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Jan. 26, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
1/06/2015Silagy Eric EN/A-6,000$105.91-26.19%
12/15/2014CUTLER PAUL ITreasurer-8,000$101.54-10.79%
12/15/2014CUTLER PAUL ITreasurer8,000$36.9512.09%
11/13/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO5,000$36.951.60%
11/13/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,000$103.18-1.57%
11/12/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO5,000$36.951.60%
11/12/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,000$103.01-1.57%
11/11/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,000$105.51-1.57%
11/11/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO5,000$36.951.60%
11/10/2014Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel18,601$54.5953.51%
11/10/2014Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-5,001$104.55-9.37%
11/10/2014Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-13,600$105.06-28.12%
11/06/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,000$104.52-1.57%
11/06/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO5,000$36.951.60%
11/05/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,000$103.27-1.57%
11/05/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO5,000$36.951.60%
11/05/2014FROGGATT CHRIS NVP, Controller and CAO-2,086$105.00-17.56%
11/05/2014FROGGATT CHRIS NVP, Controller and CAO-7,725$103.27-39.41%
11/05/2014Caplan Deborah HEVP, HR & Corp Services-1,253$103.27-10.18%
11/04/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO5,000$36.951.60%
11/04/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,000$100.95-1.57%
11/03/2014YEAGER WILLIAM LEVP Eng, Const. & ISC-4,000$99.99-46.19%
8/11/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-10,000$95.47-3.10%
8/11/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO10,000$36.953.20%
8/04/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO15,000$36.954.80%
8/04/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-12,600$92.23-3.85%
8/04/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-2,400$93.49-0.76%
7/30/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,000$98.16-1.58%
7/30/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO5,000$36.951.60%
6/03/2014Pimentel Armando JrN/A-4,779$97.17-7.77%
5/15/2014Caplan Deborah HEVP, HR & Corp Services-29$96.27-0.23%
3/17/2014YEAGER WILLIAM LEVP Eng, Const. & ISC-4,000$94.84-31.60%
3/04/2014ROBO JAMES LChairman, President & CEO21,080$36.9513.21%
3/03/2014ROBO JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-38,920$90.49-19.60%
3/03/2014ROBO JAMES LChairman, President & CEO38,920$36.9524.38%
2/27/2014Caplan Deborah HEVP, HR & Corp Services-2,253$90.45-15.44%
2/15/2014Pimentel Armando JrN/A-2,730$93.27-4.25%
2/15/2014CUTLER PAUL ITreasurer-957$93.27-1.43%
2/15/2014Silagy Eric EN/A-939$93.27-3.94%
2/15/2014Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-1,707$93.27-4.68%
2/15/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-4,232$93.27-1.34%
2/15/2014ROBO JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-7,431$93.27-4.25%
2/15/2014Caplan Deborah HEVP, HR & Corp Services-564$93.27-3.72%
2/15/2014YEAGER WILLIAM LEVP Eng, Const. & ISC-831$93.27-6.16%
2/15/2014Kelliher Joseph TEVP, Federal Reg. Affairs-781$93.27-3.77%
2/15/2014Nazar Manoochehr KEVP, Nuclear Div-3,909$93.27-2.68%
2/15/2014FROGGATT CHRIS NVP, Controller and CAO-734$93.27-3.61%
2/14/2014Nazar Manoochehr KEVP, Nuclear Div-8,435$93.27-5.47%
2/14/2014Kelliher Joseph TEVP, Federal Reg. Affairs-1,612$93.27-7.22%
2/14/2014Arechabala MiguelEVP, Power Generation Division-1,711$93.27-15.29%
2/14/2014CUTLER PAUL ITreasurer-1,828$93.27-2.65%
2/14/2014Silagy Eric EN/A-1,443$93.27-5.71%
2/14/2014Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-3,421$93.27-8.58%
2/14/2014Pimentel Armando JrN/A-6,500$93.27-9.19%
2/14/2014DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-9,411$93.27-2.89%
2/14/2014ROBO JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-14,614$93.27-7.71%
2/14/2014Caplan Deborah HEVP, HR & Corp Services-1,119$93.27-6.87%
2/14/2014YEAGER WILLIAM LEVP Eng, Const. & ISC-1,385$93.27-9.31%
2/14/2014FROGGATT CHRIS NVP, Controller and CAO-1,415$93.27-6.51%
12/09/2013Pimentel Armando JrN/A-4,992$84.31-9.18%
11/11/2013Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-12,346$86.81-31.75%
11/11/2013Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel12,346$50.9146.51%
11/11/2013Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-12,000$86.83-31.13%
9/16/2013Kelliher Joseph TEVP, Federal Reg. Affairs-12,966$80.15-43.83%
9/16/2013Kelliher Joseph TEVP, Federal Reg. Affairs12,966$45.5778.03%
8/15/2013Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel20,338$45.5752.76%
8/15/2013Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-20,338$83.52-34.54%
8/15/2013FROGGATT CHRIS NVP, Controller and CAO-4,698$83.17-24.13%
8/15/2013Silagy Eric EN/A-101$83.00-0.59%
6/14/2013Silagy Eric EN/A-4,000$79.18-18.81%
5/15/2013Caplan Deborah HEVP, HR & Corp Services-34$81.16-0.29%
5/14/2013Caplan Deborah HEVP, HR & Corp Services-5,371$79.92-31.69%
3/22/2013YEAGER WILLIAM LEVP Eng, Const. & ISC-3,500$75.64-30.04%
3/15/2013HAY LEWIS IIIExec Chairman-60,000$74.37-52.17%
3/11/2013RODRIGUEZ ANTONIOEVP-Power Generation-12,000$74.13-31.97%
3/08/2013Pimentel Armando JrN/A-7,500$73.97-12.12%
2/15/2013HAY LEWIS IIIExec Chairman-43,267$72.50-10.33%
2/15/2013ROBO JAMES LPresident & CEO-7,667$72.50-7.53%
2/15/2013ROBO JAMES LPresident & CEO-14,580$72.50-9.75%
2/15/2013DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-9,572$72.50-3.39%
2/15/2013DEWHURST MORAY PVice Chairman & CFO-5,065$72.50-1.99%
2/15/2013Pimentel Armando JrN/A-6,075$72.50-8.94%
2/15/2013Pimentel Armando JrN/A-3,287$72.50-6.66%
2/15/2013Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-2,409$72.50-5.88%
2/15/2013Sieving Charles EEVP & General Counsel-1,809$72.50-6.01%
2/15/2013Silagy Eric EN/A-1,414$72.50-6.24%
2/15/2013Silagy Eric EN/A-890$72.50-5.80%
2/15/2013HAY LEWIS IIIExec Chairman-23,638$72.50-7.35%
2/15/2013YEAGER WILLIAM LEVP Eng, Const. & ISC-1,382$72.50-10.60%
2/15/2013YEAGER WILLIAM LEVP Eng, Const. & ISC-942$72.50-13.67%
2/15/2013Nazar Manoochehr KEVP, Nuclear Div-5,033$72.50-4.40%
2/15/2013Nazar Manoochehr KEVP, Nuclear Div-8,156$72.50-5.99%
2/15/2013CUTLER PAUL ITreasurer-1,065$72.50-2.01%
2/15/2013CUTLER PAUL ITreasurer-1,824$72.50-2.96%
2/15/2013RODRIGUEZ ANTONIOEVP-Power Generation-2,408$72.50-9.11%
2/15/2013RODRIGUEZ ANTONIOEVP-Power Generation-5,064$72.50-11.89%
2/15/2013Francis Shaun JEVP, HR & Corp Services-655$72.50-4.36%
2/15/2013Francis Shaun JEVP, HR & Corp Services-1,440$72.50-6.50%
2/15/2013Kelliher Joseph TEVP, Federal Reg. Affairs-932$72.50-7.10%
2/15/2013Kelliher Joseph TEVP, Federal Reg. Affairs-1,614$72.50-8.85%
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