FRO : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Shipping Stocks at Make or Break Level (FRO, TOO)

    September 14, 2016
    These three beaten down shipping stocks are testing major support. A break below signals a further selloff. If support holds, ...
  2. These 5 Stocks Just Hit 52-Week Lows (DHT,FRO)

    July 8, 2016
    The five stocks all just hit 52-week lows. Are they bargains or highly speculative investments?
  3. Crude Tankers: The Business of Transporting Oil

    January 23, 2016
    An analysis of the crude tanker industry, factors affecting the business and historic performance.
  4. The Top 6 Companies In Crude Tanker Business

    December 31, 2015
    Investopedia provides a list of the top companies which are in the business of moving the crude oil across the globe
  5. Frontline Merger Heralds Bullish Oil Play

    July 3, 2015
    Split apart three years ago during the one of the worst routs in oil tanker industry rates, Frontline (NYSE: FRO) announced ...
  6. Are Shipping Stocks Due For A Rally?

    December 1, 2014
    Several bullish catalysts are lining up in favor of shipping companies. Their current cheapness may not last for long, though, ...