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Apr. 17, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
4/07/2015Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer-690$40.59-2.03%
4/07/2015Keshvari KeivanSVP, Supply Chain Operations-591$40.59-1.87%
4/07/2015Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-944$40.59-2.70%
4/07/2015Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-6,742$40.59-4.19%
4/02/2015Hart Paul RSVP & GM, RF-416$40.26-1.48%
4/02/2015Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer-1,348$40.26-3.82%
4/02/2015Keshvari KeivanSVP, Supply Chain Operations-1,020$40.26-3.12%
4/02/2015Lees GeoffreySVP & GM, Microcontrollers-2,132$40.26-2.61%
4/02/2015LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO-13,195$40.26-2.80%
4/02/2015David ReedSVP, Manufacturing Operations-1,639$40.26-1.39%
4/02/2015Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-627$40.26-1.15%
4/02/2015Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-944$40.26-2.63%
4/02/2015CONRAD ROBERT JSVP, GM Automotive MCUs-1,639$40.26-1.60%
4/02/2015Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-1,147$40.26-1.91%
4/02/2015Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-5,820$40.26-3.49%
4/02/2015Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors-1,801$40.26-2.23%
2/06/2015Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-15,282$33.24-8.39%
2/05/2015Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-562$33.51-1.54%
2/04/2015Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-302$32.72-0.55%
1/12/2015Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-992$26.42-2.65%
1/12/2015Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-2,714$26.42-4.33%
1/07/2015Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-499$24.24-1.31%
1/06/2015Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer-636$24.16-1.77%
1/06/2015Lees GeoffreySVP & GM, Microcontrollers-1,740$24.08-2.08%
1/06/2015Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-1,734$24.19-3.06%
1/06/2015David ReedSVP, Manufacturing Operations-1,739$24.09-1.46%
1/06/2015Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-1,081$24.16-1.70%
1/06/2015LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO-8,819$24.06-1.94%
1/06/2015Hart Paul RSVP & GM, RF-246$24.08-0.87%
1/06/2015CONRAD ROBERT JSVP, GM Automotive MCUs-1,734$24.11-1.67%
1/06/2015Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors-1,888$24.09-2.29%
1/06/2015Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-2,172$24.10-1.47%
1/05/2015Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security8,751$15.3716.74%
1/05/2015Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary3,438$15.3712.98%
1/05/2015Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-8,751$25.14-14.34%
1/05/2015Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-3,438$25.18-11.48%
12/10/2014Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary3,321$13.9111.44%
12/10/2014Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-5,850$25.00-18.09%
12/10/2014Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security21,775$9.4730.36%
12/10/2014Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-41,231$25.00-44.10%
12/10/2014Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security7,511$13.9111.70%
12/08/2014Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security944$13.911.47%
12/08/2014Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-944$25.00-1.45%
11/24/2014Lees GeoffreySVP & GM, Microcontrollers5,400$15.418.92%
11/11/2014Hart Paul RSVP & GM, RF-75$20.02-0.41%
11/11/2014Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-164$20.04-0.38%
11/07/2014David ReedSVP, Manufacturing Operations-4,840$19.45-4.37%
11/07/2014CONRAD ROBERT JSVP, GM Automotive MCUs-3,456$19.45-3.82%
10/31/2014Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors-28,728$20.47-30.60%
10/31/2014Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors20,000$9.4727.07%
7/07/2014LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO-66,466$23.70-15.13%
6/09/2014Lees GeoffreySVP & GM, Microcontrollers-915$23.91-1.49%
5/30/2014Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer-20,000$22.15-39.61%
5/30/2014Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer20,000$6.4065.58%
5/13/2014Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-2,937$22.20-9.19%
5/06/2014Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors12,078$13.9114.58%
5/06/2014Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors-17,748$21.79-18.70%
4/03/2014Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-2,133$24.94-4.86%
4/03/2014Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer-1,354$24.96-4.25%
4/03/2014David ReedSVP, Manufacturing Operations-1,646$24.95-1.48%
4/03/2014CONRAD ROBERT JSVP, GM Automotive MCUs-1,643$24.96-1.78%
4/03/2014Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-1,133$24.97-1.65%
4/03/2014Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-918$24.96-2.79%
4/03/2014Favre RituSVP & GM, RF-76$24.98-4.75%
4/03/2014Favre RituSVP & GM, RF-2,598$24.99-4.64%
4/03/2014Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors-1,804$24.94-2.13%
4/03/2014Campbell AlanSVP & CFO-3,729$24.93-1.70%
4/03/2014Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-5,835$24.94-4.37%
4/03/2014Lees GeoffreySVP & GM, Microcontrollers-2,133$25.00-3.35%
4/03/2014LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO-13,260$24.89-2.93%
3/10/2014Wuamett JenniferSVP, GC and Secretary-1,009$23.03-2.98%
3/10/2014Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-1,858$23.03-1.37%
2/18/2014MCCRANIE J DANIELDirector-53,901$20.99-67.38%
2/18/2014Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer-10,000$21.58-23.89%
2/18/2014MCCRANIE J DANIELDirector3,202$15.414.17%
2/18/2014Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer2,558$6.406.51%
2/18/2014Hyzak RandyVP & Chief Accounting Officer7,442$6.4023.37%
2/12/2014Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-22,438$20.02-14.23%
2/11/2014Campbell AlanSVP & CFO-12,051$18.23-5.21%
2/11/2014Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-15,875$18.24-10.10%
2/05/2014Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-305$17.30-0.69%
1/31/2014Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer3,000$6.406.54%
1/31/2014Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer392$6.400.80%
1/31/2014Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-5,097$17.90-10.35%
1/29/2014LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO95,024$10.0622.20%
1/29/2014LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO-266,411$17.50-38.36%
1/29/2014LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO171,387$10.0632.76%
1/29/2014Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking92,468$6.4072.94%
1/29/2014Deitrich ThomasSVP & GM, Digital Networking-92,468$18.04-42.18%
11/08/2013Favre RituSVP & GM, RF-46$14.71-3.69%
11/08/2013Tolany BrandonSVP Chief Sales & Mktg Officer-170$14.71-0.71%
11/06/2013CONRAD ROBERT JSVP, GM Automotive MCUs-3,420$14.92-4.62%
11/06/2013David ReedSVP, Manufacturing Operations-4,795$14.92-5.10%
10/30/2013Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors20,000$9.4728.18%
10/30/2013Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors-28,715$15.39-31.56%
10/02/2013Bates JamesSVP & GM, Analog & Sensors-3,785$16.88-5.06%
10/01/2013Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security21,775$9.4733.11%
10/01/2013Elson Jeffrey RSVP, HR and Security-34,025$16.79-38.86%
7/02/2013LOWE GREGG APresident and CEO-133,563$13.69-30.49%
6/07/2013Lees GeoffreySVP & GM, Microcontrollers-920$15.64-2.15%
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