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Jul. 31, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
1/23/2014Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit-751$46.59-0.96%
1/23/2014DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-751$46.59-0.38%
1/23/2014MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO-375$46.59-0.43%
1/23/2014CHANTALAT V PAULVP Quality & Reliability-375$46.59-0.52%
1/23/2014QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-375$46.59-0.63%
1/23/2014NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales-375$46.59-0.46%
1/22/2014COGHLAN PAULVP Finance & CFO10,000$22.742.09%
1/22/2014COGHLAN PAULVP Finance & CFO-10,000$46.48-2.05%
1/21/2014REAY ROBERTVP & GM Mixed Signal Unit-1,315$46.00-1.25%
1/21/2014Soule Erik M.VP Sig Cond. Business Unit-1,315$46.00-1.30%
1/21/2014PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit-1,315$46.00-1.38%
1/21/2014CHANTALAT V PAULVP Quality & Reliability-939$46.00-1.27%
1/21/2014DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-1,127$46.00-0.57%
1/21/2014MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO-1,503$46.00-1.71%
1/21/2014MAIER LOTHARCEO-8,005$46.00-1.88%
1/21/2014COGHLAN PAULVP Finance & CFO-2,746$46.00-0.57%
1/21/2014PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit7,000$36.127.46%
1/21/2014PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit23,000$22.7422.80%
1/21/2014PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit-30,000$46.18-24.21%
1/20/2014QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-1,008$46.00-1.65%
1/20/2014NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales-996$46.00-1.19%
1/17/2014MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO-27,745$46.11-24.00%
1/17/2014QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-2,000$46.00-3.18%
1/16/2014Soule Erik M.VP Sig Cond. Business Unit20,000$0.0024.64%
1/16/2014REAY ROBERTVP & GM Mixed Signal Unit25,000$0.0031.07%
1/16/2014Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit28,500$0.0055.40%
1/16/2014PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit30,000$0.0046.00%
1/16/2014DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO30,000$0.0018.00%
1/16/2014CHANTALAT V PAULVP Quality & Reliability20,000$0.0037.23%
1/16/2014MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO25,000$0.0027.59%
1/13/2014MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO27,745$42.2844.14%
11/19/2013MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO-32,821$41.62-34.30%
11/18/2013COGHLAN PAULVP Finance & CFO10,000$22.742.24%
11/18/2013COGHLAN PAULVP Finance & CFO-10,000$42.06-2.19%
11/15/2013Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit15,000$22.7429.16%
11/15/2013Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit-15,000$41.50-22.57%
11/14/2013PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit20,000$36.1230.67%
11/14/2013PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit-20,000$41.14-23.47%
11/13/2013Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit15,000$22.7429.16%
11/13/2013Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit-15,000$40.94-22.57%
11/06/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales10,000$39.2415.88%
11/06/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-10,000$41.20-13.70%
11/06/2013Soule Erik M.VP Sig Cond. Business Unit20,000$22.7424.64%
11/06/2013Soule Erik M.VP Sig Cond. Business Unit-20,000$41.11-19.77%
11/04/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales10,000$39.2415.88%
11/04/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-10,000$41.04-13.70%
10/31/2013DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-25,000$41.12-11.18%
10/29/2013SWANSON ROBERT H JRExecutive Chairman-5,739$40.48-3.21%
10/29/2013NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales20,000$39.2423.98%
10/29/2013NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales20,000$22.7419.34%
10/29/2013NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales-40,000$40.50-32.42%
10/24/2013DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-2,087$38.74-0.92%
10/24/2013Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit-1,930$38.74-3.62%
10/24/2013REAY ROBERTVP & GM Mixed Signal Unit-2,087$38.74-2.53%
10/24/2013PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit-2,087$38.74-3.10%
10/24/2013MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO-2,087$38.74-2.13%
10/24/2013CHANTALAT V PAULVP Quality and Reliability-1,565$38.74-2.83%
10/24/2013COGHLAN PAULVP Finance & CFO-3,652$38.74-0.80%
10/24/2013MAIER LOTHARCEO-8,348$38.74-2.36%
10/24/2013Soule Erik M.VP Sig Cond. Business Unit-1,315$38.74-1.59%
10/22/2013NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales-939$39.32-1.11%
10/22/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-939$39.32-1.47%
10/20/2013SWANSON ROBERT H JRExecutive Chairman-6,261$39.27-3.38%
10/17/2013NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales20,000$0.0031.09%
10/17/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales20,000$0.0045.53%
8/29/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-3,000$38.71-6.39%
8/03/2013Soule Erik M.VP Sig Cond. Business Unit-1,315$40.55-1.57%
8/03/2013MCCANN ALEXANDERVP & COO-2,087$40.55-2.09%
8/03/2013CHANTALAT V PAULVP Quality and Reliability-1,565$40.55-2.57%
8/03/2013COGHLAN PAULVP Finance & CFO-3,652$40.55-0.80%
8/03/2013PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit-2,087$40.55-3.01%
8/03/2013Pietkiewicz SteveVP & GM Power Business Unit-1,826$40.55-3.31%
8/03/2013MAIER LOTHARCEO-8,348$40.55-2.30%
8/03/2013DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-2,087$40.55-0.92%
8/03/2013REAY ROBERTVP & GM Mixed Signal Unit-2,087$40.55-2.47%
8/01/2013NICKSON RICHARDVP North American Sales-1,565$40.56-2.38%
8/01/2013MAIER LOTHARCEO100,000$22.7427.61%
8/01/2013QUARLES DAVID AVP International Sales-1,565$40.56-3.23%
8/01/2013MAIER LOTHARCEO-100,000$40.80-21.64%
7/31/2013DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-25,000$40.60-9.89%
7/30/2013SWANSON ROBERT H JRExecutive Chairman-5,739$40.01-3.01%
7/30/2013PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit-28,000$40.16-28.75%
7/30/2013PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit20,000$22.7425.84%
7/30/2013PAULUS DONALD EVP & GM Power Business Unit8,000$36.1211.53%
7/30/2013DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-25,000$39.90-9.00%
7/29/2013SWANSON ROBERT H JRExecutive Chairman-6,261$39.86-3.17%
7/26/2013VOLPE THOMAS SDirector-20,000$39.18-14.08%
7/25/2013AGNOS ARTHUR CDirector3,000$0.0033.33%
7/25/2013Gordon John JDirector3,000$0.0022.07%
7/25/2013LEE DAVID SDirector3,000$0.0020.00%
7/25/2013MOLEY RICHARD MDirector3,000$0.0020.00%
7/25/2013VOLPE THOMAS SDirector3,000$0.002.16%
7/17/2013VOLPE THOMAS SDirector20,000$35.2016.81%
7/03/2013VOLPE THOMAS SDirector20,000$30.9320.20%
5/31/2013DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-5,000$37.66-1.77%
5/20/2013MOLEY RICHARD MDirector-20,000$38.00-57.14%
5/20/2013MOLEY RICHARD MDirector20,000$35.20133.33%
5/15/2013REAY ROBERTVP & GM Mixed Signal Unit-25,000$37.77-22.80%
5/15/2013REAY ROBERTVP & GM Mixed Signal Unit25,000$35.2029.54%
5/09/2013DOBKIN ROBERT CVP Engineering & CTO-12,000$38.10-3.90%
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