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  1. Heartland Upped to Strong Buy - Analyst Blog

    July 9, 2013
    On Jul 9, Zacks Investment Research upgraded Heartland Payments Systems to a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy).
  2. Cintas Reiterated at Neutral - Analyst Blog

    July 9, 2013
    On Jul 9, we reiterated our Neutral recommendation for business services provider Cintas.
  3. Global Payments Still Feeling An Uncomfortable Squeeze

    April 3, 2013
    Global Payments' struggles create an opportunity, but beware of the long-term changes to the industry.
  4. Global Payments Looks Too Cheap Today

    January 10, 2013
    Global Payments looks too cheap for its growth prospects.
  5. NYSE Stocks, Including Linkedin, Making Big Moves on October ...

    October 3, 2012
    This morning has been good for the market. The Nasdaq is up 0.6%; the S&P 500 has risen 0.4%; and the Dow has climbed 0.3%. ...
  6. Family Dollar Among Services' Biggest Movers on October 3, 2 ...

    October 3, 2012
    The Nasdaq is up 0.6%, the S&P 500 has risen 0.4% and the Dow has climbed 0.3%, marking a bad morning for the market. Outperforming ...
  7. Biggest Services Sector Movers for June 27, 2012

    June 27, 2012
    On a good day for the market, the Nasdaq has risen 0.7%, the S&P 500 has increased 0.7% and the Dow is trading up 0.6%. The ...
  8. Short-term Pain at Global Payments

    April 10, 2012
    Its reasonable to assume that Global Payments will continue to churn out double digit sales and earnings growth despite ...
  9. VeriFone Not Lacking In Growth Or Confidence

    September 13, 2011
    VeriFone continues to reap the benefits of retailer IT investments.
  10. The Importance Of All-Cap Diversification

    May 12, 2010
    The volatility in May highlights some of the advantages of an all-cap portfolio.
  11. Buy And Hold: It's Alive!

    July 29, 2009
    The notion that buy-and-hold investing is dead is becoming more popular. It's dead wrong.
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