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  1. Quadrant Capital Group Llc Buys Procter & Gamble Co, The Home ...

    January 12, 2017
    Investment company Quadrant Capital Group Llc buys Procter & Gamble Co, The Home Depot Inc, iShares Core MSCI Emerging ...
  2. Bridges Investment Management Inc Buys Berkshire Hathaway Inc, ...

    January 11, 2017
    Omaha, NE, based Investment company Bridges Investment Management Inc buys Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Vanguard FTSE All World ...
  3. Why Big Retailers Face a $13 Billion Earnings Hit

    January 9, 2017
    The GOP's proposed plans to keep jobs in the U.S. could cost giant retailers billions.
  4. Home Depot Co-Founder Has Advice for Trump (HD)

    December 7, 2016
    Bernie Marcus wants the president-elect to do what he said he would do: focus on jobs.
  5. Home Depot Co-Founder Has Advice for Trump (HD)

    December 7, 2016
    Bernie Marcus wants the president-elect to do what he said he would do: focus on jobs.
  6. Home Depot CFO is Its 'Heart and Soul’: Jim Cramer (HD)

    December 5, 2016
    As The Home Depot continues to find new ways to serve its home improvement clientele, CFO Carol Tomè has proven to be a key ...
  7. Thinking of Home Depot on Black Friday? You Might (HD)

    November 22, 2016
    Black Friday is the biggest retail holiday of the year, and Home Depot wants in.
  8. Home Improvement Store Lowe's Misses Estimates (LOW, HD)

    November 16, 2016
    Lowe’s missed analyst big on a few numbers and is lowering fiscal year guidance.
  9. Does Home Depot's Solid Q3 Bode Well for Others? (HD, LOW)

    November 15, 2016
    Home Depot surprised to the upside, and there’s more good news in the coming quarters.
  10. Home Depot's Results Continue to Impress

    November 15, 2016
    Home Depot (NYSE: HD) continues to show that home improvement stores remain immune to the retail malaise which has impacted ...
  11. Trump's Wall Could Benefit Home Improvement Stores (HD, LOW)

    November 11, 2016
    A labor shortage in the home construction industry could force many potential buyers to repair and upgrade older properties. ...
  12. 5 Stocks Commanding the Dow Bull Market (MMM, CVX)

    November 6, 2016
    Just 5 stocks—United Healthcare, 3M, Chevron, Caterpillar and IBM—are responsible for 81% of the gain in the Dow Jones Industrial ...
  13. Home Depot to Benefit from Renovation Market (HD)

    November 4, 2016
    This chief investment officer provides several reasons to be bullish on HD.
  14. Rising Interest Rates Could Harm Reno Market (HD, LOW)

    November 2, 2016
    This has been a confusing market for investors, and another wrinkle has been added.
  15. Home Depot Billionaire Founder Langone Criticizes Economy

    October 27, 2016
    The Home Depot founder calls the economy "tepid" and sees a lack of prosperity throughout the world.
  16. Home Depot Co-Founder Backs Trump by Default (HD)

    October 12, 2016
    Trump wasn’t his first choice, but he makes some valid points.
  17. Item & Investment Checklist for a Hurricane (HD)

    October 10, 2016
    And how it might impact investment performance.
  18. Hurricane-Based Investing (HD)

    October 4, 2016
    From a consumer goods perspective, the aftermath of severe storms may lead to more business at home improvement stores.
  19. 5 Things to Avoid Buying During Labor Day Sales

    August 26, 2016
    It may surprise you to learn that Labor Day weekend sales are not the best time to buy gas grills. Ditto for some other items ...
  20. Top 7 Companies Owned by Home Depot (HD)

    August 24, 2016
    Home Depot's acquisition strategy, including a recent $1.6 billion purchase, has left the home improvement retailer at the ...
  21. How the Lowes Credit Card Works: Benefits & Rewards (LOW)

    August 23, 2016
    Understand how the Lowe's credit card works, which customers benefit the most, its terms and conditions, and what alternatives ...
  22. Has Lowe’s Hit a Speed Bump? (LOW,HD)

    August 19, 2016
    Lowe's stock fell after disappointing second quarter quarter results. Has it hit a speed bump or will the dive continue?
  23. Home Depot, Lowe’s To Benefit From Housing Recovery

    August 17, 2016
    Home Depot and Lowes are bucking the trend for retailers by reporting improved sales and positive growth outlooks.
  24. HD vs. LOW: Which is the Better Stock?

    August 17, 2016
    Home Depot and Lowe's are both performing well. Which is the better investment option?
  25. Home Depot Q2 Earnings Boosted by Strong Housing (HD)

    August 16, 2016
    Home Depot saw its second quarter revenue climb almost 7%, while same-store sales were higher than expected.
  26. Home Depot Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

    August 16, 2016
    Home Depot faces a strong volume headwind despite trading near an all-time high and could turn lower after post-earnings ...
  27. Home Depot Earnings Coming Up: What to Expect? (HD)

    August 14, 2016
    The world's largest home-improvement retailer has benefited from a booming housing market and low oil prices fueling more ...
  28. The Week Ahead: August 15-19, 2016

    August 14, 2016
    The Fed will release July's meeting minutes this week as the labor market strengthens.
  29. Lennar or Home Depot: Which is the Better Buy? (LEN,HD)

    July 5, 2016
    Lennar stock is priced at 12 times forward estimates of $3.85 per share, while Home Depot shares are priced at forward P/E ...
  30. Home Depot Stock Upgraded to 'Buy' Nomura (HD)

    June 24, 2016
    Home Depot received some encouraging comments by analysts at Nomura Securities, who upgraded the shares to "buy" from "neutral."
  31. Is the Payment Processing Industry Evolving? (PYPL, TGT)

    June 17, 2016
    Learn about the many changes in commerce and payment systems that are happening in the rapidly evolving payment processing ...
  32. 3 Industries That Benefit from Low Interest Rates (LEN,EXPE,NFLX)

    June 2, 2016
    The industries that benefit the most from low interest rates are home builders and home-improvement retailers; the consumer ...
  33. The Legal Way to Get a Bigger Bonus Than You Earned

    June 1, 2016
    Non-GAAP metrics already have some investors riled up. But what happens when companies determine executive pay using “earnings ...
  34. Home Depot Stock To Trade Ex-Dividend Tuesday (HD)

    May 30, 2016
    Home Depot will send its dividend payment on June 16 to shareholders of record as of June 2.
  35. The Share Buyback Report: The Consumer Discretionary Sector (XLY)

    May 27, 2016
    Analyze historical share repurchase data for the discretionary sector and identify the financial and economic factors that ...
  36. The Top 4 J.C. Penney Shareholders (JCP)

    May 21, 2016
    Discover J.C. Penney 's top four direct shareholders. Learn about how many shares they hold and obtain a brief description ...
  37. Lowe's Is Taking the Fight to Home Depot in Canada

    May 20, 2016
    Lowe's (NYSE: LOW) and rival Home Depot (NYSE: HD) look ready to lace up the gloves and duke it out over the Canadian home ...
  38. Equity Winners Since the October 2007 Market Peak (HD, IBM)

    May 19, 2016
    Learn about four stocks that have performed well since the market peak in October of 2007. Consider how these companies grow ...
  39. Home Depot Q1 Earnings Beat, Raises Outlook (HD)

    May 17, 2016
    Consumers might not be shopping for certain goods as evidenced by retailers' falling revenue and profits, they're pouring ...
  40. Home Depot Stock Declines Ahead of Q1 Earnings (HD)

    May 16, 2016
    Wall Street expects the home-improvement retailer to deliver year-over-year increases for both revenue and profits.
  41. Home Depot Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (HD)

    May 14, 2016
    Analyze Home Depot's capital structure to assess trends in book value and corporate debt. Find out how its its capital structure ...
  42. Home Depot Stock: Analyzing 3 Key Customers (HD)

    May 13, 2016
    Find out which companies pay significant portions of their operating budgets to Home Depot and why their relationships are ...
  43. 3 Billionaires Who Graduated from New York University (HD)

    May 12, 2016
    Find out the story behind some of New York University's most successful graduates who have gone on to become multi-billionaires ...
  44. 5 Best Dividend-Paying Consumer Discretionary ETFs (RTH, RCD)

    May 10, 2016
    Discover the five best dividend-paying consumer discretionary ETFs, which is one of the best-performing sectors in the market ...
  45. Lowe's Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (LOW)

    May 8, 2016
    Examine Lowe's Companies' equity capitalization, debt capitalization and enterprise value to analyze trends in the retailer's ...
  46. Consumer Discretionary Sector: Industries Snapshot

    May 4, 2016
    Discover the consumer discretionary sector, industries within this sector and companies producing goods that fall under the ...
  47. The 3 Largest Consumer Cyclicals ETFs (XLY, FXD)

    May 1, 2016
    Find out which consumer cyclical exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the largest in their category and how they have performed ...
  48. The 3 Largest Alpha-Seeking ETFs (PKW, PDP)

    May 1, 2016
    Learn the tactics of the three largest alpha-seeking ETFs, such as tracking share buybacks and and finding companies with ...
  49. Home Depot Stock: Analyzing 5 Key Suppliers (HD)

    April 28, 2016
    Take a look at a handful of key companies stocking the shelves at your local Home Depot location, including lawn and garden ...
  50. Better Buy: Home Depot or Lowe's? (HD, LOW)

    April 28, 2016
    Home Depot and Lowe’s have risen to resistance levels that could yield fresh trend advances.
  51. The Debt Report: The Consumer Discretionary Sector (XLY)

    April 27, 2016
    Learn more about the rising role of corporate debt among the U.S. consumer discretionary sector, and why shifting monetary ...
  52. iShares U.S. Construction vs. SPDR Homebuilders: Comparing Homebuilder ...

    April 26, 2016
    Learn why the U.S. housing sector may soon take off in 2016, and discover how to easily gain exposure to the sector, through ...
  53. Lowe's Stock: Analyzing 5 Key Customers (LOW, HD)

    April 25, 2016
    Learn information about the five companies that derive the most of their revenues from Lowe’s home renovation and supply ...
  54. DIA vs. IWL: Comparing ETFs with the Largest U.S. Companies

    April 15, 2016
    Find out how the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF compares with the iShares Russell Top 200 as mega-cap exchange-traded ...
  55. Portfolio Trends in 2016 (ANCFX)

    April 13, 2016
    Evaluate the composition of the American Funds Fundamental Investors fund, and determine how the fund's makeup has evolved ...
  56. Portfolio Trends in 2016 (ABALX)

    April 13, 2016
    Evaluate the composition of the American Balanced Fund from American Funds, and learn how the fund's makeup has evolved between ...
  57. Dividend-Hunters Drive 42 Stocks to All-Time Highs (KO, PM)

    April 5, 2016
    Fully 42 stocks in the S&P 500 hit all-time highs on Monday. The winners are mostly generous dividend payers, indicating ...
  58. What the Strong Jobs Report Means for Home Depot

    April 4, 2016
    With more jobs are being created, combined with both rising wages and improved housing, means consumers will have more money ...
  59. Are Clouds Finally Parting for Lumber Liquidators?

    March 25, 2016
    After a year of uncertainty, Lumber Liquidators (NYSE: LL) finally has some clarity. The laminate flooring specialist reached ...
  60. (VCR) Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF: Top 5 Holdings

    March 19, 2016
    Learn about the Vanguard Consumer Discretionary exchange-traded fund (ETF), and evaluate its top five holdings and their ...
  61. The 3 Biggest Consumer Discretionary Stocks in the S&P 500 ETF ...

    March 16, 2016
    Identify some of the biggest consumer discretionary holdings in the S&P 500 exchange-traded fund (ETF): Amazon.com, Home ...
  62. 3 Popular Consumer Sector ETFs in 2016 (XLY, XLP)

    March 16, 2016
    Find out which consumer sector exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the most popular going into 2016 based on the amount of assets ...
  63. IYC Vs. VCR: Comparing Consumer ETFs

    March 11, 2016
    Learn how the consumer discretionary sector is poised to rise. Discover analyses, similarities and differences of two consumer ...
  64. Why JCPenney's Most Important Asset Is Its Management Team (JCP, ...

    March 8, 2016
    Find out why JCPenney's management team is the company's most valuable asset and how it has brought the company back from ...
  65. Home Depot Rises With U.S. Home Prices (HD)

    February 23, 2016
    Home Depot is adhering to it promise of returning shareholder value. And with HD shares still down 7% in the past three months, ...
  66. Will Consumer Spending Save the Economy? (FIT, CZR)

    February 21, 2016
    This week will hold incredibly important clues to the state of the American consumer. Be prepared.
  67. Consumers: The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself

    February 12, 2016
    U.S. retail sales rose 0.2% in January, the Commerce Department announced Friday, better than consensus expectations of ...
  68. Are These the Top 5 Retail Stocks of 2016?

    January 5, 2016
    Retail hasn't been a hot sector, but these five retail names have the potential to stay hot in 2016.
  69. 3 Popular Consumers Stocks in 2015 (AMZN, SBUX)

    December 31, 2015
    Find out what makes Amazon, Starbucks and The Home Depot three popular consumer stocks in 2015 and how they may remain so ...
  70. 2016 Could Be Another Great Year For The Consumer Discretionary ...

    December 30, 2015
    Consumer spending was in full force in the fourth quarter of 2015. We'll take a look at the companies that stand to benefit ...
  71. The World's Top 10 Retailers (WMT, COST)

    December 24, 2015
    Read about some of the top retail companies in the world, and learn a little about the products they sell and the markets ...
  72. 4 Reasons Why the Housing Recovery Will Be Short-lived (LOW, ...

    December 18, 2015
    Evidence would suggest that the same culprits from 2008 and some new ones are re-inflating a housing bubble.
  73. Do Data Breaches Really Matter for Retailers? (TJX, TGT)

    December 8, 2015
    Do data breaches hurt the stock price of retailers? Let's have a look at a few examples.
  74. Home Depot's 6 Key Financial Ratios (HD)

    December 8, 2015
    Learn about important financial ratios used to determine the performance of retailer Home Depot; these give a quick snapshot ...
  75. Analyzing Home Depot's Return on Equity (ROE) (HD)

    December 1, 2015
    Discover what Home Depot's return on equity (ROE) ratio says about the performance of the company and how it relates to historical ...
  76. Home Depot: Can its Shares Continue Climbing? (HD)

    November 20, 2015
    Home Depot has outperformed the market by a wide margin in the last 12 months. Is this sustainable?
  77. Marriott and Starwood's Billion Dollar Hotel Bid

    November 17, 2015
    Marriott International Inc. and Starwood Hotels & Resorts created the world's largest hotel company yesterday when the latter ...
  78. Learn To Use This Leading Indicator of Home Sales

    November 15, 2015
    By following the trend shown in the MBA Purchase Index, investors can identify investment opportunities in businesses that ...
  79. The Earnings Spotlight Is On Wal-Mart And Other Retail Giants ...

    November 15, 2015
    Big-box retailers will highlight the week's quarterly earnings reports. Expectations are low for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: ...
  80. Home Depot Stock: A Dividend Analysis (HD)

    October 28, 2015
    Learn about Home Depot, Inc., its dividend policy, historic dividend yields, overall safety of dividends going forward and ...
  81. Top Stocks to Play a Warm U.S. Winter

    October 22, 2015
    A reliable source predicts a warm winter. Which stocks are most likely to benefit?
  82. Sears Turns to Home Automation for Growth (SHLD, BBY)

    October 20, 2015
    Sears (NASDAQ: SHLD) wants a piece of the home automation game. That makes sense, because the retailer already sells most ...
  83. Wal-Mart Seeks Savings From a Cheaper Yuan (WMT, HD)

    September 25, 2015
    Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) recently contacted over 10,000 suppliers, all of which have manufacturing facilities in China, to negotiate ...
  84. Home Depot: Too Expensive To Pick? (HD)

    September 15, 2015
    Home Depot is one of the most recognized brands with a hot stock in the specialty retail industry. Does it make sense to ...
  85. Lowe's Posts a Mixed Second Quarter (HD, LOW)

    August 20, 2015
    Home improvement retailer Lowe's (NYSE: LOW) recently reported mixed second quarter earnings, which beat top line estimates ...
  86. Is Wal-Mart a Public Nuisance? (WMT, BA)

    August 20, 2015
    Because of the shoplifting, brawling, and hundreds of other incidents occurring daily at the Beech Grove, Indiana Wal-Mart ...
  87. Home Depot Meets Q2 Expectations, Raises Guidance (HD)

    August 19, 2015
    Home Depot (NYSE: HD) brought home few surprises in its most recent quarter. The big retailer delivered second quarter results ...
  88. 4 Cybersecurity Value Stocks to Watch For (CHKP, FEYE)

    August 14, 2015
    Discover how huge data breaches to major companies have caused an upswing in the cybersecurity industry, and top stocks investors ...
  89. J.C. Penney Finally Earning Wall Street's Respect (JCP, HD)

    August 10, 2015
    It took awhile, but Wall Street is finally coming around to the notion that J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP) just might make good ...
  90. J.C. Penney Poaching From Home Depot and Target (HD, JCP)

    August 7, 2015
    J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP) announced two new hires this week, going back to the well of talent it dipped into previously to ...
  91. J.C. Penney: Identity Crisis or Buy Opportunity?

    August 5, 2015
    With so many recent leadership changes, J.C. Penney might be suffering from an identity crisis. Here's why and what you need ...
  92. Here's Why Analysts Bullish On Skyworks Solutions

    July 28, 2015
    Skyworks Solutions beat earnings estimates and provided a strong fourth quarter outlook on July 23. Analysts weighed in.
  93. Home Depot Makes a Big Acquisition (HD, GS)

    July 28, 2015
    Home Depot (NYSE: HD) is betting big on declining home ownership as it just agreed to pay $1.6 billion for Interline, a ...
  94. Why Best Buy Failed in China

    July 23, 2015
    Best Buy entered China with much fanfare in 2006. The Minnesota-based retailer exited quietly last year. What went wrong? ...
  95. Where Are Real Estate Stocks Heading?

    July 21, 2015
    We summarize five economic reports that investors should monitor monthly to keep them informed of where real estate and its ...
  96. Customer Data Breach Hits CVS Health Photo Site

    July 21, 2015
    Maybe taking a picture will not make it last longer. On Friday, CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) posted a message on its photo-processing ...
  97. The 6 Biggest Fortune 500 Employers

    July 21, 2015
    In 2015, five of the top six biggest Fortune 500 companies are retailers.
  98. Looking for Alternatives to Invest in Real Estate?

    July 20, 2015
    There are several ways to invest in “real estate” via the stock market, buying stocks and hold them for years. We give you ...
  99. Home Depot Vs. Lowes: The Home Improvement Battle

    July 7, 2015
    Home Depot and Lowe's are both giants of the home improvement sector. But how do they compare to one-another?
  100. Why Marvin Ellison Is an Ideal CEO for J.C. Penney (JCP, GE)

    July 1, 2015
    J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP) has made its fair share of mistakes over the past five years -- particularly during former-CEO Ron ...
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