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Oct. 13, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/03/2015BUTHMAN MARK AExecutive Vice President-14,474$115.18-12.08%
5/14/2015BUTHMAN MARK AExecutive Vice President33,502$75.2227.96%
5/14/2015BUTHMAN MARK AExecutive Vice President-33,502$111.00-21.85%
5/11/2015Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-15,000$110.48-36.75%
5/11/2015Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-5,535$110.51-11.94%
5/11/2015Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel15,000$62.0747.84%
5/08/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-42,708$110.94-100.00%
5/04/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO78,596$98.9298.53%
5/04/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-79,766$111.12-100.00%
5/04/2015Underhill Kimberly KPresident, KCP-9,306$111.17-31.23%
5/04/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-78,596$110.71-49.63%
5/04/2015Underhill Kimberly KPresident, KCP9,306$75.2245.42%
5/02/2015Stock Elane BGroup President, K-C Int'l-2,105$111.04-13.12%
5/02/2015Underhill Kimberly KPresident, KCP-2,032$111.04-9.02%
5/02/2015PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-4,604$111.04-33.66%
4/22/2015PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-7,130$112.00-72.48%
4/22/2015Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer-5,666$112.85-39.74%
2/27/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-41,961$109.66-41.95%
2/27/2015BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO-10,071$109.66-7.75%
2/27/2015Azbell Michael T.Vice President and Controller-1,840$109.66-10.73%
2/27/2015Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer-3,670$109.66-20.47%
2/27/2015Stock Elane BGroup President, K-C Int'l-3,510$109.66-23.14%
2/27/2015PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-4,207$109.66-29.96%
2/27/2015Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-6,934$109.66-18.11%
2/12/2015BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO-24,489$109.67-18.78%
2/12/2015BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO24,489$62.0723.13%
1/27/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-82,676$110.26-100.00%
1/27/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-59,824$110.10-41.98%
1/27/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO59,824$75.2272.36%
1/26/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-3,088$111.16-22.08%
1/26/2015FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-10,900$110.04-100.00%
11/26/2014Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer-21,749$113.74-71.68%
11/26/2014Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer21,749$62.07253.10%
11/20/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel18,331$62.0778.56%
11/20/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-23,757$112.79-53.95%
11/20/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-3,052$112.79-6.48%
11/20/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel5,426$58.4413.02%
11/07/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-8,249$113.20-75.29%
8/21/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-3,052$109.41-9.66%
8/21/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel5,197$61.0219.70%
8/21/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-5,197$109.41-18.22%
5/05/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-16,000$110.47-37.16%
5/05/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel10,000$61.0230.25%
4/30/2014ABERNATHY ROBERT EExecutive Vice President-18,265$112.00-18.64%
4/29/2014ABERNATHY ROBERT EExecutive Vice President-544$112.00-0.55%
4/28/2014Underhill Kimberly KPresident, KCP-5,864$110.84-26.30%
4/28/2014Underhill Kimberly KPresident, KCP5,864$64.8135.69%
4/28/2014Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer15,493$61.02179.63%
4/28/2014Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer-15,493$110.10-64.24%
4/26/2014Underhill Kimberly KPresident, KCP-2,187$109.24-11.75%
4/25/2014Bauer Joanne BPresident, K-C Healthcare-5,348$109.00-26.95%
2/28/2014ABERNATHY ROBERT EExecutive Vice President-9,221$110.00-8.56%
2/28/2014BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO-6,214$110.35-100.00%
2/25/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-4,342$110.57-100.00%
2/24/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-6,123$110.75-58.51%
2/18/2014Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer-5,553$108.94-39.17%
2/17/2014Brickman Christian A.Group President, K-C Int'l.-2,863$110.24-9.98%
2/17/2014Stock Elane BGroup President-2,200$110.24-23.48%
2/17/2014FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-37,715$110.24-40.52%
2/17/2014BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO-9,104$110.24-7.59%
2/17/2014Azbell Michael T.Vice President and Controller-1,732$110.24-14.18%
2/17/2014Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-6,511$110.24-16.45%
2/17/2014Bauer Joanne BPresident, K-C Healthcare-2,719$110.24-12.05%
2/17/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-4,425$110.24-29.72%
2/17/2014ABERNATHY ROBERT EExecutive Vice President-9,795$110.24-8.33%
2/17/2014Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer-2,823$110.24-16.60%
1/30/2014BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO-13,751$108.00-12.48%
1/30/2014BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO13,751$78.5414.26%
1/28/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno11,527$69.4038.56%
1/28/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-7,003$108.61-16.91%
1/28/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno18,549$71.88163.50%
1/28/2014PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-30,076$108.61-87.38%
1/27/2014Stock Elane BGroup President9,720$64.81340.69%
1/27/2014Stock Elane BGroup President-14,303$107.76-83.37%
1/27/2014Stock Elane BGroup President4,583$78.5436.45%
11/27/2013ABERNATHY ROBERT EExecutive Vice President-13,098$108.00-12.10%
11/27/2013BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO-17,590$108.04-15.43%
11/27/2013JEMISON MAEDirector-130$107.97-100.00%
11/27/2013BUTHMAN MARK ASenior VP & CFO17,590$64.8118.25%
11/22/2013BERGSTROM JOHN FDirector-5,000$108.64-100.00%
11/21/2013Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer-10,000$107.85-53.69%
11/21/2013Gottung Lizanne CSVP & Chief HR Officer10,000$61.02115.94%
11/19/2013FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-33,884$107.93-100.00%
11/18/2013FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO69,434$64.8163.55%
11/18/2013FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO23,411$78.5413.10%
11/18/2013FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-55,115$109.17-27.27%
11/18/2013Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel7,884$71.8813.48%
11/18/2013Bauer Joanne BPresident, K-C Healthcare-5,538$109.05-27.64%
11/18/2013Bauer Joanne BPresident, K-C Healthcare-1,273$109.02-98.38%
11/18/2013Bauer Joanne BPresident, K-C Healthcare1,273$78.546,061.90%
11/18/2013Bauer Joanne BPresident, K-C Healthcare5,538$78.5438.21%
11/18/2013FALK THOMAS JChairman of the Board and CEO-146,984$108.12-100.00%
11/18/2013Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel32,557$63.99125.46%
11/18/2013Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-5,000$107.91-7.53%
11/18/2013Mielke Thomas J.SVP - General Counsel-40,441$107.85-65.87%
10/31/2013Loewe Nancy S.Chief Strategy Officer-422$108.00-20.24%
9/01/2013Brickman Christian A.Group President, K-C Int'l.-2,156$93.48-10.31%
9/01/2013PALMER ANTHONY J.Pres Global Brands & Inno-2,874$93.48-20.21%
9/01/2013Stock Elane BPres. Global KC Professional-1,428$93.48-33.36%
8/23/2013DECHERD ROBERT WDirector2,000$95.755.27%
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