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29/8/2014 04:02 PM  |  NYSE : IHC  
Industries : Insurance / Life Insurance

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/05/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President5,500$7.116.36%
7/05/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President-5,500$12.52-5.98%
6/11/2013TATUM JAMES GDirector-1,489$11.49-3.85%
6/06/2013TATUM JAMES GDirector-213$11.50-0.55%
6/04/2013TATUM JAMES GDirector-1,598$11.75-3.95%
5/20/2013KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP500$11.470.64%
5/17/2013THUNG ROY T KCEO & President450$11.230.14%
5/14/2013THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$10.740.16%
5/13/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President5,500$7.116.36%
5/13/2013Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President-5,500$10.49-5.98%
5/10/2013Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP1,500$10.3512.53%
5/10/2013THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,000$10.490.31%
3/15/2013KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP100$9.440.13%
3/15/2013KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP200$9.450.26%
12/14/2012KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP500$9.070.65%
12/14/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President750$9.060.23%
12/13/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President700$9.120.22%
12/11/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President200$9.200.06%
12/07/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President600$8.720.19%
12/03/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President700$8.950.22%
11/30/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President200$8.970.06%
11/26/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President250$9.170.08%
11/19/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,000$8.810.32%
11/16/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO, President and Chairman1,000$8.540.32%
11/12/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP2,000$7.8620.06%
8/24/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP91$9.780.92%
8/23/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP909$9.8510.14%
8/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP382$10.004.45%
8/13/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP618$10.007.76%
6/01/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President200$9.120.06%
5/31/2012GENEVE HOLDINGS INCSubstantial Shareholder2,000$9.120.02%
5/30/2012GENEVE HOLDINGS INCSubstantial Shareholder2,175$8.850.02%
5/30/2012GENEVE HOLDINGS INCSubstantial Shareholder694$8.750.01%
5/29/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President300$8.560.10%
5/23/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP1,000$8.7514.35%
5/22/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$9.160.16%
5/15/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP889$9.5014.62%
5/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP400$9.457.99%
5/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP500$9.499.25%
5/14/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP171$9.502.89%
3/16/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$9.840.16%
3/16/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP367$9.7511.36%
3/16/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP200$9.815.56%
3/16/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP800$9.8221.07%
3/15/2012HERBERT TERESA ACFO and SVP500$9.700.88%
3/15/2012Erickson Bernon Reneld JrSVP and Chief Health Actuary2,000$9.741.50%
3/13/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President350$9.500.11%
3/12/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President300$9.570.10%
3/12/2012Kemp MichaelCUO & SVP411$9.758.94%
3/09/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,000$9.480.32%
3/09/2012Smedsrud Jeffrey CSenior Vice President-1,000$9.26-1.13%
3/08/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President900$8.810.29%
3/07/2012KETTIG DAVID TCOO & SVP1,000$8.191.31%
3/07/2012THUNG ROY T KCEO & President3,225$8.041.05%
12/16/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector-2,689$8.51-7.68%
12/16/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector-1,177$8.67-3.25%
12/15/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector-2,271$8.74-5.90%
11/21/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,280$7.620.46%
11/17/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President2,420$7.740.88%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President2,000$7.950.74%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President3,000$7.961.11%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President873$7.960.32%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President127$7.970.05%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President50$7.900.02%
9/15/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$7.950.18%
9/14/2011TATUM JAMES GDirector3,000$7.898.47%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,200$7.190.45%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President1,400$7.560.53%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President800$7.160.30%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President700$7.230.26%
9/12/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President400$7.600.15%
9/09/2011THUNG ROY T KCEO & President500$7.160.19%
8/23/2011GRABER LARRYSVP1,000$7.502.49%
8/23/2011KETTIG DAVID TCOO and SVP347$7.480.50%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent1,000$9.990.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.050.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent800$10.080.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.160.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.180.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.200.01%
6/23/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent1,000$10.240.01%
6/21/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent1,000$10.540.01%
6/13/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,000$10.380.04%
6/10/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent6,651$10.350.08%
6/09/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent36,004$10.390.44%
6/09/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent500$10.350.01%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent4,900$10.400.06%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent900$10.390.01%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent7,000$10.380.08%
6/08/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent12,000$10.370.15%
6/07/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,200$10.380.04%
6/06/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,767$10.370.05%
6/02/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent2,900$10.320.04%
6/01/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,500$10.370.04%
6/01/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,900$10.350.05%
5/31/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent9,942$10.410.12%
5/31/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent2,065$10.420.03%
5/27/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent1,000$10.360.01%
5/26/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent3,100$10.390.04%
5/26/2011GENEVE HOLDINGS INCTenPercent773$10.370.01%
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