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  1. Top 10 Stocks Hedge Funds Bought and Sold in Q2 (HOT, STJ)

    August 24, 2016
    The 13F filings reveal that these stocks saw the most activity across the hedge fund industry in the second quarter.
  2. 3 Mutual Funds Focusing on Arbitrage Profits (MERFX, ARBFX)

    July 28, 2016
    Get details on three of the most popular mutual funds for investors interested in arbitrage trading.
  3. Marriott Acquires Starwood in $13.6B Merger

    July 8, 2016
    The Marriott-Starwood merger is almost through to create the largest hotel company of the world. Here’s what investors will ...
  4. 3 S&P 500 Companies With the Most Hedge Fund Exposure (HOT, SWN)

    May 31, 2016
    Learn about three companies on which hedge fund managers have become bullish, acquiring significant ownership positions in ...
  5. Is Marriott's 20% Dividend Raise Sustainable?

    May 6, 2016
    If you were a company about to spend more than $12 billion on a new asset, would you also chose that moment to add to your ...
  6. Marriott's Merger With Starwood Finally Clears

    April 8, 2016
    Marriott International's (NASDAQ: MAR) megamerger with Starwood Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: HOT) has been officially approved ...
  7. Starwood Bidding War Ends: Anbang Drops $14B Offer

    April 1, 2016
    The tug-of-war between China's Anbang and Marriott over the acquisition of Starwood appears to have come to an end Thursday, ...
  8. Starwood Bid: Anbang Counters Marriott Offer Again (HOT, MAR)

    March 28, 2016
    After its initial offer for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. was trumped by a superior offer from China's Anbang ...
  9. Anbang Raises Stakes For Starwood Battle (HOT, MAR)

    March 28, 2016
    Markets are quiet this morning as Anbang makes a counterbid to Marriot's offer last week for Starwood
  10. Starwood Scores First New U.S. Hotel Deals in Cuba

    March 22, 2016
    In the wake of a major ownership change, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide (NYSE: HOT) is pushing into an unlikely ...
  11. China's Mysterious Anbang Group & Its World Takeover (HOT, MAR)

    March 22, 2016
    Meet the powerful Chinese conglomerate with $253 billion in capital, that's looking to take over the world.
  12. Russia Says Oil Rally 'Unsustainable'

    March 18, 2016
    It is a quiet day in the markets after a week of important economic announcements. Stocks on both sides of the Atlantic edged ...
  13. Chinese Insurance Giant Snapping Up U.S. Companies (BX, FGL)

    March 16, 2016
    The U.S. insurer Fidelity & Guaranty Life announced Tuesday that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ...
  14. U.S Real Estate a "Buy" for Chinese Investors

    March 16, 2016
    Chinese companies are buying up real estate around the United States at a staggering pace. Is it a takeover or the result ...
  15. A Muted Monday in The Markets (HOT)

    March 14, 2016
    The markets seem to have shrugged off their Friday rally this Monday.
  16. John Paulson's 5 Best Dividend Stocks (STAY, HOT)

    March 14, 2016
    Check out five of the top dividend-paying stocks that hedge fund manager John Paulson has recently recommended by investing ...
  17. Top 5 Positions in John Paulson's Portfolio (AGN, VRX)

    February 29, 2016
    Find out which stocks are holding the top five positions in investment guru John Paulson's hedge fund portfolio and which ...
  18. Marriott International Vs. Starwood Hotel & Resorts (MAR, HOT)

    January 25, 2016
    Learn the differences and similarities between Marriott International and Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Marriott agreed to ...
  19. AMC Theatres Picks Starwood Boss as New CEO

    December 15, 2015
    With Starwood Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: HOT) in the midst of being acquired by Marriott, its CEO has moved on to greener ...
  20. Marriott and Starwood's Billion Dollar Hotel Bid

    November 17, 2015
    Marriott International Inc. and Starwood Hotels & Resorts created the world's largest hotel company yesterday when the latter ...
  21. The 3 Most Profitable Luxury Hotels

    August 6, 2015
    Staying at a luxury hotel is the stuff of daydreams for most people. The few who do regularly stay, or even live, in upscale ...
  22. What to Know About Transferable Points Programs

    July 30, 2015
    Transferable points programs give credit card users a more extensive way to use credit card points for travel.
  23. 3 Major Changes Resulting From Iran's Nuclear Deal

    July 24, 2015
    A deal to lift sanctions on Iran could go into effect in a couple of months. Where should investors look for opportunities ...
  24. Ink Plus or Starwood Preferred, Which Credit Card Is Right for ...

    July 2, 2015
    Maximize Your Business Rewards: Chase Ink Plus vs. Starwood Preferred.
  25. Are Hotel Chains Too Big? (TRIP, HLT)

    July 1, 2015
    In America, the six largest hotel chains dominate the industry and more likely than not you’ll end up staying at one on your ...
  26. What are the pros and cons of owning an equity REIT versus a ...

    January 20, 2015
    Learn about investing in equity, mortgage and hybrid REITs. Explore the different strategies REITs employ to generate income ...
  27. What's The Best Franchise Investment For You?

    November 14, 2014
    How do you figure out which franchise is the best for you and your budget? Read on.
  28. Follow The Country's Largest Pension Fund Into This Asset

    October 23, 2014
  29. The Bottom May Be Falling Out -- Here's What To Do

    October 3, 2014
  30. 3 Investments To Survive the Coming Correction

    October 2, 2014
  31. For Consumer Discretionary Investors, Luxury Is Where It’s At

    October 4, 2013
    For the rich and growing middle classes of the world, spending on luxury goods continues to surge. That can provide a nice ...
  32. Hotel Stocks Knocking On An Important Door

    September 21, 2010
    Hotel Stocks Knocking On An Important Door
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