Flowserve Corp $75.88

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22/8/2014 09:41 AM  |  NYSE : FLS  
Industries : Industrial / Diversified Machinery

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/08/2014FIX ROGER LDirector-2,232$72.02-56.88%
7/30/2014RUSNACK WILLIAM CDirector-2,232$75.98-56.88%
5/22/2014RUSNACK WILLIAM CDirector1,692$73.8772.87%
5/22/2014FIX ROGER LDirector1,692$73.8775.81%
4/28/2014DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-13,200$71.78-39.86%
4/28/2014DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-4,800$72.36-24.10%
3/19/2014Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-9,379$76.40-9.69%
3/19/2014DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-7,628$76.40-18.72%
3/19/2014BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-36,881$76.40-16.82%
3/19/2014OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-862$76.40-2.24%
3/19/2014Stephens DaveSVP, Human Resources-1,529$76.40-5.65%
2/21/2014OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-6,135$81.32-14.78%
2/21/2014Stephens DaveSVP, Human Resources-2,024$81.32-8.61%
2/21/2014Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-40,000$81.31-34.97%
2/21/2014BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-87,000$81.31-39.85%
2/11/2014BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-6,205$73.99-2.76%
2/10/2014DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-848$72.85-3.66%
2/10/2014OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-146$72.85-0.35%
2/10/2014Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-1,599$72.85-1.38%
2/09/2014BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-7,413$73.56-3.20%
2/07/2014DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-1,007$73.56-4.17%
2/07/2014Stephens DaveSVP, Human Resources-317$73.56-1.16%
2/07/2014OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-261$73.56-0.62%
2/07/2014Taff Michael SSVP and CFO-1,568$73.56-2.32%
2/07/2014BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-4,634$73.56-1.96%
2/07/2014Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-2,755$73.56-2.32%
2/05/2014Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-1,876$70.87-1.79%
2/05/2014Taff Michael SSVP and CFO-1,303$70.87-2.19%
2/05/2014DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-864$70.87-4.53%
2/05/2014OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-598$70.87-1.55%
5/21/2013RUSNACK WILLIAM CDirector-1,216$173.03-100.00%
4/29/2013Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-12,100$157.69-23.30%
4/29/2013Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-4,900$158.14-12.30%
4/29/2013DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-6,481$157.72-43.60%
4/29/2013BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-8,289$158.13-12.65%
4/29/2013BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-19,711$157.69-23.13%
4/29/2013DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-2,019$158.15-24.08%
3/22/2013DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-2,759$165.72-15.66%
3/22/2013BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-12,337$165.72-12.65%
3/22/2013OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-352$165.72-2.66%
3/22/2013Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-3,461$165.72-6.25%
2/19/2013BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-1,985$159.72-2.47%
2/18/2013Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-363$159.95-0.72%
2/18/2013Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-3,044$159.95-6.06%
2/18/2013DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-312$159.95-2.88%
2/18/2013OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-55$159.95-0.46%
2/18/2013OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-7$159.95-0.06%
2/11/2013BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-2,014$157.66-2.45%
2/10/2013OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-57$157.74-0.47%
2/10/2013Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-348$157.74-0.68%
2/10/2013DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-283$157.74-2.54%
2/09/2013BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-1,607$157.74-1.92%
2/07/2013OConnor CareySVP, GC and Secretary-105$155.20-0.86%
2/07/2013Pajonas Thomas LSVP, Chief Operating Officer-823$155.20-1.59%
2/07/2013DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-352$155.20-3.07%
2/07/2013Taff Michael SSVP and CFO-534$155.20-2.62%
11/14/2012JOHNSTON MICHAEL FDirector-1,760$134.94-100.00%
11/02/2012BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-25,000$137.07-26.84%
11/02/2012DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-15,000$137.07-63.93%
11/02/2012Pajonas Thomas LChief Operating Officer-11,600$137.07-20.52%
11/02/2012SHUFF RONALD FSVP and General Counsel-10,788$137.07-58.75%
11/02/2012RUSNACK WILLIAM CDirector-828$137.07-40.51%
8/06/2012SHUFF RONALD FSVP and General Counsel-2,000$125.21-9.82%
5/17/2012RUSNACK WILLIAM CDirector973$102.75117.51%
5/07/2012RUSNACK WILLIAM CDirector-932$111.36-52.95%
3/20/2012BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-6,459$115.19-6.48%
3/20/2012DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-4,792$115.19-33.33%
3/20/2012Guiltinan Richard J JRSVP Finance and CAO-2,027$115.19-11.38%
3/20/2012Pajonas Thomas LChief Operating Officer-5,758$115.19-12.47%
3/20/2012SHUFF RONALD FSVP and General Counsel-4,883$115.19-43.84%
2/19/2012BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-1,703$118.56-2.04%
2/18/2012DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-302$118.56-2.06%
2/18/2012Guiltinan Richard J JRSVP Finance and CAO-251$118.56-1.39%
2/18/2012Pajonas Thomas LChief Operating Officer-351$118.56-0.75%
2/18/2012SHUFF RONALD FSVP and General Counsel-307$118.56-2.68%
2/12/2012SHUFF RONALD FSVP and General Counsel-707$115.35-5.82%
2/12/2012Pajonas Thomas LChief Operating Officer-808$115.35-1.71%
2/12/2012Guiltinan Richard J JRSVP Finance and CAO-345$115.35-1.87%
2/12/2012DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-695$115.35-4.52%
2/12/2012BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-888$115.35-1.05%
2/11/2012BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-1,304$115.35-1.52%
2/10/2012SHUFF RONALD FSVP and General Counsel-299$115.35-2.40%
2/10/2012Pajonas Thomas LChief Operating Officer-354$115.35-0.74%
2/10/2012Guiltinan Richard J JRSVP Finance and CAO-194$115.35-1.04%
2/10/2012DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-296$115.35-1.89%
11/30/2011RAMPACEK CHARLES MDirector-500$101.79-100.00%
11/30/2011RAMPACEK CHARLES MDirector-1,200$101.87-100.00%
11/09/2011Pajonas Thomas LSVP & Pres. Flow Control Div.2,654$94.889.14%
11/01/2011BLINN MARK APresident & CEO2,400$91.803.65%
11/01/2011BLINN MARK APresident & CEO4,600$91.127.53%
5/19/2011RUSNACK WILLIAM CDirector828$120.8188.84%
5/19/2011JOHNSTON MICHAEL FDirector828$120.8188.84%
5/18/2011SHEEHAN KEVIN EDirector-932$122.07-100.00%
5/10/2011SHUFF RONALD FSVP, Sec. and Gen. Counsel-800$125.82-8.39%
5/10/2011SHUFF RONALD FSVP, Sec. and Gen. Counsel-1,200$125.31-11.18%
5/10/2011SHUFF RONALD FSVP, Sec. and Gen. Counsel-2,387$124.02-18.20%
3/24/2011Guiltinan Richard J JRSVP Finance and CAO-873$125.37-6.29%
3/24/2011Pajonas Thomas LSVP & Pres. Flow Control Div.-2,799$125.37-11.58%
3/24/2011BLINN MARK APresident & CEO-3,859$125.37-7.10%
3/24/2011DAILEY MARK DSVP and Chief Admin Ofcr-2,213$125.37-28.34%
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