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Nov. 30, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/15/2015Kornberg David GPresident & CEO-3,459$18.80-1.20%
9/01/2015Kornberg David GPresident & CEO-4,423$20.20-1.51%
9/01/2015Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-4,404$20.20-1.86%
9/01/2015Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-3,527$20.20-3.01%
9/01/2015Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-4,368$20.20-2.87%
9/01/2015St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-4,392$20.20-1.71%
9/01/2015Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-4,441$20.20-2.29%
8/26/2015Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-8,000$20.08-3.27%
8/26/2015Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-13,000$20.00-7.87%
8/26/2015St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-11,294$19.90-4.20%
8/26/2015Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-16,500$20.07-12.34%
7/30/2015Weiss Michael ADirector-39,240$18.27-3.92%
6/08/2015St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-7,000$18.85-2.54%
4/15/2015Kornberg David GPresident & CEO-1,783$17.15-0.61%
4/15/2015Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-833$17.15-0.43%
4/15/2015St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-824$17.15-0.30%
4/15/2015Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-748$17.15-0.56%
4/15/2015Dascoli Dominic PSVP, CFO and Treasurer-741$17.15-1.48%
4/15/2015Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-820$17.15-0.49%
4/15/2015Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,589$17.15-0.64%
4/02/2015St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-3,160$16.63-1.13%
4/02/2015Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-2,077$16.63-1.05%
4/02/2015Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-3,961$16.63-1.58%
4/02/2015Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-2,043$16.63-1.22%
4/02/2015Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-2,002$16.63-1.47%
4/02/2015Dascoli Dominic PSVP, CFO and Treasurer-1,842$16.63-3.56%
4/02/2015Kornberg David GPresident & CEO-3,580$16.63-1.20%
3/22/2015Dascoli Dominic PSVP, CFO and Treasurer-444$16.50-1.04%
3/22/2015Kornberg David GPresident & CEO-1,569$16.50-0.74%
3/22/2015St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-1,212$16.50-0.45%
3/22/2015Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-1,204$16.50-0.76%
3/22/2015Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-978$16.50-0.77%
3/22/2015Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,789$16.50-1.20%
3/22/2015Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-1,224$16.50-0.65%
2/18/2015St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-1,198$14.33-0.44%
2/18/2015Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-1,267$14.33-0.98%
2/18/2015Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-1,217$14.33-0.65%
2/18/2015Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-1,197$14.33-0.75%
2/18/2015Kornberg David GPresident & CEO-1,081$14.33-0.51%
2/18/2015Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,150$14.33-0.92%
1/30/2015Weiss Michael ADirector-20,119$13.08-2.12%
1/30/2015Weiss Michael ADirector6,081$13.490.64%
10/17/2014Dascoli Dominic PSVP, CFO and Treasurer-834$14.01-1.92%
10/15/2014Kornberg David GPresident-2,414$13.80-1.12%
5/12/2014Weiss Michael AChief Executive Officer-734$14.91-0.08%
5/12/2014Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-82$14.91-0.06%
5/12/2014St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-101$14.91-0.04%
5/12/2014Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-101$14.91-0.06%
5/12/2014Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-122$14.91-0.05%
5/12/2014Kornberg David GPresident-102$14.91-0.05%
5/12/2014Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-82$14.91-0.04%
4/02/2014Weiss Michael AChief Executive Officer-28,723$16.71-2.93%
4/02/2014Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-1,984$16.71-1.51%
4/02/2014St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-3,154$16.71-1.15%
4/02/2014Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-2,043$16.71-1.27%
4/02/2014Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-3,957$16.71-1.66%
4/02/2014Kornberg David GPresident-3,578$16.71-1.63%
4/02/2014Keane MichaelEVP, Human Resources-2,061$16.71-4.76%
4/02/2014Dascoli Dominic PSVP, CFO and Treasurer-1,842$16.71-4.07%
4/02/2014Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-2,083$16.71-1.09%
3/22/2014Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-975$16.47-0.93%
3/22/2014St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-1,215$16.47-0.51%
3/22/2014Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-1,210$16.47-0.90%
3/22/2014Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,787$16.47-1.50%
3/22/2014Kornberg David GPresident-1,568$16.47-0.93%
3/22/2014Dascoli Dominic PSVP, CFO and Treasurer-440$16.47-2.22%
3/22/2014Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-1,234$16.47-0.76%
3/12/2014Keane MichaelEVP, Human Resources-4,225$16.05-22.09%
2/18/2014Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-1,261$17.74-0.77%
2/18/2014Weiss Michael AChief Executive Officer-38,348$17.74-4.70%
2/18/2014Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-1,257$17.74-1.18%
2/18/2014Kornberg David GPresident-1,196$17.74-0.70%
2/18/2014Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,218$17.74-1.18%
2/18/2014Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-1,239$17.74-0.91%
2/18/2014St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-1,236$17.74-0.52%
12/03/2013St. Pierre Jeanne LEVP - Stores-10,000$25.00-4.03%
12/03/2013Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-6,900$25.00-4.85%
12/03/2013Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-6,100$25.00-5.42%
12/02/2013Kornberg David GPresident-6,000$24.49-3.42%
11/13/2013Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-8,571$24.27-4.35%
11/01/2013Kornberg David GPresident-6,000$23.10-3.30%
10/24/2013Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-8,571$23.00-4.17%
10/17/2013Dascoli Dominic PSVP, CFO and Treasurer-4,169$22.26-17.38%
10/15/2013Kornberg David GPresident-3,198$21.95-1.73%
10/01/2013Kornberg David GPresident-6,000$23.68-3.14%
9/26/2013Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-9,100$24.00-6.01%
9/26/2013Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-10,700$24.00-6.10%
9/25/2013Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-9,398$24.00-7.71%
9/25/2013Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-1,900$24.00-1.24%
9/25/2013Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-2,500$24.00-1.41%
9/23/2013Kornberg David GPresident-8,200$24.00-4.12%
9/23/2013Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-11,600$24.00-7.03%
9/23/2013Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-16,800$24.00-8.63%
9/23/2013Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-5,500$24.00-4.31%
9/20/2013Kornberg David GPresident-1,800$24.00-0.90%
9/20/2013Tilson Douglas HEVP - Real Estate-1,766$24.00-1.37%
9/20/2013Rafferty John JEVP - Planning and Allocation-2,400$24.00-1.43%
9/20/2013Campbell ColinEVP - Sourcing and Production-4,000$24.00-2.01%
9/13/2013Moellering Matthew CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-8,571$22.09-4.00%
9/03/2013Kornberg David GPresident-6,000$21.20-2.90%
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