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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/10/2015BONANOTTE GINO AEVP and CFO-328$65.33-1.48%
3/10/2015Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-226$65.33-1.50%
3/10/2015SCHASSLER ROBERT CEVP, Sol & Svcs-609$65.33-3.92%
2/09/2015BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO-10,600$68.46-7.92%
2/09/2015BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO95,235$64.9883.02%
2/09/2015BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO-76,149$67.65-36.27%
2/09/2015BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO-8,486$69.70-6.89%
11/20/2014CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-1,500$65.87-5.81%
11/04/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,000$66.00-7.05%
11/04/2014SINGER BRADLEY ESenior Executive Officer-11,319,047$66.26-39.16%
10/31/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,000$65.00-6.58%
10/29/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,000$64.09-6.18%
9/30/2014DORMAN DAVID WDirector494$63.280.79%
9/30/2014Pramaggiore Anne RDirector198$63.283.05%
9/30/2014HAYDEN MICHAEL VDirector119$63.281.02%
9/30/2014DAHLBERG KENNETH CDirector238$63.281.93%
9/26/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,000$63.00-5.85%
9/17/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,000$62.00-5.52%
9/08/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,000$61.00-5.23%
8/14/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO4,357$26.1322.80%
8/14/2014MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy-187$61.52-1.20%
8/14/2014BONANOTTE GINO AEVP and CFO-328$61.52-1.46%
8/14/2014MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy-6,000$61.64-28.06%
8/14/2014MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy6,000$26.1339.01%
8/14/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-16,737$61.62-46.70%
8/14/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO12,380$28.8652.76%
7/25/2014CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-476$65.00-1.83%
6/30/2014Pramaggiore Anne RDirector188$66.572.99%
6/17/2014HACKER MARK S.SVP and General Counsel-377$66.64-1.49%
6/01/2014HACKER MARK S.SVP and General Counsel-276$67.42-1.08%
5/13/2014MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-1,254$67.75-2.58%
5/13/2014MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy-240$67.75-1.49%
5/13/2014BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO-4,640$67.75-100.00%
5/13/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-240$67.75-1.25%
5/13/2014HACKER MARK S.SVP and General Counsel-322$67.75-1.24%
5/13/2014BONANOTTE GINO AEVP and CFO-396$67.75-1.73%
5/13/2014CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-467$67.75-1.77%
5/13/2014Carlin Michele ASVP, HR & Communications-406$67.75-0.78%
5/12/2014MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-9,476$67.80-16.31%
5/03/2014MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-716$65.51-1.22%
5/03/2014HACKER MARK S.SVP and General Counsel-270$65.51-1.03%
5/03/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-288$65.51-1.47%
5/02/2014CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-210$65.51-0.79%
5/02/2014CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-1,853$65.20-6.50%
5/02/2014Carlin Michele ASVP, HR & Communications-280$65.51-0.54%
5/02/2014MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-840$65.51-1.41%
5/02/2014Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-247$65.51-1.25%
5/02/2014CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT1,853$28.276.96%
5/02/2014BONANOTTE GINO AEVP and CFO-394$65.51-1.69%
5/02/2014MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy-263$65.51-1.60%
5/02/2014HACKER MARK S.SVP and General Counsel-423$65.51-1.59%
4/01/2014HACKER MARK S.SVP and General Counsel-2,517$64.91-8.65%
3/31/2014Pramaggiore Anne RDirector195$64.294.93%
3/31/2014WHITE JOHN ADirector286$64.290.66%
3/31/2014DORMAN DAVID WDirector487$64.290.83%
3/31/2014HAYDEN MICHAEL VDirector117$64.291.27%
3/31/2014DAHLBERG KENNETH CDirector234$64.292.42%
2/22/2014BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO-18,284$65.02-8.07%
2/22/2014BONANOTTE GINO AEVP and CFO-684$65.02-5.27%
2/22/2014Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-1,884$65.02-3.92%
2/22/2014CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-1,208$65.02-5.37%
2/22/2014MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy-711$65.02-5.20%
2/22/2014MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-2,733$65.02-5.33%
2/01/2014BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO-15,536$63.80-6.22%
12/31/2013DORMAN DAVID WDirector463$67.500.80%
12/31/2013Pramaggiore Anne RDirector186$67.504.95%
12/31/2013DAHLBERG KENNETH CDirector223$67.502.37%
11/18/2013MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy-1,850$65.48-11.95%
10/25/2013CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-3,190$62.94-12.44%
10/24/2013MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-20,354$62.38-28.45%
10/01/2013BONANOTTE GINO ACVP and Acting CFO-771$60.89-5.66%
9/30/2013DAHLBERG KENNETH CDirector253$59.382.77%
9/30/2013Pramaggiore Anne RDirector211$59.385.98%
9/30/2013DORMAN DAVID WDirector527$59.380.92%
9/20/2013Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-5,000$60.00-22.00%
9/16/2013Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,000$58.00-4.21%
9/01/2013MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy-499$56.01-3.13%
7/28/2013Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-2,236$54.26-4.49%
7/25/2013CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-476$54.25-1.84%
7/19/2013Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources4,761$18.539.56%
7/19/2013Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-4,761$60.00-8.73%
6/30/2013DAHLBERG KENNETH CDirector249$57.732.81%
6/30/2013Pramaggiore Anne RDirector217$57.736.59%
6/30/2013DORMAN DAVID WDirector607$57.731.07%
6/05/2013Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-916$56.27-3.73%
5/31/2013STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty937$26.134.17%
5/31/2013STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty48,497$38.04201.89%
5/31/2013STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty3,236$43.1016.81%
5/31/2013STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty594$28.862.54%
5/31/2013STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty11,843$51.3316.33%
5/07/2013Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-145$56.79-0.62%
5/07/2013STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty-304$56.79-2.17%
5/07/2013CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-289$56.79-1.33%
5/07/2013MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-280$56.79-0.45%
5/07/2013Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-97$56.79-0.21%
5/05/2013CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP, Marketing & IT-547$57.29-2.45%
5/05/2013MOON MARK FEVP & Pres, Sales & Prod Ops-322$57.29-0.52%
5/05/2013Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-578$57.29-2.51%
5/05/2013STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty-256$57.29-1.79%
5/05/2013Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-3,192$57.29-3.90%
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