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Nov. 30, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
6/30/2015SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman, President, and CEO9,487$2.240.87%
3/06/2015Busmire Bruce WChief Financial Officer25,000$4.1755.56%
3/06/2015Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO-3,560$4.12-9.32%
3/06/2015Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO-10,000$4.15-28.86%
3/06/2015Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO-7,894$4.22-37.39%
3/06/2015Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO-440$4.21-2.04%
3/06/2015Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO-3,106$4.20-12.60%
12/19/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRPresident, Chairman, and CEO-75,000$3.15-6.42%
12/19/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRPresident, Chairman, and CEO-75,000$3.22-6.04%
12/15/2014LACHANCE JAMESDirector63,406$2.45327.90%
12/01/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRPresident, Chairman, and CEO25,000$3.45139.53%
12/01/2014Busmire Bruce WChief Financial Officer20,000$3.9080.00%
12/01/2014Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO3,150$3.1716.82%
12/01/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector25,000$3.3015.17%
11/28/2014Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO8,700$5.1086.72%
11/18/2014GRIFFITHS SCOTT ADirector10,000$6.6319.62%
11/13/2014de Pinho AntonioCOO3,700$6.68122.31%
11/04/2014GRIFFITHS SCOTT ADirector26,396$6.63107.43%
11/04/2014FLANNERY KEVIN SDirector26,396$6.6372.95%
11/04/2014Dupre II CorneliusDirector26,396$6.6314.10%
11/04/2014Davison PaulDirector26,396$6.6337.88%
11/04/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector26,396$6.6319.08%
11/04/2014Colvin WilliamDirector26,396$6.6340.65%
9/03/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector2,500$15.541.99%
9/03/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector4,600$15.483.52%
9/03/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector2,500$15.521.95%
9/03/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector2,500$15.401.84%
9/03/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector400$15.490.30%
8/19/2014de Pinho AntonioExec VP, E&E, M&A3,000$15.8018.68%
8/15/2014Reid ToddExec VP, Marketing & Risk Mgmt1,000$16.0413.92%
8/15/2014Reid ToddExec VP, Marketing & Risk Mgmt10,000$15.99200.00%
8/15/2014Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO & CIO1,500$15.9117.58%
8/15/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRPresident, Chairman, and CEO20,000$15.8826.32%
8/15/2014FLANNERY KEVIN SDirector3,000$15.809.04%
6/30/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO1,058$20.090.09%
6/30/2014Reid ToddExec VP, Marketing & Risk Mgmt1,058$20.091.90%
6/30/2014Menown Hugh AExecutive VP, CAO & CIO1,058$20.093.24%
6/30/2014Marchive BenChief Operating Officer1,058$20.090.84%
6/30/2014Griffin David WestCFO1,058$20.090.55%
6/30/2014de Pinho AntonioExec VP, E&E, M&A1,058$20.0912.55%
6/03/2014GRIFFITHS SCOTT ADirector3,521$21.1116.73%
5/20/2014Marchive BenExecutive VP, Explo. & Prod.4,200$21.129.89%
5/19/2014Marchive BenExecutive VP, Explo. & Prod.3,300$21.2142.20%
5/16/2014Marchive BenExecutive VP, Explo. & Prod.50,000$20.56180.25%
5/15/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO15,000$20.4924.59%
5/15/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO5,000$20.4639.82%
3/14/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector5,000$22.034.32%
3/14/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector2,098$22.001.74%
3/14/2014Feinberg Hill ADirector2,902$22.012.36%
2/11/2014Reid ToddSr VP, Marketing & Risk Mgmt2,000$21.8239.16%
2/10/2014Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations1,275$21.4239.55%
2/10/2014Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO2,950$21.2739.73%
2/10/2014Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO455$21.536.26%
2/10/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO10,000$21.4221.74%
2/10/2014SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO5,000$21.718.93%
1/03/2014de Pinho AntonioSr. VP, JV, OBO, Technology781$19.2110.21%
1/03/2014Fox Rick DVIce President, Controller638$19.214.34%
11/05/2013FLANNERY KEVIN SDirector6,060$28.8822.34%
10/31/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations348$28.590.48%
10/31/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations930$28.7915.67%
10/31/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations38$28.941.19%
10/31/2013Fox Rick DVIce President, Controller2,000$28.70100.00%
8/22/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations3,600$25.906.95%
6/30/2013Griffin David WestCFO1,128$18.850.63%
6/30/2013Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO1,128$18.854.81%
6/30/2013Fox Rick DVice President, Controller478$18.854.41%
6/30/2013Nelson SteveVP, Production1,127$18.852.29%
6/30/2013Reid ToddSr VP, Marketing & Risk Mgmt1,128$18.852.57%
6/30/2013SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO1,128$18.850.09%
6/30/2013de Pinho AntonioSr. VP, JV, OBO, Technology319$18.855.32%
6/30/2013Marchive BenExecutive VP, Explo & Prod1,128$18.850.99%
6/30/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations1,128$18.851.68%
5/07/2013Griffin David WestCFO1,461$24.5621.60%
5/07/2013Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO620$24.8110.94%
5/07/2013Marchive BenExecutive VP, Explo & Prod775$24.891.86%
5/07/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations2,000$24.003.03%
3/01/2013Griffin David WestCFO4,000$29.1537.07%
3/01/2013Griffin David WestCFO1,000$28.856.76%
2/28/2013Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO640$29.1754.24%
2/28/2013SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO5,000$29.1512.20%
2/28/2013Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO30$29.232.61%
2/28/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations1,800$28.851.57%
2/28/2013Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO20$29.091.10%
2/21/2013SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO10,000$30.5032.26%
2/21/2013Marchive BenExecutive VP, Explo & Prod3,600$30.459.45%
2/08/2013Griffin David WestCFO80$32.290.75%
2/08/2013Griffin David WestCFO2,600$32.3032.06%
2/08/2013Lawrence StewartVice President, Inv. Relations850$32.4036.39%
2/08/2013Reid ToddSr VP, Marketing & Risk Mgmt1,000$32.0525.00%
2/08/2013Reid ToddSr VP, Marketing & Risk Mgmt1,000$32.1524.84%
2/07/2013SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO950$32.169.79%
2/07/2013SCHILLER JOHN D JRChairman and CEO5,000$32.2519.23%
2/07/2013Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO1,825$31.9432.59%
2/06/2013Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO120$31.522.19%
2/05/2013Griffin David WestCFO200$31.992.53%
2/05/2013Griffin David WestCFO100$31.991.28%
2/05/2013Griffin David WestCFO100$31.991.30%
2/05/2013Griffin David WestCFO500$32.128.33%
12/31/2012Menown Hugh ASr VP, CAO & CIO778$27.353.43%
12/31/2012Nelson SteveVP, Drilling and Production778$27.351.60%
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