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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
12/30/2014Whitaker Charles N.SVP HR & Compliance and CCO-18,138$50.10-12.66%
12/30/2014FLEET CLIFFORD BPresident & CEO, PM USA-9,675$50.10-18.46%
12/30/2014Dillard James E IIISVP,RegAffrs&Chf.Inn.Off, ALCS-12,094$50.10-10.40%
12/30/2014Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-36,273$50.10-10.57%
12/30/2014Barrington Martin J.Chairman and CEO-48,429$50.10-5.84%
12/30/2014Gifford William F. Jr.SVP, Strategy & Bus. Dev.-12,094$50.10-7.27%
12/30/2014Beran David R.President and COO-60,535$50.10-7.50%
11/18/2014Sakkab Nabil YDirector-12,585$49.35-42.60%
11/17/2014FLEET CLIFFORD BPresident & CEO, PM USA-5,000$49.04-8.71%
11/17/2014Nelson John R.EVP & Chief Technology Officer-1,640$49.06-0.40%
5/15/2014SURGNER W HILDEBRANDT JRCorporate Secretary-1,950$40.07-6.89%
5/15/2014Quigley Brian W.President & CEO, USSTC-12,414$40.05-37.58%
5/15/2014Johnson Craig A.Pres&CEO, Altria Grp Dist. Co.-18,000$40.08-10.48%
2/11/2014Barrington Martin J.Chairman and CEO-32,397$35.01-3.66%
2/11/2014FLEET CLIFFORD BPresident & CEO, PM USA-2,225$35.01-3.73%
2/11/2014Feldman Ivan S.Vice President and Controller-1,907$35.01-4.80%
2/11/2014Beran David R.President and COO-35,331$35.01-4.19%
2/11/2014Heuhsen Louanna OVice President, Corporate Gov.-5,496$35.01-9.81%
2/11/2014Gifford William F. Jr.SVP, Strategy & Bus. Dev.-12,084$35.01-6.78%
2/11/2014Johnson Craig A.Pres&CEO, Altria Grp Dist. Co.-24,517$35.01-14.31%
2/11/2014Quigley Brian W.President & CEO, USSTC-2,142$35.01-6.09%
2/11/2014Willard Howard A.Executive Vice President & CFO-19,651$35.01-6.98%
2/11/2014Nelson John R.EVP & Chief Technology Officer-19,612$35.01-4.58%
2/11/2014SURGNER W HILDEBRANDT JRCorporate Secretary-2,112$35.01-6.94%
2/11/2014Mancuso SalvatoreTreasurer & SVP, IR and Acctg.-5,392$35.01-7.62%
2/11/2014Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-32,364$35.01-8.62%
2/11/2014Whitaker Charles N.SVP HR & Compliance and CCO-10,791$35.01-7.00%
11/20/2013Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-40,729$37.58-10.97%
11/19/2013Johnson Craig A.Pres&CEO, Altria Grp Dist. Co.-17,000$37.79-10.50%
5/22/2013DEVITRE DINYAR SDirector26,700$37.0416.18%
5/13/2013Quigley Brian W.President & CEO, USSTC-1,235$36.94-4.38%
4/23/2013Johnson Craig A.Pres&CEO, Altria Grp Dist. Co.-32,124$35.33-15.75%
4/23/2013Nelson John R.EVP & Chief Technology Officer-32,123$35.33-7.38%
4/23/2013Willard Howard A.Executive Vice President & CFO-21,481$35.33-8.33%
3/06/2013SURGNER W HILDEBRANDT JRCorporate Secretary-5,000$34.24-15.82%
2/07/2013Quigley Brian W.President & CEO, USSTC-2,455$34.37-8.01%
2/07/2013Whitaker Charles N.SVP HR & Compliance and CCO-5,824$34.37-4.10%
2/07/2013SURGNER W HILDEBRANDT JRCorporate Secretary-2,579$34.37-7.54%
2/07/2013Willard Howard A.Executive Vice President & CFO-18,493$34.37-6.69%
2/07/2013Barrington Martin J.Chairman and CEO-38,383$34.37-4.91%
2/07/2013Mancuso SalvatoreVice President & Treasurer-3,744$34.37-5.82%
2/07/2013Nelson John R.EVP & Chief Technology Officer-23,420$34.37-5.11%
2/07/2013Johnson Craig A.Pres&CEO, Altria Grp Dist. Co.-29,972$34.37-8.31%
2/07/2013Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-37,161$34.37-9.10%
2/07/2013Heuhsen Louanna OVice President, Corporate Gov.-4,783$34.37-8.86%
2/07/2013Gifford William F. Jr.Pres. & CEO, PM USA-6,478$34.37-4.22%
2/07/2013Feldman Ivan S.Vice President and Controller-1,831$34.37-5.03%
2/07/2013Beran David R.President and COO-42,044$34.37-5.02%
11/26/2012Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-31,775$33.26-8.12%
11/01/2012Willard Howard A.Executive Vice President & CFO-37,500$31.93-14.15%
8/10/2012Sakkab Nabil YDirector-5,000$35.00-19.29%
2/17/2012JONES THOMAS WDirector-976$29.48-1.50%
2/17/2012JONES THOMAS WDirector2,295$12.483.88%
2/09/2012Brennan Nancy E.SVP, Marketing, ALCS-13,806$29.13-6.10%
2/09/2012Gifford William F. Jr.Pres. & CEO, PM USA-5,259$29.13-4.17%
2/09/2012Willard Howard A.Executive Vice President & CFO-18,852$29.13-6.64%
2/09/2012Warren Linda M.VP & Controller-3,823$29.13-7.53%
2/09/2012SZYMANCZYK MICHAEL EChairman and CEO-105,895$29.13-7.58%
2/09/2012SURGNER W HILDEBRANDT JRCorporate Secretary-2,638$29.13-7.98%
2/09/2012Nelson John R.EVP & Chief Technology Officer-24,458$29.13-5.38%
2/09/2012Mancuso SalvatoreVice President & Treasurer-3,098$29.13-5.33%
2/09/2012Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-37,580$29.13-8.76%
2/09/2012Johnson Craig A.Pres&CEO, Altria Grp Dist. Co.-30,063$29.13-8.52%
2/09/2012Heuhsen Louanna OVice President, Corporate Gov.-4,779$29.13-9.40%
2/09/2012Beran David R.Vice Chairman-42,669$29.13-5.17%
2/09/2012Barrington Martin J.Vice Chairman-37,579$29.13-7.38%
2/09/2012Paoli Peter P.President & CEO, USSTC-11,496$29.13-4.41%
11/23/2011Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-25,000$27.08-6.37%
7/29/2011Johnson Craig A.Pres&CEO, Altria Grp Dist. Co.-21,000$26.31-6.43%
5/24/2011Paoli Peter P.President & CEO, USSTC10,380$11.164.50%
2/11/2011Paoli Peter P.President & CEO, USSTC-5,678$24.25-2.40%
2/11/2011Barrington Martin J.Vice Chairman-18,132$24.25-3.92%
2/11/2011Beran David R.Vice Chairman-24,142$24.25-3.53%
2/11/2011Brennan Nancy E.SVP, Marketing, ALCS-10,882$24.25-4.59%
2/11/2011Johnson Craig A.Executive Vice Pres.-19,941$24.25-5.76%
2/11/2011Keane Denise F.EVP & General Counsel-18,132$24.25-4.42%
2/11/2011Mancuso SalvatoreVice President & Treasurer-2,082$24.25-4.40%
2/11/2011Nelson John R.EVP & Chief Technology Officer-18,132$24.25-4.14%
2/11/2011SURGNER W HILDEBRANDT JRCorporate Secretary-1,667$24.25-5.76%
2/11/2011SZYMANCZYK MICHAEL EChairman and CEO-40,182$24.25-2.80%
2/11/2011Willard Howard A.Executive Vice President & CFO-11,787$24.25-4.92%
2/11/2011Warren Linda M.VP & Controller-2,405$24.25-4.52%
2/11/2011Gifford William F. Jr.Pres. & CEO, PM USA-2,637$24.25-2.67%
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