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16/9/2014 05:03 PM  |  NASDAQ : GNCMA  
Industries : Telecommunications / Long Distance Carriers

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/22/2014Pidgeon TinaSr. VP Governmental Affairs-2,645$11.00-0.72%
7/22/2014BEHNKE WILLIAM CSr VP-2,645$11.00-1.21%
7/22/2014HUGHES G WILSONSVP / AWN CEO-4,105$11.00-0.47%
6/01/2014SCHNEIDER JAMES MDirector7,500$11.1519.66%
6/01/2014Mooney Stephen RDirector7,500$11.1513.30%
6/01/2014Kroloff MarkDirector7,500$11.1520.78%
6/01/2014GLASGOW WILLIAM PARKERDirector7,500$11.158.09%
6/01/2014Fisher Scott MichaelDirector7,500$11.1517.50%
6/01/2014Edgerton Jerry ADirector7,500$11.1516.39%
6/01/2014DUNCAN RONALD APresident7,500$11.150.66%
6/01/2014Brett Stephen MDirector7,500$11.1511.07%
6/01/2014Baker BridgetDirector7,500$11.15150.00%
5/28/2014HUGHES G WILSONSVP / AWN CEO-6,510$11.35-0.74%
5/27/2014HUGHES G WILSONSVP / AWN CEO-41,256$11.35-4.51%
5/23/2014PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-5,000$11.40-3.77%
3/31/2014PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-7,000$11.35-5.01%
1/31/2014Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO5,393$9.738.70%
1/31/2014Pounds PeterSVP, CFO and Secretary9,485$9.738.88%
1/31/2014Pidgeon TinaSr. VP Governmental Affairs35,833$9.7333.53%
1/31/2014Pidgeon TinaSr. VP Governmental Affairs225,000$9.73157.66%
1/31/2014PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services60,158$9.7375.72%
1/31/2014HUGHES G WILSONSVP / AWN CEO61,603$9.737.22%
1/31/2014LANDES PAUL ESVP & GM, Consumer Services5,657$9.7314.44%
1/31/2014BEHNKE WILLIAM CSr VP27,924$9.7314.70%
1/31/2014CARY MARTIN EVP & GM Managed Broadband Svcs29,007$9.73101.78%
1/31/2014CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO150,000$9.7339.53%
1/31/2014CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO56,669$9.7317.56%
1/31/2014DUNCAN RONALD APresident103,827$9.7310.01%
1/14/2014CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-12,000$11.24-3.58%
1/10/2014CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-5,000$11.43-29.41%
1/09/2014CARY MARTIN EVP & GM Managed Broadband Svcs-12,378$11.48-30.28%
1/08/2014CARY MARTIN EVP & GM Managed Broadband Svcs-2,458$11.71-5.67%
1/08/2014HUGHES G WILSONEx VP & GM-23,405$11.14-2.67%
1/08/2014HUGHES G WILSONEx VP & GM64,210$11.147.90%
1/08/2014HUGHES G WILSONEx VP & GM-64,210$11.14-70.97%
1/07/2014CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-5,000$11.18-22.73%
1/06/2014CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-2,577$11.44-10.48%
1/02/2014DUNCAN RONALD APresident-205,417$11.19-15.79%
1/02/2014DUNCAN RONALD APresident250,000$8.4023.79%
12/31/2013LOWBER JOHN MSr VP, CFO, Treas.-7,871$11.15-2.36%
12/30/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-1,946$11.23-3.04%
12/20/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-2,300$10.00-2.81%
12/19/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-3,267$10.00-3.84%
12/16/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-9,463$10.00-10.02%
12/02/2013LOWBER JOHN MSr VP, CFO, Secretary, Treas.-6,306$9.58-1.85%
12/02/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-8,763$9.58-8.49%
12/02/2013Pidgeon TinaSr. VP Governmental Affairs-3,493$9.58-3.16%
12/02/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-732$9.58-1.13%
12/02/2013LANDES PAUL ESVP & GM, Consumer Services-1,644$9.58-4.03%
12/02/2013HUGHES G WILSONEx VP & GM-9,052$9.58-1.10%
12/02/2013DUNCAN RONALD APresident-25,478$9.58-2.37%
12/02/2013CARY MARTIN EVP & GM Managed Broadband Svcs-5,582$9.58-11.41%
12/02/2013BEHNKE WILLIAM CSr VP-3,809$9.58-1.97%
12/02/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-5,838$9.58-1.71%
11/29/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-4,056$10.00-3.78%
11/27/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-600$10.00-0.56%
11/26/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-314$10.00-0.29%
10/07/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-1,367$8.99-0.40%
9/23/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-74$8.89-100.00%
9/20/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-6,610$9.30-100.00%
9/11/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-5,001$9.29-43.07%
8/08/2013Pidgeon TinaGen Counsel & Sr. VP Gov Aff-2,600$9.50-61.90%
8/08/2013Pidgeon TinaGen Counsel & Sr. VP Gov Aff102$9.006.38%
5/10/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-9,100$9.48-12.34%
5/09/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-3,497$9.42-4.53%
5/08/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-700$9.66-0.90%
4/04/2013CARY MARTIN EVP & GM Managed Broadband Svcs-7,911$8.84-13.92%
3/28/2013Pidgeon TinaGen Counsel & Sr. VP Gov Aff-3,000$9.03-29.45%
3/28/2013Pidgeon TinaGen Counsel & Sr. VP Gov Aff13$8.960.18%
3/14/2013Pidgeon TinaGen Counsel & Sr. VP Gov Aff-3,000$8.91-22.75%
3/13/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services-4,000$9.00-3.56%
2/12/2013CARY MARTIN EVP & GM Managed Broadband Svcs42,682$8.12301.68%
2/12/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO17,646$8.125.44%
2/12/2013DUNCAN RONALD APresident59,042$8.125.83%
2/12/2013LANDES PAUL EVP & GM, Consumer Services5,285$8.1214.87%
2/12/2013PEARCE GREGORYVP & GM Business Services52,677$8.1288.48%
2/12/2013Pidgeon TinaGen Counsel & Sr. VP Gov Aff19,432$8.1221.37%
2/12/2013BEHNKE WILLIAM CSr VP28,682$8.1217.38%
2/12/2013LOWBER JOHN MSr VP, CFO, Secretary, Treas.15,195$8.124.67%
2/12/2013HUGHES G WILSONEx VP23,902$8.123.00%
2/12/2013Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO33,862$8.1276.80%
2/08/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-5,087$8.19-1.54%
2/08/2013LOWBER JOHN MSr VP, CFO, Secretary, Treas.-3,765$8.19-1.14%
2/08/2013BEHNKE WILLIAM CSr VP-3,068$8.19-1.82%
1/24/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO200$6.000.06%
1/24/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-200$8.51-0.06%
1/23/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-800$8.50-0.24%
1/23/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO800$6.000.24%
1/22/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO1,000$6.000.31%
1/22/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FExec VP and COO-1,000$8.54-0.31%
1/16/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FSr VP1,502$6.000.46%
1/16/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FSr VP-1,502$8.52-0.46%
1/15/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FSr VP-5,000$8.59-1.51%
1/15/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FSr VP5,000$6.001.53%
1/14/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FSr VP-15,715$8.87-4.59%
1/14/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FSr VP15,715$6.004.81%
1/14/2013CHAPADOS GREGORY FSr VP-2,000$9.04-0.61%
12/21/2012Tarbath Lynda LVP & CAO-6,000$9.20-11.98%
12/10/2012LANDES PAUL EVP & GM, Consumer Services-4,422$8.46-11.07%
12/08/2012HUGHES G WILSONEx VP117,925$8.4818.66%
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