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  1. Most Important Mergers and Acquisitions of 2016 (SHPG, ABT)

    October 23, 2016
    While 2016 has yet to see anything rivaling the $100 billion mega-deals of 2015, there have been plenty of important multibillion-dollar ...
  2. Microsoft Reaches Record High After Positive Earnings Beat

    October 21, 2016
    The Redmond-based behemoth's record highs are a result of increased run rate in its cloud business.
  3. Microsoft Surges After Beating Analyst Expectations (MSFT, ADBE)

    October 20, 2016
    The Redmond company reported increased revenues from its cloud division.
  4. Microsoft Preview: Watch for Cloud Results (MSFT)

    October 20, 2016
    Microsoft has forecast a decline in cloud revenue for the latest quarter when it reports earnings after market's close
  5. Patriots Coach Says Microsoft Surface Is No Winner

    October 19, 2016
    New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, who has won four Super Bowls, fumed about the Microsoft Surface tablet's poor ...
  6. IBM Makes Largest Ever Deployment Of Macs (IBM, AAPL)

    October 19, 2016
    The Armonk company plans to install 100000 Macs on its campuses by the end of this year to save on costs.
  7. VMworld: New Offerings, Skype Integration (VMW, MSFT)

    October 18, 2016
    At VMworld in Europe, the network infrastructure and virtualization leader announced latest enterprise communication tools ...
  8. eBay's Domination Could Last Into 2017

    October 18, 2016
    eBay broke out to an all time high in July and will test those double digit percentage gains with this week's quarterly confessional. ...
  9. Peter Thiel to Donate $1.25 Million to Trump (FB, MSFT)

    October 16, 2016
    Venture capitalist Peter Thiel will give $1.25 million to Donald Trump's campaign less than a month before Election Day.
  10. Twitter Falls After Salesforce Confirms It Is Not Making A Bid ...

    October 14, 2016
    In an interview with the Financial Times, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said Twitter "wasn't the right fit."
  11. What to Own if Congress Passes a Tax Holiday Next Year (MSFT, ...

    October 14, 2016
    According to Goldman Sachs, economists have assigned a 50% probability that a corporate tax reform will be implemented during ...
  12. What the AWS-VMware Cloud Deal Means (AMZN, VMW)

    October 14, 2016
    VMware's private cloud and virtualization tools will run on Amazon's public cloud platform, catapulting AWS' dominance against ...
  13. Google and Facebook to Build an Undersea Cable Between LA and ...

    October 13, 2016
    The Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) will be the highest capacity trans-Pacific route with 12,800 km of fiber and an estimated ...
  14. Twitter up After Upgrade and News Report (TWTR, CRM)

    October 11, 2016
    Twitter's shares are up again after an upgrade and a news report that it might still be in talks with Salesforce.
  15. Is Facebook's Workplace a Threat to Slack ? (FB, MSFT)

    October 11, 2016
    If you won't go to Facebook at work, Facebook has decided to come to you. But can it compete with one of the fastest-growing ...
  16. Facebook Enters Enterprise Productivity Space With Workplace ...

    October 10, 2016
    The Menlo Park-based company's new app is not a drag on office productivity.
  17. Tech Leaders Compete in SaaS Space (MSFT, CRM)

    October 7, 2016
    A recent report indicates Microsoft passed Salesforce as the leader in the overall SaaS market, the fastest growing cloud ...
  18. Apple Said To Be Forming A Division For Cloud Services

    October 7, 2016
    The Cupertino company is reorganizing its cloud division under a single head and placing employees in a single facility. ...
  19. Salesforce's Twitter Buyout May be Stymied by Investor Pressure

    October 6, 2016
    Another company balks at buying the social media giant.
  20. Salesforce's Twitter Acquisition May Fold Due To Investor Pressure

    October 6, 2016
    Another potential Twitter buyer balks.
  21. Tech and Auto Companies Dominate World's Most Valuable Brands ...

    October 6, 2016
    Brand consultancy firm Interbrand released its 2016 ranking of the most valuable brands in the world, and technology and ...
  22. Twitter Stock Falls 16.28% in Pre-Market Trading After Report ...

    October 6, 2016
    Three potential suitors are said to be not interested in Twitter. This leaves only Microsoft and Salesforce from among the ...
  23. Fitbit May Lose Microsoft as Fitness Rival (FIT, MSFT)

    October 5, 2016
    Microsoft is reportedly exiting the fitness band market which bodes well for Fitbit.
  24. Twitter May Receive Bids This Week (TWTR, CRM)

    October 5, 2016
    A Wall Street Journal report claims that the social media network will receive bids from potential suitors. ...
  25. Tech Behemoths Ramp up Cloud Presence in Europe (AMZN, MSFT)

    October 4, 2016
    Microsoft is opening data centers in France next year. As is Amazon's AWS. The cloud market is set to boom in Europe in the ...
  26. Stock Buybacks: Why the Party's Over (AAPL, GE)

    October 3, 2016
    Falling share buybacks may reflect CEOs' weakening confidence about corporate profits and the strength of the economy
  27. Salesforce Asks EU To Investigate Microsoft-LinkedIn Merger

    September 30, 2016
    In an unusual move, Salesforce asked the EU to investigate the merger between LinkedIn and Microsoft. The company said the ...
  28. 5 Ways Advisors Can Increase Sales on Life Insurance

    September 30, 2016
    Finding creative ways to increase life insurance sales involves employing some new prospecting methods, as well as others ...
  29. Google Creates New Cloud Group to Take on Amazon And Microsoft ...

    September 30, 2016
    The Mountain View company has been making aggressive moves in the cloud space for the last year. Yesterday's announcement ...
  30. Amazon, FB, Microsoft, Alphabet Form AI Non-Profit

    September 29, 2016
    The giants of tech announced a non-profit partnership to collaborate on research and promote public understanding of artificial ...
  31. HPE, Microsoft Team to Offer Hybrid Cloud (HPE, MSFT)

    September 28, 2016
    HPE joins computer giants banking on the hybrid cloud to attract traditional enterprise companies seeking the public cloud's ...
  32. 3 Books Winston Ma Is Reading

    September 28, 2016
    See what Winston Ma, managing director of China Investment Corporation, is reading over the summer of 2016, and what it reveals ...
  33. Twitter Stock Continues Roller coaster Ride (TWTR, CRM)

    September 28, 2016
    The social media network's stock is down today after downgrades from two analysts.
  34. Why Big Tech Earnings Will Outperform (AMAT, SYMC)

    September 28, 2016
    Big tech stocks are reaching one new market high after the other fueled by the prospect of strong 3Q and 4Q earnings.
  35. 7 Worst Products Microsoft Ever Had (MSFT)

    September 28, 2016
    Here are some of the worst products that Microsoft has introduced, and why customers rejected each product.
  36. Facebook and Google Amongst Republican National Convention Donors ...

    September 28, 2016
    Most importantly, Sheldon Adelson is a friend in need to the Republicans.
  37. Microsoft, Bank of America Team Up on Blockchain Technology

    September 28, 2016
    The technology company and finance institution intend to introduce the digital ledger to trade finance transactions.
  38. Lowe’s Dives Deeper into the Future (LOW)

    September 27, 2016
    Microsoft’s HaloLens augmented reality technology plays a major role.
  39. Is GDP Really an Accurate Measure of Economic Growth?

    September 27, 2016
    What does GDP tell us about real economic growth or well-being? It turns out that the answer is quite different than what ...
  40. Analysts Weigh In On Twitter's Rise

    September 27, 2016
    Twitter's stock has shot up by 26% in the last two days on the back of rumors about an acquisition. What should investors ...
  41. Microsoft Joins List of Companies Interested In Twitter (MSFT, ...

    September 27, 2016
    Microsoft is the latest company rumored to be interested in bidding for social media platform Twitter. A CNBC report states ...
  42. Adobe Shifts Cloud Gears, Opts for Azure Platform

    September 26, 2016
    In an extension of a partnership that goes back years, Adobe Systems (NASDAQ: ADBE) has inked a strategic arrangement with ...
  43. Microsoft Announces Adobe Partnership, New Security Features

    September 26, 2016
    The Redmond company will host three of Adobe's most popular products in the cloud. It is also
  44. Google's Messaging App Generates Privacy Concerns (GOOG, AAPL)

    September 26, 2016
    The Mountain View company has backtracked on its promise of end-to-end encryption.
  45. Facebook Founder and Wife Announce $3 Billion Commitment to Cure ...

    September 22, 2016
    Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan are committed to spending $3 billion over the next decade to "cure, prevent, ...
  46. Microsoft: Is This Its Last Nokia Phone? (MSFT, NOK)

    September 21, 2016
    Microsoft unveils what could be the last Nokia-branded handset.
  47. Microsoft Announces $40 Billion Buyback Program (MSFT)

    September 20, 2016
    According to a statement released by Microsoft on Tuesday, the new buyback program of $40 billion has no expiration date.
  48. These Companies Hold the Most Cash Abroad

    September 20, 2016
    Technology companies are five of the top 10 companies holding a total of $2.5 trillion cash abroad.
  49. Three Mega-Cap Stocks Crushing the S&P 500 (MSFT, XOM)

    September 19, 2016
    You don't need volatile small-cap stocks to beat the market
  50. Is Microsoft Attacking Slack With Messenger App? (MSFT)

    September 16, 2016
    Given that Microsoft has already invested so heavily in Skype, it would seem the company believes that's where its money ...
  51. 5 Books the CEO of Nokia is Reading (NOK)

    September 15, 2016
    The summer 2016 reading list of Risto Siilasmaa, the CEO of Nokia, includes a Chinese folk tale and several books on technology ...
  52. Microsoft: HP Deal a ‘Salesforce Takeout’ (MSFT, ORCL)

    September 14, 2016
    Microsoft's cloud CEO plays up Dynamic's win over Salesforce and Oracle, heralding the deal as one of the company's more ...
  53. Twitter Live App Now On Apple TV, XBox One, And Fire TV

    September 14, 2016
    The social media network launched a new live streaming app today to boost its revenues and popularity.
  54. Huawei Enters Cloud Computing Space (CSCO, VMW)

    September 13, 2016
    The Shenzhen-based tech giant's private cloud initiative will target growth markets outside of China.
  55. HP Dumps Salesforce, Oracle for Dynamics CRM

    September 13, 2016
    Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has added a nice feather to its cloud-based Dynamics CRM cap: It has inked a six-year deal with ...
  56. EU Set to Rule In Favor of Legacy Telecoms (T, VZ)

    September 12, 2016
    The European Union is proposing rules that would treat internet-based telephony apps like Skype and WhatsApp similar to the ...
  57. Microsoft To End Lumia Sales

    September 12, 2016
    In a decision that was largely expected, the Redmond-based company will end sales of its Lumia phones and possibly launch ...
  58. New Advances In AI From Google Acquisition DeepMind (GOOG, AAPL)

    September 10, 2016
    DeepMind's text-to-speech system can reproduce human speech patterns and produce music.
  59. Google Buys Apigee To Boost Its Enterprise Cloud

    September 9, 2016
    Google's latest purchase is part of the company's strategy of playing catch up with Amazon and Microsoft in the enterprise ...
  60. Is the Microsoft and Xiaomi Partnership a Threat to Apple?

    September 8, 2016
    The strategic partnership of Microsoft and Xiaomi should benefit both companies, but the pairing likely is not enough to ...
  61. Can the Cloud Propel Microsoft Stock Higher? (MSFT, AMZN)

    September 7, 2016
    UBS, which says Microsoft is on track to surpass its goal to reach $20 billion in commercial cloud revenue by 2018, believes ...
  62. Big Tech Awakens While Microsoft Slumbers (MSFT, FB)

    September 7, 2016
    Microsoft has reached long-term resistance at the 1999 high while volume indicators flash major bearish divergences, raising ...
  63. Twitter's Board to Meet to Discuss Possible Sale (TWTR, MSFT)

    September 6, 2016
    The social media giant's fate has piqued the interest of even some of Twitter's biggest doubters.
  64. Hedge Fund Manager David Blood’s Q2 Technology Picks (JD, GOOGL, ...

    September 6, 2016
    David Blood's $8.64 billion fund generated a 2.03% gain for investors in the second quarter.
  65. Why Twitter Stock Climbed 7% Last Week (TWTR, MSFT)

    September 5, 2016
    Twitter shares would have gained as much as 10% last week, when factoring that the shares reached a session high of $20.14 ...
  66. Is Microsoft Still a Bargain at All-Time Highs? (MSFT)

    September 5, 2016
    With the shares rising 33% over the past year, besting the S&P 500 index, can Microsoft continue to outperform the market ...
  67. Most Profitable IT Companies of 2016 (GOOG, MSFT)

    September 4, 2016
    Each of the five most profitable IT companies reported net income exceeding $2 billion per quarter in the first half of the ...
  68. A Twitter Acquisition Won't Happen This Year (TWTR, MSFT)

    September 1, 2016
    A day after Twitter shares rose on takeover speculation, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Robert Peck shot them down.
  69. Twitter Stock Rises on More Takeover Speculation (TWTR, MSFT)

    August 31, 2016
    Takeover speculation is not new for Twitter, however. The market has witnessed these "buy the rumor" type of events on more ...
  70. Apple, Facebook, IBM & Microsoft Promise Women Equal Pay (FB, ...

    August 29, 2016
    Companies promise to help close the national gender pay gap by conducting annual pay analyses and taking a closer look at ...
  71. Microsoft Stock Rises on Price Target Increase (MSFT)

    August 29, 2016
    UBS expects Microsoft's cloud position to drive its shares higher in the quarters and years ahead.
  72. 5 Fintech Firms Emerging in India (BABA, MSFT)

    August 25, 2016
    Learn about the growing financial technology sector in India and the innovative companies that are challenging traditional ...
  73. Fidelity Focuses on Tesla and Activision (AAPL, MSFT)

    August 24, 2016
    The massive mutual fund manager made bets on Activision and Tesla in the second quarter, while cutting stakes in Apple.
  74. Sony’s PlayStation Now Is Coming to Windows PC (SNE, MSFT)

    August 23, 2016
    Sony’s PlayStation Now cloud gaming service will provide access to Playstation games on Windows PCs.
  75. Performance Snapshot of the Biggest Tech ETF (XLK, FB)

    August 23, 2016
    Prospective investors who intend to increase diversified exposure to the US technology sector may have an interest in the ...
  76. Microsoft Acquires AI Scheduling Tool Genee (MSFT)

    August 22, 2016
    Microsoft got a little smarter Monday, thanks to its newly-added capabilities in artificial intelligence.
  77. The 4 Tech Stocks You'll Wish You'd Bought in 2016

    August 22, 2016
    It's not too late to add these to your portfolio this year.
  78. U.S Companies are Hoarding $1.7 Trillion in Cash

    August 22, 2016
    Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and other U.S. companies are hoarding billions of dollars in cash. Here's a look at what they do ...
  79. Who is Driving Microsoft's Management Team

    August 18, 2016
    Microsoft’s transition to the cloud infrastructure and services business has the company’s leadership in the forefront of ...
  80. What Do Apple and Amazon Have in Common? Massive Drawdowns (AAPL, ...

    August 18, 2016
    You don't get 30% annualized returns without the occasional 50% drawdown.
  81. The Top 4 Schwab Mutual Funds in 2016 (AAPL, MSFT)

    August 17, 2016
    U.S. large-capitalization stocks have performed well in 2016. These four Schwab mutual funds provide ample exposure to the ...
  82. College Tuition vs. Investing: Is It Worth It?

    August 17, 2016
    With the rising cost of college and questionable career prospects awaiting college graduates, some are wondering if a college ...
  83. Microsoft and Amazon in Videogame Livestreaming Battle (MSFT, ...

    August 11, 2016
    Microsoft Corp's (MSFT) Xbox unit announced it will be buying Beam Interactive Inc., a livestreaming service that allows ...
  84. Is the Presidential Election Really Hackable? (MSFT)

    August 8, 2016
    Electronic voting booths need upgrades, but 3/4s of the country still votes on paper.
  85. LinkedIn 2Q Beat Led by Member Growth (LNKD, MSFT)

    August 4, 2016
    Microsoft's $26.2 billion all-cash acquisition LInkedIn now looks even better.
  86. LinkedIn Preview: Earnings Jump (LNKD, MSFT)

    August 3, 2016
    The focus on the conference call will probably be how management will integrate LinkedIn's social and cloud operation with ...
  87. Corporate Insider Transactions That Took Place Last Week (PEP, ...

    August 3, 2016
    Corporate insiders at PepsiCo, Microsoft and Starbucks sold shares last week.
  88. LinkedIn Adds Video Post Microsoft (MSFT, LNKD)

    August 3, 2016
    LinkedIn joins the wave of social media platforms by promoting video content as one of its main initiatives for its next ...
  89. Investors Hunt for Yield With Microsoft (MSFT)

    August 1, 2016
    Microsoft's bond issue should be attractive to investors hunting for positive yields.
  90. Microsoft to Cut 2850 Jobs (MSFT)

    July 29, 2016
    Microsoft has said it will cut an extra 2850 jobs
  91. Can Microsoft Revisit Its Tech-Boom High? (MSFT)

    July 28, 2016
    Projected EPS growth and the acquisition of LinkedIn will impact the performance of Microsoft's stock.
  92. Microsoft's Competitive Advantage: An Inside Look

    July 25, 2016
    Microsoft thoroughly understands how to build competitive advantage to expand market share and dominate competitors. Here's ...
  93. Foreign Firms Face Increasing Barriers in China

    July 24, 2016
    Foreign firms are facing increasing protectionism and uncertainty regarding intellectual rights protection when expanding ...
  94. Amazon: 10 Secrets You Didn't Know (AMZN)

    July 23, 2016
    10 little-known facts about e-commerce leader Inc., the world's largest online provider of retail goods headed ...
  95. Behind Microsoft's 127.4% Rise in 10 Years (MSFT)

    July 22, 2016
    The most influential factors behind Microsoft's historical stock price price include tech valuations and the company's evolving ...
  96. Startups: Tech Giants' Next M&A Targets? (AAPL, GOOGL)

    July 21, 2016
    Watch for large-cap tech sector companies to announce acquisitions of startups, as valuations for unicorns and other overvalued ...
  97. Microsoft Stock Soars on Azure Cloud Growth

    July 19, 2016
    Microsoft answered the cloud call on Tuesday, and then some.
  98. Top 5 Corporate Donors in Tech (GOOG, MSFT)

    July 19, 2016
    Pay attention to philanthropic donations from publicly traded tech companies when basing portfolio selections on principles ...
  99. Cloud Adoption: The Focus on Microsoft Earnings

    July 18, 2016
    While Microsoft's Q3 commercial cloud revenue surpassed $10 billion (annualized), revenue from its Intelligent Cloud segment ...
  100. What to Expect in Morgan Stanley Earnings

    July 18, 2016
    Morgan Stanley has made moves to fix its main business segments like corporate bond revenue, but declines in both the trading ...
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