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  1. The Top 4 Mid-Cap Oil Stocks for 2016 (PBF, HFC)

    December 30, 2015
    Explore detailed analyses of the top four oil-related stocks for 2016, and learn about the characteristics of these stocks ...
  2. Oil Stocks That Benefit From OPEC Overproduction (TSO, HFC)

    December 28, 2015
    Despite falling oil prices, many oil refinery stocks have had a stellar performance. Here's a list of top performers with ...
  3. Outperform The Market By Using My Favorite Value Metric

    October 24, 2014
  4. Outperform The Market Using This Value Metric

    October 24, 2014
  5. The Only Metric Value Investors Should Watch

    October 24, 2014
  6. The Only Energy Stocks You Need To Own Right Now

    October 19, 2014
  7. Where I'm Looking For Value In The Oil Sector

    October 19, 2014
  8. In The Week Ahead: No Clear Sign Of A Market Bottom

    October 19, 2014
  9. In The Week Ahead: No Clear Sign Of A Market Bottom In Sight

    October 19, 2014
  10. Barron's Recap: The ETF Roundtable

    May 11, 2014
    This weekend in Barron's online: the Barron's ETF Roundtable, picks and pans from the Sohn Investment Conference, as well ...
  11. Transocean and Other Big Movers In Energy on January 3, 2013

    January 3, 2013
    There has been little movement in the market so far this morning. The Nasdaq is unchanged; the S&P 500 has moved little; ...
  12. HollyFrontier and Other Big Movers In Energy on December 31, ...

    December 31, 2012
    Currently, the Nasdaq is up 0.6%, the S&P 500 has moved up 0.2% and the Dow has moved little. The energy sector is the ...
  13. Oil and Gas Operations Stocks, Including EnCana Corporation, ...

    December 14, 2012
    The Nasdaq is down 0.8%, the S&P 500 has decreased 0.2% and the Dow has declined 0.1%, marking a bad morning for the ...
  14. Newfield Exploration Company Gets Oily In 2012

    February 24, 2012
    Newfield Exploration plans lower capital spending in 2012 and will focus on oil and wet gas plays in its portfolio.
  15. Canada's Gurus, Make Your Stock Picks

    January 9, 2012
    The Globe and Mail asked 13 of Canada's best money minds to choose one investment they see soaring in 2012. Nicolas Johnson ...
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