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  1. Outperform Stance on Hibbett - Analyst Blog

    January 24, 2013
    We have maintained our long-term 'Outperform' recommendation on Hibbett Sports, Inc. (HIBB). Our recommendation is based ...
  2. Pharmacyclics and More Big Movers on the Nasdaq on August 20, ...

    August 20, 2012
    The market has been slipping so far today: the Nasdaq is trading down 0.2%; the S&P 500 is down 0.3%; and the Dow has slipped ...
  3. Gap and Other Big Movers In Services on August 17, 2012

    August 17, 2012
    The Nasdaq has climbed 0.2%, the S&P 500 has remained steady and the Dow has fallen 0.2% so far today. The biggest movers ...
  4. Marvell Technology Among the Nasdaq's Biggest Movers on August ...

    August 17, 2012
    The Nasdaq has increased 0.2%, the S&P 500 has remained steady and the Dow has decreased 0.2% this morning. The Nasdaq Composite ...
  5. Stock Market News for June 14, 2012 - Market News

    June 14, 2012
    On Wednesday, benchmarks closed in the red after European concerns once again dominated proceedings. Alongside Spain's rising ...
  6. Dick’s Stock Already Priced For Big Wins

    March 13, 2012
    Much of Dick's future growth is already built into its stock price, but the company has a proven ability to steadily grow ...
  7. 5 Small-Caps with Growth Potential

    December 2, 2011
    The overall picture for the small-cap universe, growth and value alike, suggests there’s room to run, says fund manager ...
  8. Big 5 Sporting Goods Is Risky But Rewarding

    August 24, 2011
    Investing in this micro-cap is risky but ultimately should be rewarding. Here's why.
  9. Don't Miss Friday's Earnings Releases

    August 24, 2010
    In case you missed earnings that were released this last week, go over them now.
  10. 4 Stocks For The Active Lifestyle

    August 23, 2010
    Check out these four stocks for some all-star additions to your portfolio.
  11. 3 Not-So-Famous Stocks That Deserve The Spotlight

    March 22, 2010
    Popularity doesn't count in the stock market. We take a look at some lesser-known names investors should become acquainted ...
  12. Dick's May Be Due For A Fall

    December 1, 2009
    Dick's Sporting Goods shares are already discounting a further recovery in profits and could be due for a pullback if conditions ...
  13. Hunting For A Great Stock?

    August 3, 2009
    Cabela's has stuck to their simple approach to growth and it has worked to increase same store sales and earnings.
  14. Dick's Is Fighting Back To Form

    May 28, 2009
    Dick's Sporting Goods' sales and earnings have suffered along with a plummet in consumer spending, but its prospects remain ...
  15. Think Outside The Big Box

    August 27, 2008
    Wal-Mart gets the press, but discretionary retailers are the ones topping estimates. Looks like wants still trump needs.
  16. Cabela's Ready To Be Reeled In

    May 13, 2008
    Despite an 8.4% drop in comps, the fishing retailer's focus on customer care, store productivity and advertising will pay ...
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