Lear Corp $97.21

down -1.64

19/9/2014 04:00 PM  |  NYSE : LEA  
Industries : Automotive / Auto Parts

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/23/2014Bott Richard HaroldDirector1,000$86.8866.67%
5/16/2014SMITH GREG CDirector-1,000$84.32-7.54%
5/15/2014FOSTER JONATHAN FDirector-1,800$84.70-19.15%
4/29/2014Vanneste Jeffrey H.Sr. VP and CFO-4,000$82.20-49.99%
3/14/2014Bott Richard HaroldDirector1,000$81.14200.00%
2/18/2014Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-4,990$76.63-59.07%
2/18/2014Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-16,700$76.63-56.01%
2/18/2014Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-7,751$76.63-58.56%
2/18/2014SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-16,700$76.63-56.02%
2/18/2014BURGESS SHARI LVP Treas & Chief Diversity Off-5,145$76.63-59.08%
2/18/2014Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-31,478$76.63-56.42%
2/16/2014BURGESS SHARI LVP Treas & Chief Diversity Off-589$77.40-6.33%
2/16/2014STEPHENS MELSVP Comm, Facilities & Inv Rel-3,199$77.40-12.25%
2/16/2014SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-3,704$77.40-11.05%
2/16/2014Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-1,375$77.40-9.41%
2/16/2014Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-3,704$77.40-11.05%
2/16/2014Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-572$77.40-6.34%
2/16/2014Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-7,129$77.40-11.33%
2/06/2014STEPHENS MELSVP Comm, Facilities & Inv Rel-12,800$73.72-40.02%
2/06/2014Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-30,952$73.72-39.46%
2/06/2014Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-4,384$73.72-27.37%
2/06/2014Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-15,122$73.72-37.22%
2/06/2014Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-2,673$73.72-27.04%
2/06/2014BURGESS SHARI LVP Treas & Chief Diversity Off-2,749$73.72-26.99%
2/06/2014SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-15,123$73.72-37.23%
12/16/2013STEPHENS MELSVP Comm, Facilities & Inv Rel-15,778$82.50-100.00%
10/29/2013Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-850$76.68-27.27%
10/24/2013Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-1,311$76.16-29.61%
7/31/2013MALLETT CONRAD L JRDirector-577$67.96-13.36%
5/20/2013SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-3,586$60.89-49.99%
5/17/2013Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-1,350$61.19-49.25%
5/17/2013Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-3,586$61.02-49.99%
4/30/2013DiDonato Thomas ASr VP, Human Resources-4,369$57.64-100.00%
4/15/2013DiDonato Thomas ASr VP, Human Resources-2,019$52.83-31.61%
2/12/2013BURGESS SHARI LVP & Treasurer-797$54.46-33.49%
2/12/2013Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-777$54.46-33.64%
2/12/2013Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-3,295$54.46-31.48%
2/12/2013Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-1,291$54.46-32.02%
2/12/2013SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-3,295$54.46-31.48%
2/12/2013Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-3,303$54.46-31.55%
2/12/2013STEPHENS MELSVP Comm, Facilities & Inv Rel-2,848$54.46-15.29%
11/12/2012Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-28,329$41.53-100.00%
11/12/2012SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-28,329$41.53-100.00%
11/12/2012Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-9,571$41.53-100.00%
11/12/2012Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-28,329$41.53-100.00%
11/12/2012Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-6,587$41.53-100.00%
11/12/2012BURGESS SHARI LVP & Treasurer-6,787$41.53-100.00%
11/09/2012BURGESS SHARI LVP & Treasurer-3,007$42.03-30.70%
11/09/2012Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-2,919$42.03-30.71%
11/09/2012Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-19,445$42.03-40.70%
11/09/2012Orsini Frank CSr. VP & President, EPMS-4,873$42.03-33.74%
11/09/2012SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-19,445$42.03-40.70%
11/09/2012STEPHENS MELSVP Comm, Facilities & Inv Rel-6,610$42.03-40.70%
11/09/2012Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-19,445$42.03-40.70%
3/20/2012WALLACE HENRY D GDirector-102$46.40-1.17%
3/20/2012WALLACE HENRY D GDirector-4,000$46.41-46.30%
3/20/2012WALLACE HENRY D GDirector-400$46.43-8.81%
3/20/2012WALLACE HENRY D GDirector-100$46.42-2.16%
11/15/2011BURGESS SHARI LVP & Treasurer-6,777$42.90-100.00%
11/15/2011STEPHENS MELSr VP Comm, Corp Relation & HR-9,662$42.90-100.00%
11/15/2011Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-28,282$42.90-100.00%
11/15/2011Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-28,282$42.90-100.00%
11/15/2011Orsini Frank CInterim President, EPMS-9,666$42.90-100.00%
11/15/2011Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-6,578$42.90-100.00%
11/15/2011Cardew Jason MInterim Chief FinancialOfficer-6,072$42.90-100.00%
11/15/2011SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-28,282$42.90-100.00%
11/09/2011Larkin Terrence BEVP, Business Dev & Gen Cnsl-19,492$42.02-40.80%
11/09/2011Foss Wendy LVP & Corporate Controller-2,928$42.02-30.80%
11/09/2011Cardew Jason MInterim Chief FinancialOfficer-2,704$42.02-30.81%
11/09/2011Orsini Frank CInterim President, EPMS-4,778$42.02-33.08%
11/09/2011SCOTT RAYMOND EEVP & President, Seating-19,492$42.02-40.80%
11/09/2011Simoncini MatthewPresident & CEO-19,492$42.02-40.80%
11/09/2011STEPHENS MELSr VP Comm, Corp Relation & HR-6,578$42.02-40.50%
11/09/2011BURGESS SHARI LVP & Treasurer-3,017$42.02-30.80%
8/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-6,267$43.16-25.63%
7/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-6,267$54.21-40.80%
6/21/2011MALLETT CONRAD L JRDirector-550$49.13-11.50%
6/10/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-9,093$48.10-100.00%
6/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-6,267$49.07-40.80%
5/12/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-9,093$51.73-100.00%
5/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-6,267$51.55-40.80%
5/03/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-9,093$52.01-100.00%
4/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-6,267$48.05-40.80%
3/10/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-4,546$102.59-100.00%
3/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-3,134$105.40-40.81%
2/22/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-9,073$111.09-100.00%
2/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-3,134$108.39-18.71%
1/09/2011ROSSITER ROBERT ECEO and President-3,153$105.80-25.79%
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