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Apr. 24, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
4/15/2015Goren Isabella DDirector-181$96.52-8.03%
4/15/2015Bindra Jagjeet S.Director-325$96.52-3.43%
4/15/2015SMITH BRUCE ADirector-108$96.52-0.55%
4/15/2015AIGRAIN JACQUESDirector-942$96.52-16.26%
4/15/2015DICCIANI NANCE KDirector-220$96.52-3.93%
4/15/2015FARLEY CLAIRE SDirector-232$96.52-10.35%
4/15/2015CARROLL MILTONDirector-145$96.52-2.96%
4/15/2015GWIN ROBERT GDirector-592$96.52-5.23%
4/15/2015van der Meer RudyDirector-362$96.52-3.56%
4/06/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P5,485$60.516.06%
4/06/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P6,075$37.207.19%
4/06/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P-17,036$90.00-18.93%
4/06/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P2,821$85.802.94%
4/06/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P-8,879$90.95-8.98%
4/06/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P7,152$44.009.25%
3/05/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-400$88.09-0.54%
3/05/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO27,273$23.7458.03%
3/05/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-26,873$87.81-36.38%
3/04/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-18,491$86.12-28.24%
3/04/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO12,509$23.7419.10%
3/04/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-12,509$86.12-16.04%
3/04/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO18,491$44.0039.34%
3/03/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO31,000$44.0065.96%
3/03/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-31,000$85.99-39.74%
3/02/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-26,801$87.76-36.32%
3/02/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-4,199$87.76-5.38%
3/02/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO26,801$60.5157.03%
3/02/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO4,199$44.005.69%
2/28/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-381$85.91-0.80%
2/28/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P-152$85.91-0.20%
2/17/2015Vasnetsov SergeySVP Strategic Planning-1,558$89.94-2.49%
2/17/2015Wolf Jacquelyn HSVP, Human Resources-462$89.94-5.36%
2/17/2015VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI-167$89.94-1.00%
2/17/2015Smolik Samuel L.VP HSE-655$89.94-1.53%
2/17/2015VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI-8$89.94-0.05%
2/17/2015Patel Bhavesh V.Chief Executive Officer-139$89.94-0.06%
2/17/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P-1,902$89.94-2.40%
2/17/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P-97$89.94-0.12%
2/17/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-318$89.94-0.59%
2/17/2015Wolf Jacquelyn HSVP, Human Resources-24$89.94-0.28%
2/17/2015Brown Kevin W.EVP - Manufacturing & Refining-2,720$89.94-1.22%
2/17/2015Quarles Patrick D.EVP - I&D, Supply Chain & Proc-1,353$89.94-1.17%
2/17/2015Covezzi MassimoSVP Research & Development-90$89.94-0.10%
2/17/2015Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-6,260$89.94-11.67%
2/17/2015Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-4,488$89.94-1.72%
2/17/2015Covezzi MassimoSVP Research & Development-1,781$89.94-2.06%
2/17/2015Brown Kevin W.EVP - Manufacturing & Refining-138$89.94-0.06%
2/17/2015Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-229$89.94-0.09%
2/17/2015Vasnetsov SergeySVP Strategic Planning-79$89.94-0.13%
2/17/2015Smolik Samuel L.VP HSE-33$89.94-0.08%
2/17/2015Quarles Patrick D.EVP - I&D, Supply Chain & Proc-69$89.94-0.06%
2/17/2015Patel Bhavesh V.Chief Executive Officer-2,710$89.94-1.21%
1/21/2015Brown Kevin W.EVP - Manufacturing & Refining14,746$81.387.60%
1/21/2015Roberts Timothy D.EVP, Global O&P44,237$81.38187.14%
1/21/2015Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer36,865$81.3817.61%
1/12/2015Patel Bhavesh V.Chief Executive Officer94,551$76.1591.23%
11/25/2014CARROLL MILTONDirector-2,220$90.78-31.18%
11/25/2014CARROLL MILTONDirector-500$90.65-6.56%
11/18/2014Vasnetsov SergeySVP Strategic Planning-34,977$88.92-39.04%
10/31/2014Vasnetsov SergeySVP Strategic Planning34,977$14.2364.03%
10/17/2014Ovelmen Karyn F.EVP & CFO-424$89.63-1.22%
10/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer13,003$13.116.22%
10/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-334$106.84-0.15%
10/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-7,391$105.07-3.41%
10/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-5,278$105.94-2.38%
9/09/2014Wessels Stephen RVice President - Tax36$113.030.26%
9/02/2014Gallogly James LChief Executive Officer83,333$13.117.38%
9/02/2014Gallogly James LChief Executive Officer-600$115.01-0.05%
9/02/2014Gallogly James LChief Executive Officer-82,733$114.19-6.83%
9/02/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer13,004$13.116.22%
9/02/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-12,904$114.19-5.81%
9/02/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-100$115.04-0.05%
9/02/2014CARROLL MILTONDirector-1,567$114.34-17.06%
8/29/2014VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI-2,574$114.00-14.55%
8/29/2014VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI2,312$60.5111.52%
8/29/2014VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI-2,312$114.00-10.33%
8/29/2014VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI-2,384$114.00-11.88%
8/29/2014Wolf Jacquelyn HSVP, Human Resources-24$114.35-0.47%
8/29/2014VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI2,384$49.0613.48%
8/21/2014VanDerSnick Michael DSVP, Manufacturing EAI-25$112.30-0.14%
8/15/2014Vasnetsov SergeySVP Strategic Planning-549$110.60-1.00%
8/04/2014Gallogly James LChief Executive Officer-83,333$107.42-6.88%
8/04/2014Gallogly James LChief Executive Officer83,333$13.117.38%
8/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer13,004$13.116.22%
8/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-13,004$106.48-5.85%
7/25/2014Quarles Patrick D.SVP Inter & Derivatives60,144$13.1155.87%
7/25/2014Patel Bhavesh V.EVP O & P - EAI and Technology-20,486$105.00-16.50%
7/25/2014Patel Bhavesh V.EVP O & P - EAI and Technology20,486$13.1119.77%
7/25/2014Quarles Patrick D.SVP Inter & Derivatives-60,144$105.00-35.85%
7/22/2014Patel Bhavesh V.EVP O & P - EAI and Technology20,486$13.1119.77%
7/22/2014Patel Bhavesh V.EVP O & P - EAI and Technology-20,486$102.00-16.50%
7/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer-13,004$97.80-5.85%
7/01/2014Glidden Craig B.EVP & Chief Legal Officer13,004$13.116.22%
7/01/2014Gallogly James LChief Executive Officer83,334$13.117.38%
7/01/2014Gallogly James LChief Executive Officer-83,334$98.53-6.88%
6/30/2014CARROLL MILTONDirector-814$97.65-8.14%
6/30/2014Bindra Jagjeet S.Director-1,030$97.65-9.81%
6/30/2014van der Meer RudyDirector-2,471$97.65-19.55%
6/09/2014Patel Bhavesh V.SVP O & P - EAI and Technology17,560$13.1116.94%
6/09/2014Patel Bhavesh V.SVP O & P - EAI and Technology-17,560$98.75-14.49%
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