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Mar. 27, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/09/2015PALMER JAMES FCorp. VP-19,150$161.00-7.94%
3/05/2015Caylor Mark ACorp VP & Pres ES & CSO-3,000$163.89-21.63%
3/05/2015Antkowiak Patrick M.Corp VP & CTO-2,970$163.25-24.06%
3/05/2015PALMER JAMES FCorp. VP-34,623$163.43-12.55%
3/02/2015CHESTON SHEILA C.Corp. VP & General Counsel-15,657$166.11-25.96%
2/25/2015Peppard Denise M.Corp VP & Chf HR Ofcr-10,583$169.30-26.14%
2/24/2015ASHWORTH SIDCorp VP, Government Relations45,897$63.22129.78%
2/24/2015ASHWORTH SIDCorp VP, Government Relations-38,337$170.01-47.18%
2/20/2015Hardesty Michael ACorp VP, Controller & CAO-4,172$171.29-25.21%
2/18/2015Antkowiak Patrick M.Corp VP & CTO-3,723$167.68-23.17%
2/18/2015Caylor Mark ACorp VP & Pres ESS & CSO-4,214$167.68-23.30%
2/18/2015Hardesty Michael ACorp VP, Controller & CAO-5,105$167.68-23.58%
2/18/2015Bedingfield Kenneth LCorp VP, CFO-5,813$167.68-28.06%
2/18/2015BUSH WESLEY GChairman, CEO and President-73,372$167.68-27.08%
2/18/2015CHESTON SHEILA C.Corp. VP & General Counsel-19,574$167.68-24.50%
2/18/2015ASHWORTH SIDCorp VP, Government Relations-14,675$167.68-29.33%
2/18/2015Caylor Mark ACorp VP & Pres ESS & CSO-775$167.14-8.13%
2/18/2015Warden Kathy JCorp VP & Pres Info Syst-5,532$167.68-18.76%
2/18/2015Peppard Denise M.Corp VP & Chf HR Ofcr-14,675$167.68-26.60%
2/18/2015PALMER JAMES FCorp. VP & CFO-32,101$167.68-10.84%
2/18/2015Perry David TCVP Chief Global Bus Dev Off-5,458$167.68-22.18%
2/18/2015Jones Christopher TCorp VP & Pres Tech Svcs-3,060$167.68-19.11%
2/18/2015VICE THOMAS ECorp VP & Pres Aerospace Sys-24,079$167.68-29.46%
2/18/2015FRASER DARRYL MCorp VP, Communications-10,766$167.68-16.36%
2/18/2015FLACH GLORIA ACorp. VP & Pres Electronic Sys-14,680$167.68-29.33%
2/13/2015Antkowiak Patrick M.Corp VP & CTO-718$167.14-8.61%
2/13/2015Peppard Denise M.Corp VP & Chf HR Ofcr-2,969$167.14-10.85%
2/13/2015Perry David TCVP Chief Global Bus Dev Off-949$167.14-7.19%
2/13/2015Hardesty Michael ACorp VP, Controller & CAO-901$167.14-8.28%
2/13/2015PALMER JAMES FCorp. VP & CFO-15,560$167.14-6.37%
2/13/2015Jones Christopher TCorp VP & Pres Tech Svcs-591$167.14-6.62%
2/13/2015ASHWORTH SIDCorp VP, Government Relations-8,109$167.14-29.61%
2/13/2015Warden Kathy JCorp VP & Pres Info Syst-949$167.14-5.30%
2/13/2015Bedingfield Kenneth LCorp VP, CFO-1,034$167.14-10.93%
2/13/2015FLACH GLORIA ACorp. VP & Pres Electronic Sys-7,080$167.14-25.03%
2/13/2015VICE THOMAS ECorp VP & Pres Aerospace Sys-15,974$167.14-30.98%
2/13/2015CHESTON SHEILA C.Corp. VP & General Counsel-11,106$167.14-21.14%
2/13/2015BUSH WESLEY GChairman, CEO and President-50,477$167.14-30.11%
2/13/2015FRASER DARRYL MCorp VP, Communications-5,384$167.14-10.76%
2/03/2015BUSH WESLEY GChairman, CEO and President-30,000$158.07-33.33%
12/09/2014FRASER DARRYL MCorp VP, Communications-12,349$145.38-24.65%
12/09/2014FRASER DARRYL MCorp VP, Communications14,343$63.2240.11%
11/18/2014MILLS LINDA ACorp. VP, Operations-27,460$137.97-85.81%
11/18/2014VICE THOMAS ECorp VP & Pres Aerospace Sys-3,844$138.27-16.63%
11/12/2014CHESTON SHEILA C.Corp. VP & General Counsel-7,847$136.09-20.07%
11/11/2014FLACH GLORIA ACorp. VP & Pres Electronic Sys-3,870$135.88-23.43%
11/11/2014ASHWORTH SIDCorp VP, Government Relations-2,610$136.85-23.38%
11/10/2014FLACH GLORIA ACorp. VP & Pres Electronic Sys7,741$54.4688.18%
11/07/2014FLACH GLORIA ACorp. VP & Pres Electronic Sys7,148$41.1421.01%
11/07/2014FLACH GLORIA ACorp. VP & Pres Electronic Sys-32,397$136.62-78.68%
11/07/2014FLACH GLORIA ACorp. VP & Pres Electronic Sys22,091$54.46185.06%
11/05/2014PALMER JAMES FCorp. VP & CFO-15,130$138.01-6.72%
11/04/2014Peppard Denise M.Corp VP & Chf HR Ofcr-17,456$138.57-47.46%
11/04/2014Peppard Denise M.Corp VP & Chf HR Ofcr14,748$54.9866.93%
11/03/2014BUSH WESLEY GChairman, CEO and President-30,000$137.03-25.00%
10/31/2014Peppard Denise M.Corp VP & Chf HR Ofcr-9,182$137.96-29.41%
10/30/2014ASHWORTH SIDCorp VP, Government Relations-32,400$136.89-85.05%
9/30/2014ROUGHEAD GARYDirector268$131.766.91%
9/30/2014SCHOEWE THOMAS MDirector273$131.763.34%
9/30/2014KLEINER MADELEINEDirector314$131.762.49%
9/30/2014FAZIO VICDirector352$131.761.02%
9/30/2014GORDON BRUCE SDirector314$131.762.49%
9/30/2014HERNANDEZ WILLIAM HDirector251$131.7613.43%
9/30/2014KRAPEK KARL JDirector624$131.762.67%
9/30/2014Felsinger Donald EDirector686$131.762.36%
9/30/2014MYERS RICHARD BDirector340$131.761.94%
9/30/2014SHARER KEVIN WDirector710$131.761.76%
8/01/2014BUSH WESLEY GChairman, CEO and President-30,000$123.96-20.00%
6/30/2014GORDON BRUCE SDirector343$119.632.79%
6/30/2014Felsinger Donald EDirector740$119.632.61%
6/30/2014KRAPEK KARL JDirector667$119.632.93%
6/30/2014ROUGHEAD GARYDirector292$119.638.14%
6/30/2014MYERS RICHARD BDirector372$119.632.16%
6/30/2014SCHOEWE THOMAS MDirector299$119.633.80%
6/30/2014SHARER KEVIN WDirector768$119.631.94%
6/30/2014HERNANDEZ WILLIAM HDirector275$119.6317.25%
6/30/2014FAZIO VICDirector384$119.631.13%
6/30/2014KLEINER MADELEINEDirector343$119.632.79%
6/10/2014Caylor Mark ACorp VP & Pres ESS1,750$47.9931.01%
5/30/2014FRASER DARRYL MCorp VP, Communications-15,676$120.00-30.48%
5/30/2014FRASER DARRYL MCorp VP, Communications14,343$63.2238.67%
5/23/2014Jones Christopher TCorp VP & Pres Tech Svcs-70$119.72-0.98%
5/23/2014Jones Christopher TCorp VP & Pres Tech Svcs-100$119.72-1.41%
5/21/2014PETERS AULANA LDirector303$118.261.42%
5/21/2014FRANK STEPHEN EDirector154$118.260.80%
5/01/2014BUSH WESLEY GChairman, CEO and President-30,000$121.10-50.00%
3/31/2014FRANK STEPHEN EDirector352$123.381.87%
3/31/2014KRAPEK KARL JDirector615$123.382.78%
3/31/2014FAZIO VICDirector357$123.381.06%
3/31/2014SCHOEWE THOMAS MDirector285$123.383.76%
3/31/2014Felsinger Donald EDirector683$123.382.47%
3/31/2014MYERS RICHARD BDirector346$123.382.05%
3/31/2014HERNANDEZ WILLIAM HDirector265$123.3819.94%
3/31/2014GORDON BRUCE SDirector323$123.382.70%
3/31/2014ROUGHEAD GARYDirector280$123.388.47%
3/31/2014PETERS AULANA LDirector587$123.382.83%
3/31/2014SHARER KEVIN WDirector704$123.381.81%
3/10/2014SHARER KEVIN WDirector-6,562$122.63-14.42%
3/10/2014SHARER KEVIN WDirector3,281$45.757.77%
3/10/2014SHARER KEVIN WDirector3,281$50.558.42%
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