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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/09/2015KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP2,500$9.093.01%
8/21/2015KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP2,500$9.093.10%
3/17/2015KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP2,500$9.093.20%
1/26/2015Vandervoort Adam CCorp.VP, General Counsel & Sec12,100$9.09715.98%
1/20/2015Vandervoort Adam CCorp.VP, General Counsel & Sec3,300$7.11195.27%
1/20/2015Vandervoort Adam CCorp.VP, General Counsel & Sec-3,300$13.77-66.13%
12/05/2014THUNG ROY T KCEO & President110,000$9.0934.13%
12/05/2014THUNG ROY T KCEO & President-110,000$13.81-25.45%
7/05/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President-5,500$12.52-5.98%
7/05/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President5,500$7.116.36%
6/11/2013TATUM JAMES GDirector-1,489$11.49-3.85%
6/06/2013TATUM JAMES GDirector-213$11.50-0.55%
6/04/2013TATUM JAMES GDirector-1,598$11.75-3.95%
5/20/2013KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP500$11.470.64%
5/17/2013THUNG ROY T KCEO & President450$11.230.14%
5/14/2013THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$10.740.16%
5/13/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President-5,500$10.49-5.98%
5/13/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President5,500$7.116.36%
5/10/2013THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,000$10.490.31%
5/10/2013Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP1,500$10.3512.53%
3/15/2013KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP100$9.440.13%
3/15/2013KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP200$9.450.26%
12/14/2012KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP500$9.070.65%
12/14/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President750$9.060.23%
12/13/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President700$9.120.22%
12/11/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President200$9.200.06%
12/07/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President600$8.720.19%
12/03/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President700$8.950.22%
11/30/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President200$8.970.06%
11/26/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President250$9.170.08%
11/19/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,000$8.810.32%
11/16/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO, President and Chairman1,000$8.540.32%
11/12/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP2,000$7.8620.06%
8/24/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP91$9.780.92%
8/23/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP909$9.8510.14%
8/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP382$10.004.45%
8/13/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP618$10.007.76%
6/01/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President200$9.120.06%
5/31/2012GENEVE HOLDINGS INCSubstantial Shareholder2,000$9.120.02%
5/30/2012GENEVE HOLDINGS INCSubstantial Shareholder2,175$8.850.02%
5/30/2012GENEVE HOLDINGS INCSubstantial Shareholder694$8.750.01%
5/29/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President300$8.560.10%
5/23/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP1,000$8.7514.35%
5/22/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$9.160.16%
5/15/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP889$9.5014.62%
5/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP171$9.502.89%
5/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP500$9.499.25%
5/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP400$9.457.99%
3/16/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$9.840.16%
3/16/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP367$9.7511.36%
3/16/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP200$9.815.56%
3/16/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP800$9.8221.07%
3/15/2012Erickson Bernon Reneld JrSVP and Chief Health Actuary2,000$9.741.50%
3/15/2012HERBERT TERESA ACFO and SVP500$9.700.88%
3/13/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President350$9.500.11%
3/12/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP411$9.758.94%
3/12/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President300$9.570.10%
3/09/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,000$9.480.32%
3/09/2012Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President-1,000$9.26-1.13%
3/08/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President900$8.810.29%
3/07/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President3,225$8.041.05%
3/07/2012KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP1,000$8.191.31%
12/16/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector-1,177$8.67-3.25%
12/16/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector-2,689$8.51-7.68%
12/15/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector-2,271$8.74-5.90%
11/21/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,280$7.620.46%
11/17/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President2,420$7.740.88%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$7.950.18%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President50$7.900.02%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President127$7.970.05%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President873$7.960.32%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President3,000$7.961.11%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President2,000$7.950.74%
9/14/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector3,000$7.898.47%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President400$7.600.15%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President700$7.230.26%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President800$7.160.30%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,400$7.560.53%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,200$7.190.45%
9/09/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$7.160.19%
8/23/2011GRABER LARRYSVP1,000$7.502.49%
8/23/2011KETTIG DAVID TCOO and SVP347$7.480.50%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent1,000$10.240.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.200.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.180.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.160.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent800$10.080.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.050.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent1,000$9.990.01%
6/21/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent1,000$10.540.01%
6/13/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,000$10.380.04%
6/10/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent6,651$10.350.08%
6/09/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent36,004$10.390.44%
6/09/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.350.01%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent4,900$10.400.06%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent900$10.390.01%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent7,000$10.380.08%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent12,000$10.370.15%
6/07/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,200$10.380.04%
6/06/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,767$10.370.05%
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