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Nov. 25, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/02/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO15,000$3.830.14%
10/30/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO11,000$3.920.10%
10/29/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO119,900$4.181.12%
9/23/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO39,968$5.870.37%
9/22/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO15,720$6.160.15%
9/21/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO10,000$6.570.09%
9/18/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO35,000$6.860.33%
9/17/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO30,000$7.290.28%
9/02/2015Frantz Brian DSVP & Chief Accounting Officer-570$7.55-2.53%
2/25/2015Mansanti John GSVP Strat. Init. & Tech. Svs.-5,573$14.28-8.25%
2/25/2015Feist Kelvin GSVP of Sales & Marketing-3,943$14.28-14.63%
2/25/2015Frantz Brian DInterim CFO-1,567$14.28-8.56%
2/25/2015HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-11,746$14.28-10.27%
2/25/2015Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chair, President & CEO-11,748$14.28-9.02%
2/25/2015McCandless MargaretVP and General Counsel-1,128$14.28-13.82%
2/25/2015WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-3,271$14.28-5.60%
12/20/2014Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-1,374$14.03-2.03%
12/20/2014LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-1,374$14.03-2.48%
12/08/2014HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-43,227$13.47-0.50%
12/05/2014HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-93,490$14.13-1.08%
12/04/2014HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-35,567$14.14-0.41%
8/07/2014WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-230$15.50-100.00%
3/06/2014LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-6,000$16.75-9.76%
3/05/2014Feist Kelvin GSVP of Sales & Marketing-10,086$15.93-27.86%
2/25/2014Frantz Brian DVP-Finance, Controller and CAO-997$14.45-12.02%
2/25/2014WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-1,751$14.45-3.87%
2/25/2014Feist Kelvin GSVP of Sales & Marketing-1,944$14.45-9.83%
2/25/2014Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-2,857$14.45-6.34%
2/25/2014LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-2,772$14.45-6.64%
2/25/2014HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-6,676$14.45-8.05%
2/25/2014HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-6,935$14.45-10.40%
12/31/2013Feist Kelvin GSVP of Sales & Marketing-73$15.84-0.38%
12/20/2013Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-1,374$15.67-3.04%
12/20/2013LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-1,374$15.67-3.27%
12/20/2013HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-750$15.67-0.93%
11/13/2013HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-186,366$15.83-2.10%
11/12/2013HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-245,521$16.03-2.69%
11/11/2013HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-382,346$16.28-4.02%
11/08/2013HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-185,767$16.17-1.92%
5/15/2013Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board10,000$17.350.09%
5/14/2013Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board10,000$17.530.09%
2/25/2013Feist Kelvin GSVP of Sales & Marketing-949$19.26-8.83%
2/25/2013WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-897$19.26-2.35%
2/25/2013Frantz Brian DVP-Finance, Controller and CAO-467$19.26-10.37%
2/25/2013Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-1,362$19.26-4.03%
2/25/2013HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-3,471$19.26-8.38%
2/25/2013LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-1,394$19.26-4.34%
2/25/2013HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-3,359$19.26-5.73%
2/04/2013HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-305$22.79-0.75%
2/04/2013HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-1,037$22.79-1.77%
2/04/2013LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-781$22.79-2.41%
2/04/2013Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-464$22.79-1.37%
2/04/2013WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-776$22.79-2.00%
2/04/2013Frantz Brian DVP-Finance, Controller and CAO-139$22.79-2.99%
12/31/2012Feist Kelvin GSVP of Marketing & Sales-561$21.29-5.07%
12/20/2012HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-963$21.34-1.61%
12/20/2012LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-1,335$21.34-3.95%
12/20/2012Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-1,335$21.34-3.79%
9/18/2012Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-7,800$23.76-0.07%
9/18/2012HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-7,800$23.76-0.08%
9/17/2012Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-48,251$23.91-0.45%
9/17/2012HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-48,250$23.91-0.50%
9/06/2012HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-75,000$22.86-0.76%
9/06/2012Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-75,000$22.86-0.70%
9/05/2012Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-125,000$22.41-1.15%
9/05/2012HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-125,000$22.41-1.26%
9/04/2012Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-50,000$22.01-0.46%
9/04/2012HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-61,378$22.06-0.61%
5/11/2012Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-200,000$21.15-1.80%
4/25/2012WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-1,749$24.43-4.32%
4/25/2012LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-195$24.43-0.92%
4/25/2012HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-459$24.43-0.86%
3/08/2012MARTIN J LANDISDirector-76,123$23.18-48.76%
3/08/2012MARTIN J LANDISDirector-23,877$23.21-100.00%
2/25/2012Frantz Brian DVP-Finance, Controller and CAO-87$25.90-1.84%
2/25/2012Feist Kelvin GSVP of Marketing & Sales-243$25.90-3.75%
2/25/2012Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-306$25.90-2.11%
2/25/2012WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-627$25.90-1.73%
2/25/2012LITT MARTIN DEVP and General Counsel-673$25.90-5.15%
2/25/2012HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-1,610$25.90-4.55%
2/25/2012HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-2,669$25.90-11.79%
2/04/2012Frantz Brian DVP, Controller and CAO-131$25.00-7.09%
2/04/2012Mansanti John GSVP of Operations-439$25.00-2.94%
2/04/2012WHYTE JAMES NEVP of HR & Risk Mgmt-735$25.00-1.98%
2/04/2012LITT MARTIN DEVP & General Counsel-739$25.00-5.35%
2/04/2012HONEYFIELD DAVID WPresident & CFO-982$25.00-2.70%
2/04/2012HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-289$25.00-1.26%
2/04/2012Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-289$25.00-1.15%
12/31/2011Feist Kelvin GSenior V.P. Marketing & Sales-1,080$22.63-14.28%
12/31/2011Feist Kelvin GSenior V.P. Marketing & Sales-1,129$22.63-14.93%
9/08/2011HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-250,000$34.77-2.34%
9/08/2011Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExecutive Chairman of Board-250,000$34.77-2.20%
8/30/2011MARTIN J LANDISDirector-7,808$33.80-24.64%
8/30/2011MARTIN J LANDISDirector-32,000$33.80-17.01%
8/24/2011HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-151,039$30.55-1.39%
8/23/2011HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-7,000$30.51-0.06%
8/17/2011HARVEY HUGH E JRSenior Executive Officer-79,198$30.87-0.72%
6/09/2011Mansanti John GVice President of Operations-1,357$31.05-8.34%
4/26/2011Jornayvaz Robert P IIIExec. Chairman of Board-20,100$34.40-0.18%
4/25/2011MOORE R LSenior VP-Mrktg and Sales-1,700$34.14-8.97%
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