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  1. Can a Commercial Restore Groupon's Glory? (GRPN)

    May 25, 2016
    Could a splashy new TV ad campaign restore buzz to Groupon, once the hot deals darling?
  2. The Top 4 Starbucks Shareholders (SBUX)

    May 24, 2016
    Learn about the origins of Starbucks Corporation, its focus on continuing to grow, and the top five individual shareholders ...
  3. Chipotle Stock: Analyzing 5 Key Suppliers (CMG)

    May 19, 2016
    Find out which companies generate significant portions of their revenues from Chipotle Mexican Grill and what makes their ...
  4. Groupon Sheds Its Point-Of-Sale Unit Breadcrumb

    May 9, 2016
    The once high-flying online coupon king Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) has sold its point-of-sale (POS) unit Breadcrumb to privately ...
  5. Groupon Stock Plunge 18% Despite Earnings Beat (GRPN)

    May 3, 2016
    As evidenced by the quarterly loss and the projected loss for the full year, Groupon is far from reaching its growth destination. ...
  6. Angie's List Continues to Struggle After Weak Q1

    April 21, 2016
    Shares of Angie's List (NASDAQ: ANGI) have shed about two-thirds of their value over the past two years due to concerns ...
  7. Groupon Stock Gets a $250 Million Boost

    April 5, 2016
    In the hyper-competitive e-commerce coupon space, Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) shareholders have undergone some dramatic ups and ...
  8. XRT vs. VCDAX: ETF vs. Mutual Fund Case Study

    March 23, 2016
    Discover if the Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Fund Admiral Shares is the better investment over the SPDR S&P Retail ETF, ...
  9. Groupon Launches New Tools for Small Businesses

    March 17, 2016
    Daily deals site Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) recently launched a new set of tools to "make it easier for merchants to create ...
  10. Why Groupon Stock Surged 13% Friday (GRPN)

    February 29, 2016
    In my view, this would be a good opportunity to sell GRPN stock into a rally that's likely unsustainable.
  11. Unlimited Vacation Policies: How Much Do You Take?

    February 25, 2016
    A look at what "discretionary time off" policy means and understanding the vacation patterns of U.S. employees.
  12. Groupon Shares Surge on Alibaba Share Purchase (GRPN, BABA)

    February 16, 2016
    On Tuesday, shares of Chicago-based Groupon Inc (GRPN) skyrocketed by over 39% (at the time of writing) after Alibaba (BABA) ...
  13. Is Groupon Stock Still a Raw Deal? (GRPN)

    February 12, 2016
    knowingly buying GRPN stock on such poor metrics suggests investors are the ones giving themselves a raw deal, not the company.
  14. Can Groupon Make a Comeback in 2016?

    January 13, 2016
    Groupon's stock remains battered, but its new CEO is raising hopes that the company can rise again.
  15. The Top 5 Penny Stocks for 2016 (CRIS, AG)

    January 4, 2016
    Obtain information on five of the most promising penny stocks that investors may want to consider buying going into the New ...
  16. Groupon Plunges on Weak Guidance and a CEO Change (GRPN, ETSY)

    November 4, 2015
    Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) plunged to fresh lows on Nov. 4 after the company reported mixed third quarter earnings, bleak fourth ...
  17. Groupon Chooses New CEO, Vows To Refocus Company Resources (GRPN)

    November 3, 2015
    To say it's been a tough year for Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) shareholders is putting it mildly. Down about 50% year-to-date, ...
  18. Declining Wedge Patterns and Stock Breakouts

    October 28, 2015
    The wedge is a versatile pattern. Trade it while the pattern is forming, and trade it when the breakout occurs. Here's four ...
  19. Digital Advertising Is The Future, But Why? (ZNGA, GOOG)

    September 28, 2015
    Digital advertising has outgrown the internet.
  20. Groupon Lays Off 20 Breadcrumb Workers (GRPN)

    August 17, 2015
    Groupon (NYSE: GRPN) has laid off 20 employees in its Breadcrumb restaurant software business. The move happened after Breadcrumb ...
  21. How Groupon Makes Money (GRPN)

    August 5, 2015
    Find out how Groupon makes money, including a rundown of how Groupon works and what benefits it provides to the businesses ...
  22. Top 4 Venture Capital Investors and Firms (AAPL, YHOO)

    August 5, 2015
    Understand what it is that venture capital firms do, the purpose they serve for new businesses and discover some of the top-ranked ...
  23. Groupon Going Into the Food Delivery Business (GRPN, GRUB)

    July 17, 2015
    With its signature deal business struggling, Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) is extending its reach into the potentially lucrative ...
  24. Groupon Wants You to Know These 5 Things (GRPN)

    June 11, 2015
    Four years ago, it looked as if Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) would become a huge force in the e-commerce world, with its pioneering ...
  25. Groupon Earnings Preview: 3 Key Items to Watch (GRPN)

    April 29, 2015
    Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) is scheduled to report first-quarter earnings on Tuesday, May 5. Investors will be looking for the ...
  26. 2 Catalysts and 1 Red Flag for Groupon Investors (GRPN)

    April 2, 2015
    Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) stock has had a rough time as a publicly traded company. The stock still sits 65% below its original ...
  27. Why Private Equity Firms Are Looking at Groupon (GRPN)

    April 2, 2015
    Since going public in late 2011, daily-deals pioneer Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) has largely been a disappointment to investors, ...
  28. What are examples of popular companies in the Internet sector?

    March 11, 2015
    Discover which Internet companies are the most popular among investors in this high potential growth area of the technology ...
  29. Know How To Manage Gaps On Your Trading Strategy

    March 2, 2015
    Gaps generate profitable strategies right after they print, as well as during retracements that test those levels, often ...
  30. What Has Been Groupon’s Growth Strategy?

    February 25, 2015
    Groupon established a strategy with efforts to become a broader force in the e-commerce world and to expand more strongly ...
  31. 4 Tips For Saving Money This 4th Of July

    June 27, 2014
    No matter how you plan to spend the Independence Day holiday weekend, it will likely cost money. Whether you will be traveling, ...
  32. Stocks Flying Higher Into The New Year

    December 27, 2013
    Currently flying higher, these are stocks are watch over the next week.
  33. Get 150% Upside With This 'Secret' Retail Giant

    November 26, 2013
    Whether you're measuring by the latest economic data or just by the pickup in traffic at your local mall, it's apparent the ...
  34. Short Interest In Facebook Falls, In Groupon Rises (FB, GRPN, ...

    October 25, 2013
    Among the social media companies based in the United States, Facebook (NASDAQ: ZNGA) saw significant swings in short interest ...
  35. Short Sellers Pile On Facebook and Google (FB, GOOG, ZNGA)

    October 10, 2013
    Among the social media companies based in the United States, Facebook (NASDAQ: ZNGA) saw significant upswings in short interest ...
  36. An Interesting Year For Tech ETFs

    September 4, 2013
    On the surface, it would appear to be a disappointing year for technology sector ETFs. The Technology Select Sector SPDR ...
  37. Groupon Takes Another Step Forward

    August 8, 2013
    Groupon's new model appears to be reviving billings and investor enthusiasm.
  38. Earnings Expectations For The Week Of August 5

    August 4, 2013
    The earnings season is beginning to wind down, and much of the focus this week will turn to central bank meetings and economic ...
  39. Tiger Global Management Buys 9.9% Stake In Groupon

    November 21, 2012
    Groupon's shares jumped Nov. 20 on news hedge fund Tiger Global Management has bought 9.9% of its stock.
  40. Can Facebook Get Through Another Lock-up Expiration Quietly?

    November 16, 2012
    Another huge slug of shares will expand Facebook's public float. But this stock has been volatile and controversial from ...
  41. 4 High-Growth IPOs to Own in 2013

    November 15, 2012
    Initial public offerings (IPOs) are legendary for producing big gains for early investors. Stories about technology and pharma ...
  42. Is The Retail Industry In For Change

    November 2, 2012
    Point of Sale devices are offering retailers the freedom to accept credit cards anywhere, resulting in higher earnings.
  43. Bull Vs. Bear - Facebook's New Revenue Strategies Carry Real ...

    September 28, 2012
    Facebook is looking at new ways to generate ad revenue. Will these strategies succeed or will they push away users?
  44. 3 Companies That Should Have Sold Sooner

    September 12, 2012
    Learn about three companies that would have done well to take the first big buyout offers they received.
  45. Bull Vs. Bear - Facebook May Not Have The Long-Term Value

    September 7, 2012
    Investors are now reassessing the real growth potential of Facebook and that has led to some painful realizations about the ...
  46. Facebook Not The Worst IPO Ever

    August 23, 2012
    Facebook isn't the worst IPO ... yet.
  47. Growing Pains Bedeviling Groupon

    August 14, 2012
    Groupon's disappointments are souring the Street, but patient bulls may have the last laugh.
  48. Bull Vs. Bear - Tech IPOs Undermine Investors' Interests

    June 25, 2012
    Find out why this bear believes tech IPOs are paving golden exits for company managers and trying to sell overhyped operations ...
  49. Descending Wedges About to Snap

    June 22, 2012
    When a wedge breaks, it usually breaks out in the opposite direction of the wedge and signals a change in direction. These ...
  50. Own The Business, Not The Stock

    May 30, 2012
    Understanding the fundamental difference between owning a business and speculating on a stock is essential to creating long-term ...
  51. Facebook IPO Makes Few Friends

    May 22, 2012
    When it comes to popularity, very few companies are as popular as Facebook. Sooner or later, the metric that matters most, ...
  52. NASDAQ Worst Performances

    May 10, 2012
    Sometimes it might feel as though Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), still the largest U.S. Company by market value despite the recent ...
  53. Beware Of The Facebook IPO

    April 25, 2012
    Facebook's real wealth has already been made. There may be a little left, but it's likely a speculative bet.
  54. What You Need to Know About Facebook Delaying Its IPO

    April 25, 2012
    Facebook is planning for one of the largest IPOs in tech history, but the actual event might be postponed due to a series ...
  55. 3 Reasons To Venture Into GSV Capital

    April 4, 2012
    Michael Moe, founder of Think Equity Partners, has spent his career investing in growth companies. Now he's set up a BDC ...
  56. Get Into Pre-IPO Names With This Fund

    March 22, 2012
    Keating Capital (KIPO) founder Tim Keating explains to MoneyShow how his business development company gets exposure to pre-IPO ...
  57. Zynga Disappoints

    February 20, 2012
    Zynga's growth suffered due to aggressive spending.
  58. ETFs For Facebook IPO

    February 14, 2012
    Both the social media and IPO ETFs will likely add Facebook to their portfolios in the coming months.
  59. 3 Things You Need To Know About Groupon

    June 7, 2011
    Although Groupon uses humor to brand itself as an unconventional company, the reality is that it isn't very different from ...
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