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Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/24/2015Sims David CCOO, CEO & Secretary100$8.180.18%
7/24/2015Sims David CCOO, CEO & Secretary245$8.250.43%
7/24/2015Sims David CCOO, CEO & Secretary100$8.190.18%
7/24/2015Sims David CCOO, CEO & Secretary300$8.140.53%
7/24/2015Sims David CCOO, CEO & Secretary1,817$8.153.33%
7/24/2015Sims David CCOO, CEO & Secretary1,900$8.313.60%
11/24/2014SCHMELTZ PEGGY LDirector-155$8.41-0.34%
8/27/2014Sims David CCFO, COO & Secretary160$7.700.32%
8/27/2014Sims David CCFO, COO & Secretary2,430$7.714.83%
9/19/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$8.100.33%
9/19/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO697$8.060.23%
9/19/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO4,303$8.071.41%
7/22/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO361$7.860.12%
7/19/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO603$7.840.20%
7/19/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO6,004$7.852.02%
7/12/2013Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary400$7.798.99%
7/12/2013Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary2,075$7.8087.48%
7/10/2013Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary672$7.5039.53%
6/05/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$7.560.34%
6/05/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,450$7.520.49%
5/21/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,800$7.700.62%
4/25/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO2,000$7.410.69%
3/08/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO500$7.260.17%
3/08/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO600$7.280.21%
3/08/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO500$7.290.17%
3/07/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO300$7.200.10%
2/21/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,180$6.950.41%
2/21/2013Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary1,980$6.954.40%
2/21/2013Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary1,900$6.954.05%
2/21/2013Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary1,260$6.952.58%
2/14/2013SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$7.080.35%
2/04/2013Bilkie Robert MDirector1,083$7.02410.23%
2/04/2013Bilkie Robert MDirector417$7.0330.96%
11/16/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO600$6.480.21%
11/16/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.470.35%
11/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary200$6.630.45%
11/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary1,000$6.64142.86%
11/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary600$6.631.36%
11/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary300$6.630.68%
11/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary400$6.620.92%
11/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary100$6.620.23%
9/24/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.910.35%
9/24/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO500$6.930.18%
9/24/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO6,000$6.892.18%
9/24/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.870.36%
9/24/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO417$6.750.15%
9/24/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO100$6.810.04%
9/24/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO900$6.900.32%
9/20/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO6,523$6.862.46%
9/20/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO2,000$6.890.74%
9/19/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO2,400$6.860.91%
9/19/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO600$6.850.23%
9/18/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.840.39%
9/18/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.850.39%
9/18/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO2,000$6.860.77%
9/13/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.880.39%
9/12/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,500$6.860.59%
9/12/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO500$6.810.20%
9/12/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO2,443$6.830.96%
9/11/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,061$6.720.43%
9/11/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,274$6.730.51%
9/11/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.780.40%
9/11/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO2,000$6.790.80%
9/11/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO900$6.710.37%
9/11/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO100$6.700.04%
6/18/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary1,200$6.422.94%
6/18/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary500$6.381.24%
6/18/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary300$6.380.75%
6/18/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary325$6.380.82%
6/18/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary225$6.380.57%
6/18/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary350$6.370.90%
5/08/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO4,200$6.601.73%
4/23/2012Zalenko Neal F.Director200$6.697.34%
4/23/2012Zalenko Neal F.Director500$6.7022.47%
4/23/2012Zalenko Neal F.Director1,300$6.71140.54%
3/01/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO225$6.530.10%
3/01/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,500$6.510.66%
3/01/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,568$6.500.68%
3/01/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO900$6.490.39%
3/01/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO532$6.480.23%
1/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary2,000$6.155.68%
1/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary1,000$6.142.69%
1/13/2012Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary650$6.151.70%
1/13/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.150.45%
1/13/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO3,000$6.171.34%
1/13/2012SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO1,000$6.180.44%
8/08/2011Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary470$6.201.35%
5/02/2011SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO2,000$7.090.91%
5/02/2011SIMS LUKE EPresident and CEO3,000$7.101.39%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector100$7.135.26%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector100$7.105.56%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector200$7.0912.50%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector200$7.0718.18%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector100$7.0710.00%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector100$6.9411.11%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector100$6.9520.00%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector300$6.9550.00%
3/09/2011Tyler Donald GDirector300$7.1323.08%
1/19/2011Sims David CCFO, COO and secretary1,667$6.555.04%
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