Hewlett-Packard Co $31.93

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17/4/2014 06:40 PM  |  NYSE : HPQ  
Industries : Computer Hardware / Diversified Computer Systems

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/20/2014WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO1,227$31.481.06%
3/20/2014WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO-463$31.48-0.39%
3/18/2014SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-10,000$30.25-24.53%
3/04/2014Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO-3,729$29.97-79.41%
2/24/2014WEISLER DION JEVP, PPSG-40,000$30.00-56.14%
2/24/2014WEISLER DION JEVP, PPSG40,000$13.83127.99%
2/24/2014WEISLER DION JEVP, PPSG-31,253$29.90-100.00%
2/19/2014Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO-1,351$29.45-22.34%
2/19/2014Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO3,413$29.45129.57%
1/18/2014WEISLER DION JEVP, PPSG17,554$29.80128.14%
1/16/2014Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services-7,957$29.56-31.69%
1/16/2014Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations-1,810$29.56-4.10%
1/16/2014Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations4,463$29.5611.25%
1/16/2014Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services20,822$29.56485.59%
1/02/2014Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO2,250$13.8335.16%
1/02/2014Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO-3,765$27.99-58.84%
1/02/2014Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO-2,250$27.99-26.01%
12/16/2013LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO-8,745$26.77-17.45%
12/14/2013WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO55,852$26.7762.53%
12/14/2013WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO-29,145$26.77-20.08%
12/12/2013VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP and GM EG19,248$26.6013.96%
12/12/2013VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP and GM EG-10,044$26.60-6.39%
12/12/2013LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO19,248$26.6089.33%
12/12/2013LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO-10,044$26.60-24.62%
12/12/2013KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR31,760$26.6068.24%
12/12/2013KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR-15,590$26.60-19.91%
12/12/2013Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations6,738$26.6018.49%
12/12/2013Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations-3,517$26.60-8.15%
12/10/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC2,129$27.045.40%
12/10/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-804$27.04-1.93%
12/10/2013Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO586$27.049.71%
12/10/2013Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO-221$27.04-3.34%
12/10/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services2,839$27.0496.89%
12/10/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services-1,482$27.04-25.69%
12/07/2013Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO-595$27.70-8.98%
12/07/2013Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO1,580$27.7031.29%
12/07/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-1,980$27.70-4.78%
12/07/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC5,264$27.7014.56%
12/07/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services-2,565$27.70-46.68%
12/07/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services4,913$27.70844.16%
12/06/2013WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO97,463$27.70258.03%
12/06/2013WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO-45,917$27.70-33.95%
12/06/2013VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP and GM EG40,857$27.7035.18%
12/06/2013VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP and GM EG-19,081$27.70-12.15%
12/06/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC22,286$27.70100.23%
12/06/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-8,376$27.70-18.81%
12/06/2013Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations-6,518$27.70-15.17%
12/06/2013Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations16,901$27.7064.87%
12/06/2013KADIFA ABDO GEVP, HP Software-12,387$27.70-42.87%
12/06/2013KADIFA ABDO GEVP, HP Software28,229$27.704,244.96%
12/06/2013KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR-7,260$27.70-13.49%
12/06/2013KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR19,315$27.7056.01%
12/06/2013LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO-15,596$27.70-41.99%
12/06/2013Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO-870$27.70-14.70%
12/06/2013Ricci Jeff TVP, Controller & PAO2,312$27.7064.10%
11/29/2013LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO-49,597$27.08-71.93%
11/15/2013Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations18,945$25.21124.81%
11/15/2013Hinshaw John MEVP, Technology and Operations-7,121$25.21-20.87%
10/31/2013LEVINE MARC ASVP, Controller & PAO-6,516$24.37-16.43%
10/31/2013LEVINE MARC ASVP, Controller & PAO17,336$24.3777.65%
10/22/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-6,000$24.00-21.48%
10/10/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-6,000$23.25-17.68%
9/19/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services14,097$21.31275.71%
9/19/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services-7,579$21.31-39.45%
8/29/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-6,000$22.61-15.03%
8/27/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-6,000$22.02-13.07%
6/03/2013BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PPSG-30,000$24.45-24.84%
5/29/2013LEVINE MARC ASVP, Controller & PAO-7,000$25.00-23.87%
5/29/2013KADIFA ABDO GEVP, HP Software-8,132$25.24-36.98%
5/29/2013KADIFA ABDO GEVP, HP Software21,635$25.246,043.30%
5/19/2013VEGHTE WILLIAM LCOO-5,011$21.27-4.14%
5/16/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC4,122$21.369.51%
5/16/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-1,550$21.36-3.27%
4/30/2013DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, Enterprise Group-8,534$20.60-7.18%
4/30/2013McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer-545$20.60-36.75%
4/30/2013DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, Enterprise Group22,707$20.6023.62%
4/30/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services-3,333$20.60-39.47%
4/30/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services7,943$20.601,585.43%
4/30/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC-1,120$20.60-2.54%
4/30/2013VEGHTE WILLIAM LCOO-4,976$20.60-3.99%
4/30/2013SCHULTZ JOHN FEVP, GC & SEC2,975$20.607.23%
4/30/2013VEGHTE WILLIAM LCOO13,238$20.6011.89%
4/25/2013KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR-4,520$19.59-11.59%
4/25/2013KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR12,026$19.5944.58%
1/27/2013Nefkens Michael GEVP, Enterprise Services-1,081$16.99-39.55%
1/18/2013Gomez HenryEVP, CCO-2,660$17.11-41.90%
12/14/2012WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO-20,082$14.75-34.71%
12/14/2012WHITMAN MARGARET CPresident & CEO54,399$14.751,574.50%
12/12/2012DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, Enterprise Group57,489$14.5387.81%
12/12/2012Hinshaw John MEVP, Global Tech & BP-3,065$14.53-16.80%
12/12/2012DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, Enterprise Group-26,838$14.53-21.83%
12/12/2012Hinshaw John MEVP, Global Tech & BP6,562$14.5356.17%
12/12/2012BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PPSG22,496$14.53229.62%
12/12/2012BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PPSG-10,502$14.53-32.52%
12/12/2012KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR-11,349$14.53-29.61%
12/12/2012HOMLISH MARTIN JEVP & CMO-12,983$14.53-35.46%
12/12/2012VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP & COO18,747$14.53102.46%
12/12/2012VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP & COO-7,229$14.53-32.50%
12/12/2012McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer2,625$14.5318.83%
12/12/2012McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer-964$14.53-5.82%
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