admin. Officer-592$83.61-3.32%
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