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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/29/2015Linn Michael CDirector-150,000$2.48-78.90%
10/28/2015Linn Michael CDirector-350,000$2.58-64.80%
5/04/2015Rottino David B.EVP, Bus. Dev and CAO-22,164$13.84-5.80%
1/27/2015MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector-517$10.25-1.05%
1/27/2015Wells Candice JVP - Gen Counsel & Corp Sec-895$10.25-1.45%
1/27/2015Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-4,948$10.25-1.02%
1/27/2015Rottino David B.EVP, Bus. Dev and CAO-2,969$10.25-0.77%
1/27/2015ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-4,948$10.25-1.19%
1/27/2015McNeil JaminSVP - Houston Div Ops-1,621$10.25-1.00%
1/27/2015Emmons Thomas ESVP - Corporate Services-1,208$10.25-1.04%
1/27/2015Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-18,972$10.25-2.26%
1/26/2015ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-5,165$10.21-1.23%
1/26/2015Rottino David B.EVP, Bus. Dev and CAO-4,107$10.21-1.06%
1/26/2015Wells Candice JVP - Gen Counsel & Corp Sec-1,628$10.21-2.57%
1/26/2015MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector-528$10.21-1.06%
1/26/2015MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector-626$10.21-1.24%
1/26/2015Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-4,339$10.21-0.88%
1/26/2015Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-14,078$10.21-1.65%
1/26/2015Emmons Thomas ESVP - Corporate Services-2,499$10.21-2.10%
1/26/2015McNeil JaminSVP - Houston Div Ops-2,427$10.21-1.48%
1/21/2015Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-16,344$9.22-4.36%
1/21/2015Emmons Thomas ESVP - Corporate Services-1,756$9.22-3.12%
1/21/2015McNeil JaminSVP - Houston Div Ops-2,079$9.22-2.05%
1/21/2015ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-6,591$9.22-2.56%
1/21/2015Rottino David B.EVP, Bus. Dev and CAO-4,143$9.22-1.86%
1/21/2015Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-6,596$9.22-2.02%
1/21/2015Wells Candice JVP - Gen Counsel & Corp Sec-1,037$9.22-4.08%
1/16/2015ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-230,900$9.46-47.31%
8/12/2014Wells Candice JVP - Gen Counsel & Corp Sec-6,104$31.57-19.36%
1/24/2014Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-6,070$33.54-1.75%
1/24/2014Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-3,686$33.54-1.59%
1/24/2014ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-6,069$33.54-1.19%
1/24/2014Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-19,602$33.54-1.91%
6/17/2013Jacobs Terrence SN/A5,000$29.913.33%
6/17/2013Jacobs Terrence SN/A5,000$29.933.87%
6/14/2013Walker Arden JrEVP and COO5,000$30.422.44%
6/14/2013Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO10,000$30.701.55%
5/30/2013Jacobs Terrence SDirector10,000$34.287.14%
5/30/2013Jacobs Terrence SDirector5,000$34.034.02%
2/27/2013DUNLAP DAVID DDirector6,500$37.3865.16%
1/30/2013Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-15,451$38.76-2.33%
1/30/2013Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-16,360$38.70-2.32%
1/30/2013Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-26,231$38.69-3.81%
1/30/2013ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-5,102$38.76-1.40%
1/30/2013ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-5,025$38.70-1.33%
1/30/2013ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-8,994$38.69-2.40%
1/30/2013Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-5,102$38.76-2.43%
1/30/2013Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-3,235$38.70-1.47%
1/30/2013Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-7,495$38.69-3.45%
1/30/2013RIPLEY CHARLENE ASVP and GC .-3,108$38.76-1.87%
1/30/2013RIPLEY CHARLENE ASVP and GC .-5,241$38.69-3.06%
1/30/2013RIPLEY CHARLENE ASVP and GC .-2,667$38.70-1.54%
1/30/2013Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-4,974$38.69-3.73%
1/30/2013Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-3,109$38.76-2.42%
1/30/2013MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector-522$38.76-1.95%
1/30/2013Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-2,167$38.70-1.60%
1/30/2013MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector-455$38.70-1.65%
1/30/2013MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector-414$38.69-1.52%
8/10/2012Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-20,000$38.86-12.86%
6/28/2012Linn Michael CDirector75,875$21.7013.21%
6/28/2012Linn Michael CDirector-75,875$36.95-11.67%
6/28/2012Linn Michael CDirector-55,625$36.95-8.83%
6/28/2012Linn Michael CDirector55,625$21.009.69%
2/01/2012MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector-479$37.30-1.29%
2/01/2012Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-6,396$37.30-2.61%
2/01/2012Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-4,437$37.30-2.77%
2/01/2012ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-7,794$37.30-2.02%
2/01/2012RIPLEY CHARLENE ASVP and GC .-5,047$37.30-2.82%
2/01/2012Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-22,732$37.30-2.79%
1/31/2012Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-2,077$37.28-1.28%
1/31/2012Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-2,715$37.28-1.10%
1/30/2012ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-4,992$37.28-1.27%
1/30/2012RIPLEY CHARLENE ASVP and GC .-2,556$37.28-1.41%
1/30/2012MCCOY JOSEPH PDirector426$37.281.16%
1/30/2012Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-14,081$37.28-1.70%
1/20/2012RIPLEY CHARLENE ASVP and GC .-4,391$36.36-2.87%
1/20/2012Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-11,104$36.36-1.58%
1/20/2012Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-4,363$36.36-2.21%
1/20/2012Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-3,228$36.36-2.44%
1/20/2012ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-6,632$36.36-1.93%
8/08/2011Jacobs Terrence SDirector10,000$32.778.00%
8/08/2011Walker Arden JrEVP and COO2,000$31.761.02%
8/08/2011Walker Arden JrEVP and COO2,000$32.851.03%
8/08/2011Jacobs Terrence SDirector5,000$32.764.79%
8/05/2011Jacobs Terrence SDirector5,000$34.005.04%
8/05/2011Jacobs Terrence SDirector10,000$34.008.70%
8/05/2011Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO5,000$32.760.71%
8/02/2011Linn Michael CExecutive Chairman-44,149$39.69-7.19%
8/02/2011Linn Michael CExecutive Chairman44,149$21.707.75%
8/02/2011Linn Michael CExecutive Chairman-62,500$39.89-9.89%
8/02/2011Linn Michael CExecutive Chairman62,500$27.9410.97%
1/28/2011ROCKOV KOLJAExec VP and CFO-5,382$38.48-1.89%
1/28/2011Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-14,351$38.48-2.63%
1/28/2011Linn Michael CExecutive Chairman-13,454$38.48-2.53%
1/28/2011RIPLEY CHARLENE ASVP, GC and Corp. Secty.-3,318$38.48-2.92%
1/28/2011Rottino David B.SVP and CAO-2,915$38.48-3.14%
1/28/2011Walker Arden JrEVP and COO-3,419$38.48-2.38%
1/24/2011Ellis Mark EPresident and CEO-13,117$37.27-2.41%
1/24/2011Linn Michael CExecutive Chairman-34,351$37.27-6.46%
1/21/2011Walker Arden JrSVP and COO-6,156$37.27-4.11%
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