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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/30/2012WHITWORTH RALPH VDirector4,649,660$22.6218.72%
5/29/2012WHITWORTH RALPH VDirector4,505,978$22.7122.17%
5/25/2012WHITWORTH RALPH VDirector3,993,097$22.0224.45%
5/13/2012LEVINE MARC ASVP, Controller & PAO-1,223$23.15-6.24%
4/25/2012KEOGH TRACY SEVP HR-4,286$24.83-36.69%
3/23/2012Visentin GiovanniEVP, ES5,418$23.61126.26%
3/23/2012Visentin GiovanniEVP, ES-1,797$23.61-18.51%
3/23/2012Visentin GiovanniEVP, ES5,724$23.6172.35%
3/23/2012Visentin GiovanniEVP, ES-1,898$23.61-13.92%
3/01/2012JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG-100,000$25.46-89.84%
3/01/2012JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG100,000$22.02883.94%
2/28/2012Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-42,500$26.12-38.78%
2/28/2012Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO42,500$22.0263.36%
1/30/2012Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO30,000$21.7544.72%
1/30/2012Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-30,000$27.28-30.90%
1/27/2012DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, ESSN & TS-3,731$27.88-10.60%
12/10/2011McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer2,662$27.9027.97%
12/10/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-3,107$27.90-4.43%
12/10/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO6,651$27.9010.47%
12/10/2011VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP, HP Software-1,858$27.90-3.81%
12/10/2011VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP, HP Software5,062$27.9011.57%
12/10/2011ZADAK JANEVP, GS4,218$27.907.40%
12/10/2011LIVERMORE ANN MDirector-16,010$27.90-33.65%
12/10/2011LIVERMORE ANN MDirector34,293$27.90258.25%
12/10/2011McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer-978$27.90-8.03%
12/10/2011LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO-16,070$27.90-45.19%
12/10/2011BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PSG-16,010$27.90-10.45%
12/10/2011BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PSG34,293$27.9028.83%
12/10/2011DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, ESSN & TS-4,727$27.90-11.83%
12/10/2011DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, ESSN & TS10,123$27.9033.95%
12/10/2011Holston Michael JEVP, GC & SEC-6,032$27.90-29.84%
12/10/2011Holston Michael JEVP, GC & SEC16,439$27.90435.35%
12/10/2011JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG-14,101$27.90-34.00%
12/10/2011JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG30,203$27.90267.85%
11/30/2011JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG-200,000$28.00-94.66%
11/30/2011JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG200,000$22.021,773.68%
11/29/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-30,000$27.02-32.07%
11/29/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO30,000$21.7547.22%
11/01/2011Lane Raymond J.Senior Executive Officer-396$25.64-2.61%
10/31/2011Visentin GiovanniEVP, HPES-3,260$26.61-43.17%
10/31/2011VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP, HP Software12,585$26.6135.16%
10/31/2011VEGHTE WILLIAM LEVP, HP Software-4,618$26.61-9.55%
10/31/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO2,618$26.614.21%
10/31/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-1,223$26.61-1.89%
10/31/2011McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer1,410$26.6116.35%
10/31/2011McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer-518$26.61-5.16%
10/31/2011DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, ESSN & TS-8,076$26.61-21.31%
10/31/2011DONATELLI DAVID AEVP & GM, ESSN & TS21,586$26.61132.36%
8/22/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-30,000$24.61-32.56%
8/22/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO30,000$17.8848.28%
7/23/2011ZADAK JANEVP, GS6,827$36.70164.55%
5/15/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-3,113$40.41-4.77%
4/13/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO18,000$15.7527.59%
4/13/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-18,000$40.97-21.63%
3/04/2011BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PSG75,000$31.50170.65%
3/03/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-7,000$43.28-9.69%
3/03/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO7,000$15.7510.73%
3/02/2011SALHANY LUCILLE SDirector-1,860$43.36-4.81%
3/02/2011SALHANY LUCILLE SDirector1,860$13.445.06%
2/25/2011SALHANY LUCILLE SDirector1,860$13.445.06%
2/25/2011SALHANY LUCILLE SDirector-1,860$42.74-4.81%
2/25/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO6,000$30.099.20%
2/25/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-6,000$42.40-8.42%
2/24/2011DE ALONSO MARCELA PEREZEVP HR-51,691$42.83-100.00%
1/21/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-6,000$47.00-8.42%
1/21/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO6,000$30.099.20%
1/21/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB-200,000$46.99-87.10%
1/21/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB200,000$22.02675.40%
1/21/2011BABBIO LAWRENCE T JRDirector2,046$13.445.24%
1/21/2011BABBIO LAWRENCE T JRDirector-15,812$47.50-28.84%
1/21/2011BABBIO LAWRENCE T JRDirector15,812$26.8840.53%
1/21/2011BABBIO LAWRENCE T JRDirector-2,046$47.50-4.98%
1/20/2011DE ALONSO MARCELA PEREZEVP HR-3,388$46.10-40.07%
1/19/2011ROBISON SHANE VEVP & Chief Strategy & Tech-6,257$46.29-68.65%
1/18/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB298,634$22.021,008.49%
1/18/2011DE ALONSO MARCELA PEREZEVP HR-12,500$46.15-59.65%
1/18/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB-298,634$46.40-90.98%
1/18/2011DE ALONSO MARCELA PEREZEVP HR12,500$42.27147.82%
1/15/2011McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer-599$46.25-6.49%
1/15/2011DE ALONSO MARCELA PEREZEVP HR5,552$46.25110.66%
1/15/2011ROBISON SHANE VEVP & Chief Strategy & Tech-3,735$46.25-29.07%
1/15/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB-6,801$46.25-18.68%
1/15/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO3,055$46.254.83%
1/15/2011DE ALONSO MARCELA PEREZEVP HR-2,113$46.25-19.99%
1/15/2011Murrin James TSVP, Controller & PAO-1,122$46.25-1.69%
1/15/2011MOTT RANDALL DEVP & CIO8,327$46.254.18%
1/15/2011McMullen John NSVP & Treasurer1,457$46.2518.76%
1/15/2011MOTT RANDALL DEVP & CIO-2,270$46.25-1.13%
1/15/2011JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG9,713$46.256.67%
1/15/2011LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO-4,887$46.25-25.25%
1/15/2011LESJAK CATHERINE AEVP & CFO13,320$46.25220.79%
1/15/2011BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PSG14,569$46.2541.96%
1/15/2011Holston Michael JEVP, GC & SEC-3,126$46.25-6.66%
1/15/2011JOSHI VYOMESHEVP IPG-4,535$46.25-2.92%
1/15/2011BRADLEY RICHARD TODDEVP, PSG-5,345$46.25-10.84%
1/15/2011Holston Michael JEVP, GC & SEC8,327$46.2521.59%
1/15/2011ROBISON SHANE VEVP & Chief Strategy & Tech9,992$46.25349.62%
1/15/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB14,569$46.2566.70%
1/14/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB1,366$22.026.25%
1/14/2011LIVERMORE ANN MEVP, EB-1,366$46.40-5.89%
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