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12/9/2014 04:04 PM  |  NYSE : MSI  
Industries : Telecommunications / Communication Equipment

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
2/22/2012MOON MARK FEVP, Sales & Field Ops-2,657$49.82-3.35%
2/22/2012Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-486$49.82-1.84%
2/22/2012STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel & Scty-1,736$49.82-5.68%
2/22/2012Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-3,557$49.82-3.73%
2/22/2012DELANEY EUGENE AEVP, Prod & Bus Ops-3,658$49.82-2.73%
2/22/2012CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-1,174$49.82-4.17%
2/22/2012BROWN GREGORY QChairman and CEO-16,374$49.82-2.36%
2/22/2012ANNES MICHAEL DSVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-688$49.82-2.89%
2/22/2012Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-1,831$49.82-3.47%
2/01/2012BROWN GREGORY QChairman & CEO, MSI-12,663$46.50-1.79%
2/01/2012Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-515$46.50-0.97%
2/01/2012ANNES MICHAEL DSVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-572$46.50-2.35%
1/31/2012Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-4,970$46.18-15.83%
1/28/2012DELANEY EUGENE AEVP, Prod & Bus Ops-3,825$45.80-2.77%
1/20/2012Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-1,034$47.59-1.07%
12/31/2011INTRIERI VINCENT JDirector568$46.2910.38%
12/31/2011DAHLBERG KENNETH CDirector142$46.296.64%
12/31/2011DORMAN DAVID WDirector730$46.292.44%
12/31/2011WHITE JOHN ADirector260$46.291.02%
11/10/2011Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-4,935$45.03-4.88%
11/10/2011Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-2,345$45.03-4.22%
11/10/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-936$45.03-2.90%
10/31/2011ANNES MICHAEL DSVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-2,500$47.45-9.31%
10/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.937$26.132.51%
10/31/2011MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy & Cust Solutions-1,100$46.97-4.59%
10/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.4,799$43.1014.76%
10/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.3,611$28.279.44%
10/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.593$28.861.42%
10/31/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-2,073$47.32-6.86%
10/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-1,927$47.10-5.93%
10/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-9,940$47.11-23.41%
9/30/2011DORMAN DAVID WDirector806$41.902.78%
9/30/2011DAHLBERG KENNETH CDirector157$41.907.96%
9/30/2011INTRIERI VINCENT JDirector627$41.9013.01%
9/30/2011WHITE JOHN ADirector287$41.901.15%
9/01/2011MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy & Cust Solutions-500$41.59-2.06%
8/11/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-3,346$39.86-9.40%
8/11/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO2,655$28.278.06%
8/11/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO691$30.562.14%
8/05/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-3,500$40.92-10.39%
7/31/2011BROWN GREGORY QChairman & CEO, MSI-19,183$44.89-2.65%
7/01/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-822$46.50-3.21%
6/30/2011INTRIERI VINCENT JDirector571$46.0413.44%
6/30/2011WHITE JOHN ADirector261$46.041.05%
6/30/2011DORMAN DAVID WDirector2,173$46.048.09%
5/10/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-1,989$46.87-7.20%
5/09/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO1,266$28.863.53%
5/09/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO1,853$28.275.44%
5/09/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO1,785$26.135.53%
5/09/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO2,976$18.5310.17%
5/09/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-7,880$46.11-21.21%
5/08/2011Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-155$46.02-0.15%
5/08/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-375$46.02-1.14%
5/08/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-165$46.02-0.56%
5/08/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-375$46.02-1.34%
5/07/2011Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-1,365$46.02-1.33%
5/07/2011Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-94$46.02-0.17%
5/07/2011MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy & Staff Ops-188$46.02-0.77%
5/07/2011MOON MARK FEVP, Sale & Field Ops-247$46.02-0.31%
5/07/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-295$46.02-0.89%
5/07/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-141$46.02-0.44%
5/07/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-371$46.02-1.24%
5/07/2011BROWN GREGORY QChairman & CEO, MSI-12,462$46.02-1.69%
5/07/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-99$46.02-0.35%
5/07/2011DELANEY EUGENE AEVP, Product & Bus Ops-7,787$46.02-5.36%
5/06/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-275$46.02-0.91%
5/06/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-141$46.02-0.50%
5/06/2011DELANEY EUGENE AEVP, Product & Bus Ops-1,111$46.02-0.76%
5/06/2011Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-176$46.02-0.17%
5/06/2011MOON MARK FEVP, Sale & Field Ops-284$46.02-0.36%
5/06/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-71$46.02-0.21%
5/06/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-94$46.02-0.29%
5/06/2011MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy & Staff Ops-281$46.02-1.14%
5/05/2011BROWN GREGORY QChairman & CEO, MSI-15,853$45.32-2.11%
5/05/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-532$45.32-1.74%
5/05/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-562$45.32-1.70%
5/05/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-249$45.32-0.74%
5/05/2011MOON MARK FEVP, Sale & Field Ops-411$45.32-0.51%
5/05/2011MARK KELLY SCVP, Strategy & Staff Ops-382$45.32-1.52%
5/05/2011DELANEY EUGENE AEVP, Product & Bus Ops-6,303$45.32-4.13%
5/05/2011Carlin Michele ASVP, Human Resources-1,500$45.32-2.65%
5/05/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-301$45.32-1.06%
5/05/2011Fitzpatrick Edward J.EVP and CFO-2,621$45.32-2.49%
5/03/2011MOON MARK FEVP, Sale & Field Ops-2,468$45.59-3.26%
5/02/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.5,952$29.6615.03%
5/02/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-5,952$46.09-13.07%
5/02/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-6,108$46.09-15.42%
4/01/2011CONRADO EDUARDO FSVP and CMO-3,765$44.40-10.95%
4/01/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-2,820$44.40-6.65%
3/31/2011INTRIERI VINCENT JDirector587$44.6958.35%
3/31/2011WHITE JOHN ADirector269$44.691.23%
3/06/2011BROWN GREGORY QPresident & CEO, MSI-15,757$40.15-2.05%
3/02/2011Wozniak John KCVP and CAO-1,937$39.29-5.99%
2/07/2011Tandy Karen P.SVP, Public Affairs-4,475$40.33-11.41%
2/04/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures6,441$28.2724.88%
2/04/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures-10,726$38.69-33.17%
2/04/2011ANNES MICHAEL DCVP, Bus Dvlp & Ventures4,285$18.5319.83%
2/02/2011MOON MARK FSVP, Sale & Field Ops-7,263$38.61-12.77%
1/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.2,330$18.539.01%
1/31/2011STEVERSON LEWIS ASVP, General Counsel and Sec.-2,330$38.31-8.26%
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