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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
4/21/2012Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-2,413$13.95-1.74%
4/21/2012KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-5,630$13.95-0.81%
4/21/2012Clossin ToddEVP and CAO-1,274$13.95-1.01%
4/21/2012CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,262$13.95-0.81%
4/20/2012TUZUN TAYFUNSVP and Treasurer-163$13.95-0.99%
4/20/2012Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-407$13.95-1.13%
4/20/2012Robinson Joseph RExecutive Vice President & CIO-1,007$13.95-1.15%
4/20/2012Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-474$13.95-1.52%
4/19/2012Alonso StevenExecutive Vice President-1,252$13.73-2.06%
4/19/2012Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-1,807$13.73-1.29%
4/19/2012REYNOLDS PAUL LEVP, Chief Risk Officer & Sec.-2,780$13.73-1.52%
4/19/2012Robinson Joseph RExecutive Vice President & CIO-1,444$13.73-1.62%
4/19/2012POSTON DANIEL TEVP & CFO-2,886$13.73-2.15%
4/19/2012Clossin ToddEVP and CAO-1,312$13.73-1.03%
4/19/2012KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-11,918$13.73-1.68%
4/19/2012CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-5,110$13.73-1.80%
4/19/2012Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-900$13.73-2.44%
4/19/2012Lee Bruce KEVP & Chief Credit Officer-2,085$13.73-1.60%
4/19/2012SULLIVAN ROBERT ASeniorExecutive Vice President-2,587$13.73-1.05%
4/19/2012Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-600$13.73-1.89%
4/19/2012TUZUN TAYFUNSVP and Treasurer-181$13.73-1.09%
4/19/2012Alonso StevenExecutive Vice President-1,337$13.73-2.19%
4/18/2012SULLIVAN ROBERT ASeniorExecutive Vice President-45,888$14.05-15.74%
4/18/2012Robinson Joseph RExecutive Vice President & CIO-15,398$14.05-14.72%
4/18/2012REYNOLDS PAUL LEVP, Chief Risk Officer & Sec.-44,807$14.05-19.64%
4/18/2012POSTON DANIEL TEVP & CFO-19,006$14.05-12.42%
4/18/2012Lee Bruce KEVP & Chief Credit Officer-32,180$14.05-19.85%
4/18/2012Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-35,482$14.05-20.20%
4/18/2012KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-199,698$14.05-22.00%
4/18/2012Clossin ToddEVP and CAO-37,933$14.05-23.02%
4/18/2012CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-69,872$14.05-19.78%
4/15/2012TUZUN TAYFUNSVP and Treasurer-142$14.02-1.77%
4/15/2012Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-375$14.02-1.49%
4/15/2012Robinson Joseph RExecutive Vice President & CIO-569$14.02-1.19%
4/15/2012Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-306$14.02-1.04%
4/09/2012Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-189$14.31-0.74%
4/09/2012Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-140$14.31-0.48%
4/09/2012Robinson Joseph RExecutive Vice President & CIO-259$14.31-0.54%
2/21/2012Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-2,013$13.91-7.06%
2/21/2012Robinson Joseph RExecutive Vice President & CIO-2,111$13.91-4.50%
2/21/2012REYNOLDS PAUL LEVP, Chief Risk Officer & Sec.-3,116$13.91-3.06%
2/21/2012Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-2,698$13.91-3.64%
2/21/2012SULLIVAN ROBERT ASeniorExecutive Vice President-2,879$13.91-1.86%
2/21/2012Lee Bruce KEVP & Chief Credit Officer-2,511$13.91-3.73%
2/21/2012POSTON DANIEL TEVP & CFO-2,567$13.91-3.30%
2/21/2012Clossin ToddEVP and CAO-1,673$13.91-3.13%
2/21/2012CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-4,679$13.91-3.17%
2/21/2012KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-6,568$13.91-1.85%
2/03/2012Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-271$13.59-1.18%
1/03/2012REYNOLDS PAUL LEVP, Chief Risk Officer & Sec.-1,725$13.08-1.83%
1/03/2012SULLIVAN ROBERT AExecutive Vice President-2,282$13.08-1.57%
1/03/2012Lee Bruce KEVP and Chief Credit Officer-1,939$13.08-3.13%
1/03/2012POSTON DANIEL TEVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,209$13.08-1.70%
1/03/2012Clossin ToddEVP and CAO-1,097$13.08-2.22%
1/03/2012CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,951$13.08-1.44%
1/03/2012Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-2,100$13.08-3.07%
1/03/2012KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-4,537$13.08-1.34%
11/23/2011SCHIFF JOHN J JRDirector12,000$11.132.51%
8/12/2011KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO4,500$9.541.34%
8/12/2011KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO2,300$9.540.69%
8/12/2011KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO2,500$9.540.76%
8/12/2011KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO700$9.540.21%
6/15/2011KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-194,134$12.32-37.09%
6/15/2011Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-24,272$12.32-26.21%
6/15/2011CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-65,177$12.32-32.53%
6/15/2011POSTON DANIEL TEVP & CFO-25,985$12.32-26.78%
6/15/2011Lee Bruce KExecutive Vice President-31,148$12.32-33.45%
6/15/2011SULLIVAN ROBERT ASeniorExecutive Vice President-34,029$12.32-18.93%
6/15/2011Tuuk Mary EEVP & Chief Risk Officer-6,734$12.32-12.10%
6/15/2011REYNOLDS PAUL LExecutive VP, Secretary & CAO-34,244$12.32-26.60%
4/21/2011KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-4,304$13.16-1.29%
4/21/2011Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-1,872$13.16-2.67%
4/21/2011CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,724$13.16-1.26%
4/21/2011POSTON DANIEL TEVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,069$13.16-1.48%
4/21/2011Lee Bruce KExecutive Vice President-1,728$13.16-2.71%
4/21/2011Tuuk Mary EEVP & Chief Risk Officer-528$13.16-1.07%
4/21/2011REYNOLDS PAUL LExecutive VP, Secretary & CAO-1,537$13.16-1.60%
4/21/2011SULLIVAN ROBERT AExecutive Vice President-2,013$13.16-1.36%
4/20/2011Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-474$13.32-1.83%
4/20/2011Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-407$13.32-1.75%
4/15/2011KABAT KEVIN TPresident & CEO-7,173$13.89-2.36%
4/15/2011Kosch GregoryExecutive Vice President-1,091$13.89-1.85%
4/15/2011CARMICHAEL GREG DEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,227$13.89-1.89%
4/15/2011POSTON DANIEL TEVP & CFO-810$13.89-1.55%
4/15/2011Lee Bruce KExecutive Vice President-1,637$13.89-3.19%
4/15/2011SULLIVAN ROBERT AExecutive Vice President-1,953$13.89-1.46%
4/15/2011Tuuk Mary EEVP & Chief Risk Officer-911$13.89-1.84%
4/15/2011REYNOLDS PAUL LExecutive VP, Secretary & CAO-1,310$13.89-1.54%
4/15/2011Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-375$13.80-2.00%
4/15/2011Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-306$13.80-2.02%
4/09/2011Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-189$13.73-1.00%
4/09/2011Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-140$13.73-0.91%
4/09/2011Tuuk Mary EEVP & Chief Risk Officer-189$13.73-0.40%
4/07/2011Hubbard James R.SVP and Chief Legal Officer-95$13.87-0.50%
4/07/2011Tuuk Mary EEVP & Chief Risk Officer-104$13.87-0.22%
4/07/2011Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-48$13.87-0.31%
2/03/2011Tanner Teresa J.EVP and Chief HR Officer-1,619$15.40-10.98%
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