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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
1/16/2015SHAW L EDWARD JRDirector71$39.730.10%
1/16/2015CHIDSEY JOHNDirector196$39.700.24%
1/16/2015MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector10$39.720.02%
11/03/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector189$40.120.23%
11/03/2014SHAW L EDWARD JRDirector69$40.190.10%
11/03/2014MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector8$40.180.01%
10/15/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector775$37.030.95%
10/15/2014MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector178$37.000.34%
7/18/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector170$35.930.21%
7/18/2014MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector7$35.990.01%
7/18/2014SHAW L EDWARD JRDirector67$36.000.10%
7/15/2014CORRELL DONALD LDirector242$35.810.47%
7/15/2014HIGDON LEO I JRDirector242$35.810.49%
7/15/2014HERMAN JOAN EDirector46$35.810.52%
7/15/2014ELSON CHARLES MDirector242$35.810.44%
7/15/2014CURL YVONNE MDirector242$35.810.50%
7/15/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector227$35.810.28%
7/15/2014MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector242$35.810.46%
7/15/2014KATZ LESLYE GDirector46$35.810.47%
7/15/2014SHAW L EDWARD JRDirector242$35.810.35%
7/08/2014MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector180$36.110.34%
7/08/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector775$36.180.97%
5/09/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-8,000$33.17-0.71%
5/08/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-10,000$33.29-0.88%
5/08/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer30,000$26.052.71%
5/07/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-20,000$33.59-1.78%
5/07/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer20,000$26.051.81%
5/06/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer19,000$26.051.72%
5/06/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-19,000$34.24-1.69%
5/05/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer22,600$26.052.04%
5/05/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-10,000$34.48-0.89%
5/05/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-12,600$34.39-1.13%
5/03/2014Tarr Mark JEVP and COO-4,695$34.78-2.14%
5/03/2014Whittington John PEVP, Gen. Counsel & Secretary-469$34.78-0.24%
5/03/2014Fay EdmundSr. Vice Pres. and Treasurer-389$34.78-0.43%
5/03/2014Price Andrew LChief Accounting Officer-323$34.78-0.56%
5/03/2014COLTHARP DOUGLAS EEVP, Chief Financial Officer-2,347$34.78-2.78%
5/03/2014Clohan Dexanne BChief Medical Officer-323$34.78-0.32%
5/03/2014Levy Cheryl B.Chief Human Resources Officer-403$34.78-0.50%
5/02/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer8,400$26.050.76%
5/02/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-3,400$35.00-0.30%
5/02/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-5,000$35.57-0.45%
3/07/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer63,000$26.055.73%
3/07/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-56,000$32.56-4.82%
3/06/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer37,000$26.053.38%
3/06/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-33,000$32.59-2.91%
2/24/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-7,856$31.97-0.71%
2/24/2014Tarr Mark JEVP and COO-1,244$31.97-0.56%
2/24/2014Whittington John PEVP, Gen. Counsel & Secretary-1,244$31.97-0.64%
2/24/2014Clohan Dexanne BChief Medical Officer-757$31.97-0.74%
2/24/2014Price Andrew LChief Accounting Officer-775$31.97-1.32%
2/24/2014Levy Cheryl B.Chief Human Resources Officer-1,055$31.97-1.29%
2/24/2014COLTHARP DOUGLAS EEVP, Chief Financial Officer-1,244$31.97-1.45%
2/24/2014Fay EdmundSr. Vice Pres. and Treasurer-1,013$31.97-1.12%
2/15/2014Tarr Mark JEVP and COO-1,204$33.02-0.54%
2/15/2014Price Andrew LChief Accounting Officer-474$33.02-0.80%
2/15/2014Levy Cheryl B.Chief Human Resources Officer-821$33.02-0.99%
2/15/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-6,690$33.02-0.60%
2/15/2014Fay EdmundSr. Vice Pres. and Treasurer-596$33.02-0.65%
2/15/2014Whittington John PEVP, Gen. Counsel & Secretary-1,043$33.02-0.53%
2/15/2014COLTHARP DOUGLAS EEVP, Chief Financial Officer-1,054$33.02-1.22%
2/15/2014Clohan Dexanne BChief Medical Officer-573$33.02-0.56%
1/16/2014HANSON JON FDirector160$34.340.19%
1/16/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector170$34.340.23%
1/16/2014MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector5$34.360.01%
1/16/2014SHAW L EDWARD JRDirector68$34.420.11%
1/15/2014HIGDON LEO I JRDirector230$34.330.51%
1/15/2014HERMAN JOAN EDirector27$34.330.52%
1/15/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector215$34.330.29%
1/14/2014CHIDSEY JOHNDirector830$33.841.12%
1/14/2014MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector187$33.830.39%
1/02/2014Whittington John PEVP, Gen. Counsel & Secretary-6,641$33.28-3.92%
1/02/2014Tarr Mark JEVP and COO-6,641$33.28-3.44%
1/02/2014Price Andrew LChief Accounting Officer-3,659$33.28-7.35%
1/02/2014Levy Cheryl B.Chief Human Resources Officer-5,045$33.28-6.92%
1/02/2014GRINNEY JAYPres & Chief Executive Officer-47,116$33.28-4.96%
1/02/2014Fay EdmundSr. Vice Pres. and Treasurer-3,659$33.28-4.49%
1/02/2014COLTHARP DOUGLAS EEVP, Chief Financial Officer-6,641$33.28-10.96%
1/02/2014Clohan Dexanne BChief Medical Officer-3,659$33.28-3.96%
11/14/2013Tarr Mark JEVP and COO-11,000$35.27-5.40%
11/14/2013Tarr Mark JEVP and COO11,000$22.005.70%
10/15/2013SHAW L EDWARD JRDirector224$35.100.35%
10/15/2013KATZ LESLYE GDirector27$35.100.44%
10/15/2013MAUPIN JOHN E JR D D SDirector5$36.120.01%
10/15/2013HANSON JON FDirector150$36.310.18%
10/15/2013CHIDSEY JOHNDirector209$35.100.28%
10/15/2013SHAW L EDWARD JRDirector63$35.900.10%
10/15/2013CHIDSEY JOHNDirector156$36.280.21%
10/07/2013CHIDSEY JOHNDirector795$35.331.09%
10/07/2013HANSON JON FDirector673$35.320.81%
7/09/2013CHIDSEY JOHNDirector930$30.241.29%
7/09/2013HANSON JON FDirector785$30.210.95%
5/06/2013COLTHARP DOUGLAS EEVP, Chief Financial Officer-530$28.41-0.87%
5/06/2013KATZ LESLYE GDirector1,000$28.4019.54%
5/03/2013Price Andrew LChief Accounting Officer-323$28.36-0.64%
5/03/2013COLTHARP DOUGLAS EEVP, Chief Financial Officer-1,617$28.36-2.58%
5/03/2013Clohan Dexanne BChief Medical Officer-323$28.36-0.35%
5/03/2013Fay EdmundSr. Vice Pres. and Treasurer-323$28.36-0.40%
5/03/2013Whittington John PEVP, Gen. Counsel & Secretary-323$28.36-0.19%
5/03/2013Tarr Mark JEVP and COO-4,695$28.36-2.38%
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