IHS Inc $129.78

down -2.66

19/9/2014 04:00 PM  |  NYSE : IHS  
Industries : Computer Software & Services / Information & Delivery Services

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/15/2014Key ScottPresident and CEO-1,553$138.75-1.49%
8/15/2014Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-1,088$138.75-2.28%
8/01/2014Hyatt Todd S.EVP and CFO-1,000$131.21-7.13%
7/03/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-986$136.21-9.68%
7/03/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-1,877$136.21-18.43%
7/02/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-7,124$136.19-6.11%
7/02/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-2,800$137.06-2.56%
7/01/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-300$135.93-1.33%
7/01/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-4,700$135.30-17.23%
7/01/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-514$136.14-4.80%
7/01/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-10,076$136.14-7.96%
6/24/2014Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-200$137.41-0.42%
6/24/2014Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-1,800$136.67-3.62%
6/23/2014Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-700$138.45-1.39%
6/23/2014Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-9,300$137.77-15.57%
5/15/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-845$119.75-3.01%
5/05/2014Chahal JaspalSr VP & General Counsel-2,371$121.68-38.88%
5/01/2014Hyatt Todd S.EVP and CFO-1,000$120.48-6.66%
4/01/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-4,400$122.08-12.97%
4/01/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-600$121.44-1.74%
3/24/2014Sweeney Brian J.Sr VP, Global Sales-5,000$120.79-44.95%
3/24/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-830$122.59-7.20%
2/15/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-640$116.40-5.26%
2/15/2014Chahal JaspalSr VP & General Counsel-320$116.40-4.43%
2/13/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-518$115.00-4.08%
2/03/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-374$112.81-0.29%
2/03/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-1,127$112.05-0.88%
2/03/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-150$111.94-1.17%
2/03/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-200$113.02-0.58%
2/03/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-4,800$112.57-12.14%
2/03/2014Hyatt Todd S.EVP and CFO-2,000$112.52-11.02%
2/03/2014Matzke-Hamlin HeatherSr VP, Chief Acctg Officer-702$112.21-6.24%
2/03/2014Chahal JaspalSr VP & General Counsel-679$111.74-8.59%
2/01/2014Matzke-Hamlin HeatherSr VP, Chief Acctg Officer-331$113.08-2.86%
2/01/2014Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-490$113.08-0.80%
2/01/2014WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-1,771$113.08-10.22%
2/01/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-316$113.08-2.40%
2/01/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-620$113.08-1.54%
2/01/2014Hyatt Todd S.EVP and CFO-507$113.08-2.72%
2/01/2014Key ScottPresident and CEO-1,049$113.08-1.00%
2/01/2014Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-513$113.08-2.48%
2/01/2014Chahal JaspalSr VP & General Counsel-321$113.08-3.90%
2/01/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-1,499$113.08-1.16%
2/01/2014STEAD JERRE LExecutive Chairman-1,934$113.08-1.09%
1/17/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-7,024$117.37-5.14%
1/17/2014WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-3,866$117.36-18.24%
1/16/2014Matzke-Hamlin HeatherSr VP, Chief Acctg Officer-2,215$116.97-16.05%
1/16/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-474$116.89-3.48%
1/16/2014Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-1,109$117.31-5.09%
1/16/2014Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-8,891$116.85-28.98%
1/16/2014WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-10,000$116.99-32.05%
1/16/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-10,000$116.98-6.82%
1/15/2014Key ScottPresident and CEO-4,900$117.34-4.45%
1/15/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-15,413$117.30-9.51%
1/15/2014WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-9,834$117.30-23.97%
1/15/2014Sweeney Brian J.Sr VP, Global Sales-3,642$117.30-23.10%
1/15/2014STEAD JERRE LExecutive Chairman-18,110$117.30-9.27%
1/15/2014Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-6,799$117.30-18.14%
1/15/2014Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-6,463$117.30-9.53%
1/15/2014Buscemi StephanieSr VP, Chief Marketing Officer-212$117.30-3.34%
1/15/2014Chahal JaspalSr VP & General Counsel-1,186$117.30-12.60%
1/15/2014Gear JonathanSr. VP, Industrials-1,175$117.30-7.94%
1/15/2014Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-8,069$117.30-16.74%
1/15/2014GUPTA ANURAGEVP - Strategy, Products & Ops-255$117.30-2.37%
1/15/2014Hyatt Todd S.EVP and CFO-1,985$117.30-9.61%
1/15/2014Key ScottPresident and CEO-100$117.98-0.09%
1/15/2014Key ScottPresident and CEO-25,494$117.30-18.79%
1/15/2014Matzke-Hamlin HeatherSr VP, Chief Acctg Officer-1,214$117.30-8.08%
1/15/2014MENKE SEAN EEVP - Resources-266$117.30-2.48%
1/09/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-205$122.77-0.16%
1/09/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-1,054$120.87-0.81%
1/09/2014Yergin DanielVice Chairman-300$122.01-0.23%
1/02/2014Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-846$118.57-3.87%
12/15/2013Key ScottPresident and CEO-4,658$115.69-5.61%
12/01/2013Holtback Roger JDirector-188$115.01-0.48%
12/01/2013Key ScottPresident and CEO-3,882$115.01-4.47%
11/15/2013Hyatt Todd S.Sr VP, Chief Fin & IT Officer-1,398$113.50-8.76%
11/12/2013WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-1,200$110.18-6.27%
11/12/2013WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-597$110.80-3.33%
11/11/2013WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-4,804$109.39-20.07%
11/11/2013WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-5,196$108.58-17.84%
10/17/2013Sweeney Brian J.Sr VP, Global Sales-1,000$111.77-15.70%
10/16/2013Sweeney Brian J.Sr VP, Global Sales-880$113.06-12.14%
10/10/2013Buscemi StephanieSr VP, Chief Marketing Officer-1,000$111.71-14.74%
10/02/2013Sweeney Brian J.Sr VP, Global Sales-1,360$112.46-23.21%
10/01/2013Sweeney Brian J.Sr VP, Global Sales-640$113.67-9.85%
10/01/2013Green StephenEVP - Legal & Corp Sec-2,000$113.88-5.93%
10/01/2013Buscemi StephanieSr VP, Chief Marketing Officer-816$113.67-10.74%
9/23/2013Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-3,467$111.85-11.81%
9/23/2013Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-4,033$112.80-15.58%
9/23/2013Key ScottPresident and CEO-800$111.90-0.90%
9/23/2013Key ScottPresident and CEO-1,200$112.81-1.36%
9/23/2013WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-535$111.79-1.76%
9/23/2013WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-800$112.84-2.67%
8/15/2013Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-1,087$109.15-2.07%
8/15/2013Key ScottPresident and CEO-1,553$109.15-1.72%
8/15/2013WALKER RICHARDEVP - Global Finance-1,165$109.15-3.68%
8/09/2013Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-3,000$115.00-5.41%
7/11/2013Sisson Jeffrey DSr VP, Chief HR Officer-5,000$110.00-14.56%
7/11/2013Bomba Jane L OkunSVP, Sustainability, IR & Comm-2,000$110.00-3.48%
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