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19/9/2014 04:00 PM  |  NYSE : HD  
Industries : Retail / Home Improvement Stores

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/25/2014BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO98,000$26.8412.99%
8/25/2014Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-22,439$91.45-10.13%
8/25/2014BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-98,000$91.33-11.50%
8/25/2014HOLIFIELD MARKEVP-Supply Chain & Product Dev20,195$23.2838.83%
8/25/2014HOLIFIELD MARKEVP-Supply Chain & Product Dev18,856$32.3226.12%
8/25/2014HOLIFIELD MARKEVP-Supply Chain & Product Dev18,911$36.6220.77%
8/25/2014HOLIFIELD MARKEVP-Supply Chain & Product Dev-63,998$91.28-58.20%
8/25/2014Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores19,073$26.8410.18%
8/25/2014Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores45,331$18.5221.95%
8/25/2014Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources22,439$23.2811.27%
8/25/2014Decker Edward P.EVP, Merchandising-32,081$91.39-46.61%
8/25/2014Decker Edward P.EVP, Merchandising32,081$26.8487.29%
8/25/2014Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-92,826$91.23-33.12%
8/25/2014Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores28,422$23.2811.29%
5/23/2014Menear Craig APresident - U.S. Retail-14,916$79.14-12.99%
3/26/2014BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-16,351$78.87-2.21%
3/25/2014TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-11,947$79.47-1.99%
3/25/2014Menear Craig APresident - U.S. Retail-7,827$79.47-7.24%
3/25/2014HOLIFIELD MARKEVP-Supply Chain & Product Dev-5,562$79.47-11.32%
3/25/2014Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-7,827$79.47-4.27%
3/25/2014Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-6,180$79.47-3.14%
3/25/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO-5,767$79.47-8.46%
3/11/2014HOLIFIELD MARKEVP-Supply Chain & Product Dev-10,183$81.73-17.17%
3/07/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO3,200$23.284.69%
3/07/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO-3,200$82.57-4.48%
3/06/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO59,626$23.2854.22%
3/06/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO41,800$18.5261.32%
3/06/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO-101,426$82.51-59.81%
3/03/2014Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources59,856$26.8430.40%
3/03/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO-135,000$81.44-66.45%
3/03/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO135,000$18.52198.05%
3/03/2014BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-50,000$80.93-6.32%
3/03/2014BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO50,000$26.846.75%
3/03/2014Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-59,856$81.16-23.31%
3/03/2014Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-25,277$81.35-12.11%
3/03/2014Menear Craig APresident - U.S. Retail-14,093$81.76-11.53%
3/03/2014TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-326,610$81.12-35.04%
3/03/2014TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services130,141$23.2816.23%
3/03/2014TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services113,610$26.8416.51%
3/03/2014TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services82,859$38.7413.69%
3/03/2014Roseborough Teresa WynnEVP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Sec.-12,215$80.84-43.70%
2/27/2014Menear Craig APresident - U.S. Retail-9,510$81.97-7.22%
2/27/2014Carey MattEVP & CIO-7,002$81.97-9.32%
2/27/2014BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-33,381$81.97-4.31%
2/27/2014HOLIFIELD MARKEVP-Supply Chain & Product Dev-5,745$81.97-8.83%
2/27/2014TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-13,774$81.97-2.22%
2/27/2014Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-7,011$81.97-3.44%
2/27/2014Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-9,507$81.97-4.36%
11/21/2013BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO63,000$37.708.99%
11/21/2013BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-63,000$79.63-8.25%
11/21/2013Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources22,314$23.2812.02%
11/21/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-29,602$79.57-13.20%
11/21/2013Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-22,314$79.68-10.73%
11/20/2013Menear Craig AEVP - Merchandising-8,856$80.01-100.00%
11/20/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-3,237$79.75-1.42%
11/17/2013Roseborough Teresa WynnEVP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Sec.-5,790$80.03-17.16%
9/23/2013Carey MattEVP & CIO-4,297$75.91-5.62%
9/23/2013Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-4,297$75.91-2.26%
9/23/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-5,524$75.91-2.37%
9/23/2013Menear Craig AEVP - Merchandising-5,524$75.91-4.86%
9/23/2013TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-7,611$75.91-1.27%
9/12/2013VADON MARK CDirector10,000$75.20164.07%
9/11/2013Roseborough Teresa WynnEVP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Sec.-3,500$74.46-9.40%
5/22/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores29,829$38.7410.57%
5/22/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores28,422$23.289.11%
5/22/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-107,451$81.18-31.56%
5/22/2013Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources45,000$23.2823.70%
5/22/2013Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-45,000$81.44-19.16%
5/22/2013Carey MattEVP & CIO-40,000$80.08-79.04%
5/22/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores14,200$37.705.61%
5/22/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores15,000$42.515.61%
5/22/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores20,000$36.508.58%
5/22/2013Menear Craig AEVP - Merchandising-26,739$80.77-75.12%
5/22/2013TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-100,000$80.93-14.27%
5/22/2013TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services100,000$26.8416.65%
5/22/2013BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-50,000$80.44-6.66%
5/22/2013BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO50,000$36.507.13%
3/27/2013BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-25,280$69.65-3.65%
3/19/2013TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-12,506$68.79-2.09%
3/19/2013Menear Craig AEVP - Merchandising-8,219$68.79-7.53%
3/19/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-4,467$68.79-1.99%
3/19/2013Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-6,432$68.79-3.44%
2/28/2013TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-13,607$68.50-2.18%
2/28/2013Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-6,268$68.50-3.24%
2/28/2013Menear Craig AEVP - Merchandising-8,867$68.50-7.52%
2/28/2013Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-8,873$68.50-3.80%
2/28/2013Carey MattEVP & CIO-5,732$68.50-7.96%
2/28/2013BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-34,590$68.50-4.76%
12/06/2012VADON MARK CDirector5,000$63.70456.62%
11/19/2012Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources20,000$36.5011.22%
11/19/2012Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources15,900$37.708.02%
11/19/2012Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources15,000$39.377.00%
11/19/2012Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-50,900$62.72-22.20%
11/19/2012Crow Timothy MEVP - Human Resources-2,400$62.97-1.35%
11/19/2012BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO-35,000$62.85-5.11%
11/19/2012BLAKE FRANCIS SChairman & CEO35,000$24.555.38%
11/19/2012Ellison Marvin REVP - U.S. Stores-25,862$62.88-10.94%
11/19/2012TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services-65,000$62.87-9.89%
11/19/2012TOME CAROL BCFO & EVP - Corp. Services65,000$37.7010.98%
11/19/2012Menear Craig AEVP - Merchandising-121,810$62.74-48.26%
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