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Dec. 22, 2014 | 10:00 AM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
12/19/2014Johnson Donald PDirector175$8.501.67%
12/11/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer50$8.464.87%
12/11/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer13$8.464.36%
12/11/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO76$8.464.43%
11/28/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer50$8.385.12%
11/26/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer50$8.385.12%
11/26/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO77$8.384.70%
11/26/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer14$8.384.93%
11/21/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector44$8.410.37%
11/21/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector44$8.410.44%
11/21/2014Branch James DavidDirector119$8.410.43%
11/21/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector1$8.450.03%
11/21/2014YOUNG JULIUS S JRDirector177$8.410.29%
11/21/2014WRIGHT KENAN CDirector295$8.410.16%
11/21/2014Johnson Donald PDirector178$8.411.73%
11/21/2014TEAGUE E REIDDirector89$8.410.28%
11/21/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector177$8.416.48%
11/20/2014Rittling Mary EDirector100$8.633.45%
11/20/2014Rittling Mary EDirector400$8.6113.33%
11/14/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO74$8.654.73%
11/14/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer13$8.654.80%
11/14/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer51$8.655.51%
10/30/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO74$8.694.97%
10/30/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer12$8.694.63%
10/30/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer13$8.691.43%
10/24/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector195$7.791.68%
10/24/2014Johnson Donald PDirector775$7.798.16%
10/24/2014TEAGUE E REIDDirector385$7.791.25%
10/24/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector712$7.7935.25%
10/24/2014YOUNG JULIUS S JRDirector775$7.791.29%
10/24/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector191$7.791.94%
10/24/2014WRIGHT KENAN CDirector712$7.790.40%
10/24/2014Branch James DavidDirector775$7.792.90%
9/25/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer15$7.696.52%
9/25/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO1$7.680.07%
9/25/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO84$7.696.33%
9/25/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer54$7.696.71%
9/19/2014TEAGUE E REIDDirector3$7.910.01%
9/19/2014TEAGUE E REIDDirector184$7.980.60%
9/19/2014Johnson Donald PDirector5$7.910.05%
9/19/2014Johnson Donald PDirector307$7.983.34%
9/19/2014Branch James DavidDirector5$7.910.02%
9/19/2014Branch James DavidDirector307$7.981.16%
9/19/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector61$7.980.53%
9/19/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector1$7.910.01%
9/19/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector92$7.980.94%
9/19/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector5$7.910.25%
9/19/2014YOUNG JULIUS S JRDirector306$7.980.51%
9/19/2014YOUNG JULIUS S JRDirector6$7.910.01%
9/19/2014WRIGHT KENAN CDirector245$7.980.14%
9/19/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector245$7.9813.84%
9/19/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector1$7.910.01%
9/11/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO80$7.986.42%
9/11/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer52$7.986.91%
9/11/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer14$7.986.48%
8/29/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer56$7.478.03%
8/29/2014ALBERT MICHAEL SDirector2,000$7.4520.28%
8/29/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer15$7.477.46%
8/29/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO86$7.477.41%
8/22/2014YOUNG JULIUS S JRDirector201$7.440.34%
8/22/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector200$7.4412.74%
8/22/2014WRIGHT KENAN CDirector334$7.440.19%
8/22/2014Johnson Donald PDirector200$7.442.23%
8/22/2014TEAGUE E REIDDirector100$7.440.33%
8/22/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector50$7.440.44%
8/22/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector50$7.440.52%
8/22/2014Branch James DavidDirector133$7.440.51%
8/15/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO93$7.538.72%
8/15/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer16$7.538.65%
8/15/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer72$7.5311.52%
7/31/2014Johnson Donald PDirector1,650$7.5037.93%
7/30/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer47$7.748.13%
7/30/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO80$7.748.11%
7/30/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer14$7.748.19%
7/29/2014Johnson Donald PDirector350$7.408.75%
7/28/2014YOUNG JULIUS S JRDirector695$7.491.18%
7/28/2014DODSON BARRY ZDirector4,000$7.5526.14%
7/28/2014YOUNG JULIUS S JRDirector5$7.420.01%
7/25/2014Branch James DavidDirector6$7.440.02%
7/25/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector7$7.440.45%
7/25/2014TEAGUE E REIDDirector350$7.451.16%
7/25/2014Johnson Donald PDirector7$7.440.08%
7/25/2014WRIGHT KENAN CDirector632$7.450.36%
7/25/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector176$7.451.85%
7/25/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector2$7.440.02%
7/25/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector176$7.451.56%
7/25/2014TEAGUE E REIDDirector3$7.440.01%
7/25/2014Johnson Donald PDirector697$7.458.42%
7/25/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector2$7.440.02%
7/25/2014Urquhart Richard A IIIDirector697$7.4580.48%
7/25/2014Branch James DavidDirector631$7.452.46%
7/15/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer14$7.458.92%
7/15/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO81$7.458.94%
7/15/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer48$7.459.06%
6/27/2014Budd William Wesley JRSEVP and Chief Credit Officer13$8.389.03%
6/27/2014Broadhurst Spence HSEVP and Chief Banking Officer42$8.388.61%
6/27/2014HAMADI RAMSEY KSEVP and CFO73$8.388.76%
6/20/2014Diffey Alex A JRDirector28$8.530.25%
6/20/2014Johnson Donald PDirector173$8.532.13%
6/20/2014Clark Robert CunninghamDirector43$8.530.45%
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