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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
12/19/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-9,742$41.04-7.33%
12/18/2013SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-18,596$41.16-11.32%
12/18/2013Bannister David GEVP & Regional Chairman-17,168$41.61-17.41%
12/18/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-52,339$41.08-28.25%
12/18/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-450$41.10-100.00%
12/18/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-18,000$40.99-100.00%
12/18/2013Carlile Roger DEVP & Chief Financial Officer11,848$27.8911.56%
12/18/2013Carlile Roger DEVP & Chief Financial Officer-11,848$41.52-10.37%
12/18/2013Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr33,334$25.9773.89%
12/18/2013Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-7,500$41.08-9.56%
12/18/2013Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-33,334$41.52-46.99%
12/18/2013Freeman Catherine MSVP, Controller and CAO15,000$37.83100.33%
12/18/2013Freeman Catherine MSVP, Controller and CAO-6,381$41.12-21.30%
12/18/2013Freeman Catherine MSVP, Controller and CAO-15,000$40.99-63.64%
12/17/2013Bannister David GEVP & Regional Chairman-3,396$42.17-3.63%
12/17/2013Bannister David GEVP & Regional Chairman-5,000$41.50-5.07%
12/17/2013Bannister David GEVP & Regional Chairman-30,638$42.15-23.70%
12/17/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-93,094$40.83-30.94%
12/17/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-22,500$41.22-10.83%
12/17/2013Bacon Brenda JDirector-11,000$42.00-22.55%
12/17/2013SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-47,630$42.13-22.47%
12/13/2013SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-2,213$44.35-1.03%
11/09/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-1,316$42.86-0.43%
11/08/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-1,070$42.50-0.35%
11/03/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-858$40.53-0.28%
10/18/2013SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-4,562$40.46-2.09%
8/06/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-754$37.37-0.25%
8/05/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-654$37.97-0.22%
8/02/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-1,006$37.96-0.34%
7/10/2013Costamagna ClaudioDirector-1,344$37.38-15.99%
7/10/2013Costamagna ClaudioDirector-1,344$37.38-15.99%
5/10/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-733$35.24-0.25%
5/06/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-583$33.35-0.20%
5/06/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-626$33.35-0.21%
3/22/2013Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-1,210$36.84-2.61%
3/19/2013Holthaus Gerard EDirector-7,700$35.90-47.10%
3/19/2013Holthaus Gerard EDirector7,700$16.8089.03%
3/05/2013Freeman Catherine MSr. VP and Controller-597$33.84-3.84%
3/05/2013Bannister David GEVP & Regional Chairman-982$33.84-0.79%
3/01/2013Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-320$33.73-0.26%
3/01/2013Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-703$33.73-0.56%
3/01/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-341$33.73-0.12%
3/01/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-696$33.73-0.25%
3/01/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-564$33.73-0.20%
3/01/2013Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-534$33.73-1.27%
3/01/2013Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-330$33.73-0.78%
3/01/2013SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-813$33.73-0.39%
3/01/2013SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-493$33.73-0.23%
2/27/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-563$35.49-0.20%
2/27/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO3,484$29.481.25%
2/27/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO19,016$29.487.31%
2/25/2013DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-699$35.18-0.27%
12/31/2012SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-1,975$33.00-0.93%
12/31/2012SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-3,525$33.00-1.63%
12/31/2012Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-618$33.00-1.44%
12/31/2012Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-1,344$33.00-3.04%
12/31/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-1,931$33.00-0.74%
12/31/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-3,402$33.00-1.28%
12/31/2012Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-2,571$33.00-2.00%
12/31/2012Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-989$33.00-0.78%
12/13/2012SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-2,597$32.75-1.19%
11/08/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-922$28.19-0.36%
11/05/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-685$26.75-0.26%
11/05/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-736$26.75-0.28%
10/18/2012SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-5,996$25.78-2.66%
8/06/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-866$23.13-0.32%
8/06/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-659$23.13-0.24%
8/06/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-854$23.13-0.32%
7/31/2012Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-2,109$25.53-4.56%
7/09/2012Nickles Elizabeth AFmr SVP & Chief Marketing Offr-957$27.56-100.00%
5/07/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-786$35.45-0.31%
5/07/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-832$35.45-0.33%
4/30/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-586$36.34-0.23%
3/22/2012Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-1,171$37.95-2.47%
3/19/2012McHugh Matthew FDirector-3,700$39.27-14.93%
3/16/2012Nickles Elizabeth AN/A-277$39.23-15.59%
3/16/2012Nickles Elizabeth AN/A-277$39.23-22.45%
3/14/2012Nickles Elizabeth AN/A-181$39.36-12.79%
3/05/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-707$39.76-0.28%
3/05/2012Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-974$39.76-0.75%
3/05/2012Freeman Catherine MSVP, Controller and CAO-573$39.76-6.65%
3/01/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-745$39.54-0.29%
3/01/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-864$39.54-0.34%
3/01/2012Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Risk Ofcr-527$39.54-1.10%
3/01/2012SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-1,074$39.54-0.47%
3/01/2012Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-684$39.54-0.52%
2/27/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-934$41.50-0.42%
1/03/2012DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-1,949$43.04-0.88%
1/03/2012Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Ethics Ofc-614$43.04-1.88%
1/03/2012SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-1,987$43.04-1.03%
1/03/2012Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-988$43.04-0.93%
1/01/2012Nickles Elizabeth ASVP & Chief Marketing Officer-223$43.04-11.15%
12/31/2011Bannister David GEVP & Chairman-988$43.04-0.93%
12/31/2011DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-1,949$43.04-0.88%
12/31/2011Miller Eric BEVPGen CounselChf Ethics Ofc-614$43.04-1.88%
12/31/2011SHAUGHNESSY DENNIS JChairman of the Board-1,987$43.04-1.03%
12/16/2011DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO7,144$27.603.24%
12/16/2011DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-7,144$42.44-3.14%
12/14/2011DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO1,200$27.600.54%
12/14/2011DUNN JACK B IVPresident & CEO-1,200$42.00-0.54%
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