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Oct. 6, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/02/2015Baydar AhmetEVP, Research & Development-1,700$105.00-6.14%
9/30/2015Chwat AnneEVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$103.260.86%
9/23/2015Fortanet FranciscoEVP, Operations-1,150$104.69-4.14%
9/15/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$106.330.87%
9/14/2015Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development-1,700$107.10-5.79%
8/28/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$110.960.79%
8/14/2015O'Leary RichardController-4,250$113.95-19.83%
8/14/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$114.360.79%
7/30/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$115.510.80%
7/15/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$112.690.81%
6/30/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$109.290.81%
6/15/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$109.370.82%
5/29/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$119.040.83%
5/15/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$115.430.83%
5/13/2015Fibig AndreasCEO-591$112.69-2.43%
5/06/2015Fibig AndreasCEO1,270$118.105.79%
4/30/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$114.750.84%
4/15/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$118.670.85%
4/01/2015Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development-3,082$116.97-11.05%
4/01/2015Cantlon Angelica T.SVP, Human Resources-5,623$116.97-13.41%
3/30/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$118.500.85%
3/13/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y-1,542$107.38-3.19%
3/13/2015Haeni MatthiasGroup President, Flavors-817$107.38-4.48%
3/13/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$118.040.86%
3/13/2015O'Leary RichardController-704$107.38-3.21%
3/13/2015Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development-774$107.38-2.70%
3/13/2015Cantlon Angelica T.SVP, Human Resources-1,014$107.38-2.36%
3/13/2015MIRZAYANTZ NICOLASGroup President Fragrance-2,969$107.38-3.92%
3/13/2015Fortanet FranciscoSVP, Operations-735$107.38-2.74%
3/13/2015Fibig AndreasCEO-548$107.38-3.85%
2/27/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y8$121.930.77%
2/26/2015MIRZAYANTZ NICOLASGroup President Fragrance-100$122.32-0.13%
2/26/2015MIRZAYANTZ NICOLASGroup President Fragrance-4,795$121.83-6.44%
2/13/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y9$116.960.88%
2/05/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y-117$108.64-0.26%
1/30/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$106.111.04%
1/15/2015Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$105.271.05%
11/26/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y1$100.120.11%
11/13/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y5$100.080.53%
10/30/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y6$97.000.64%
10/15/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y11$94.141.18%
9/30/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y11$95.881.20%
9/15/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$98.581.10%
9/02/2014Cantlon Angelica T.SVP, Human Resources-1,200$101.60-2.90%
9/02/2014O'Leary RichardController-1,523$101.60-7.07%
8/28/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO7$101.250.15%
8/28/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$101.250.47%
8/28/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$101.251.11%
8/25/2014Fortanet FranciscoSVP, Operations-250$100.96-1.00%
8/18/2014Cantlon Angelica T.SVP, Human Resources-1,500$100.65-3.50%
8/14/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO7$100.490.15%
8/14/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$100.491.12%
8/14/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$100.490.47%
8/11/2014O'Leary RichardController-1,523$98.84-6.60%
8/04/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development-700$101.56-2.56%
7/30/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO7$103.210.15%
7/30/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$103.210.48%
7/30/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$103.211.14%
7/25/2014Fortanet FranciscoSVP, Operations-287$103.80-1.13%
7/21/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$103.810.48%
7/21/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development-700$103.98-2.50%
7/21/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO7$103.810.15%
7/21/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$103.811.15%
7/16/2014Cantlon Angelica T.SVP, Human Resources-1,500$104.59-3.38%
7/10/2014O'Leary RichardController-1,523$103.51-6.19%
7/07/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development-700$105.59-2.44%
7/01/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO12$105.120.26%
7/01/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$105.121.16%
7/01/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$105.120.48%
6/27/2014Fortanet FranciscoSVP, Operations-600$102.84-2.31%
6/12/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$101.121.18%
6/12/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$101.120.48%
6/12/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO17$101.120.36%
6/10/2014COOK J MICHAELDirector-950$101.74-46.34%
6/10/2014COOK J MICHAELDirector-1,000$101.73-90.91%
5/30/2014O'Leary RichardController-508$100.00-1.87%
5/30/2014O'Leary RichardController-2,000$100.00-7.52%
5/30/2014O'Leary RichardController3,219$62.1313.47%
5/29/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$98.950.48%
5/29/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$98.951.19%
5/29/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO18$98.950.39%
5/15/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y11$96.271.33%
5/15/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$96.270.49%
5/15/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO18$96.270.39%
5/08/2014COOK J MICHAELDirector3,000$35.003,000.00%
5/08/2014COOK J MICHAELDirector-1,050$100.00-33.87%
5/08/2014HERZAN ALEXANDRA ADirector-1,064$98.71-23.64%
5/08/2014HERZAN ALEXANDRA ADirector3,000$35.00200.00%
5/03/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y-1,771$97.67-4.35%
5/03/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y3,171$97.678.46%
4/30/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y10$98.521.22%
4/30/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development2$98.520.49%
4/30/2014Tough Douglas D.Chairman & CEO18$98.520.39%
4/02/2014Berryman Kevin CEVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,752$96.43-3.38%
4/02/2014MIRZAYANTZ NICOLASGroup President Fragrance-6,651$96.43-9.09%
4/02/2014Cantlon Angelica T.SVP, Human Resources-3,459$96.43-8.17%
4/02/2014Cantlon Angelica T.SVP, Human Resources-498$96.43-1.16%
4/02/2014Chwat AnneSVP, GC, & Corp. Sec'y-4,645$96.43-11.02%
4/02/2014Baydar AhmetSVP, Research & Development-2,195$96.43-8.14%
4/02/2014O'Leary RichardController-1,936$96.43-8.39%
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