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29/8/2014 09:40 AM  |  NASDAQ : NTGR  
Industries : Telecommunications / Communication Equipment

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
4/26/2012Buckley ShaneSVP and GM, CBU850$33.155.06%
4/26/2012Buckley ShaneSVP and GM, CBU5,833$35.3253.19%
4/26/2012Buckley ShaneSVP and GM, CBU4,167$18.0761.28%
4/26/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU-624$11.41-3.25%
4/26/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer-1,401$38.49-3.69%
4/26/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering375$21.104.48%
4/26/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering375$20.804.29%
4/26/2012ROSSMAN GREGORY JDirector-2,000$39.00-23.81%
4/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-624$38.49-5.85%
4/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-792$39.00-6.92%
4/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU312$21.102.80%
4/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU313$11.412.89%
4/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU167$20.801.57%
4/26/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-624$38.49-4.52%
4/26/2012Kim Andrew WonkiVP, Legal and Corp. Dev.-294$38.49-2.01%
4/26/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-221$38.49-3.00%
4/26/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-1,750$37.24-19.18%
4/16/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support354$20.802.57%
4/16/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support313$11.412.21%
4/16/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-667$36.09-4.61%
4/16/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU416$11.412.17%
4/16/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU-416$36.09-2.12%
4/05/2012CARTER MILLER JOYCELYNDirector-2,863$36.82-21.10%
4/02/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support708$20.803.39%
4/02/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support1,250$21.105.79%
4/02/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support625$11.412.74%
4/02/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-9,653$37.81-41.16%
3/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-791$39.00-6.91%
3/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU313$21.102.81%
3/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU312$11.412.88%
3/26/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU166$20.801.56%
3/16/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU417$11.412.17%
3/16/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU-417$37.51-2.13%
3/06/2012Graham JefDirector-2,000$37.20-10.31%
2/16/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU167$20.801.57%
2/16/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU313$11.412.89%
2/16/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU312$21.102.80%
2/16/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-792$39.00-6.92%
2/16/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer1,562$11.414.12%
2/16/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer-1,562$38.00-3.96%
2/16/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU417$11.412.17%
2/16/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU-417$37.64-2.13%
2/13/2012Buckley ShaneSVP and GM, CBU-6,250$37.47-47.89%
2/13/2012Buckley ShaneSVP and GM, CBU6,250$18.0791.91%
2/03/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer5,000$20.8013.18%
2/03/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer-5,000$41.00-11.65%
2/03/2012LO PATRICK CSChairman and CEO10,000$11.4120.53%
2/03/2012LO PATRICK CSChairman and CEO-10,000$43.00-16.85%
2/03/2012GODWIN A TIMOTHYDirector5,000$18.9783.33%
2/03/2012GODWIN A TIMOTHYDirector-5,000$43.00-45.45%
2/02/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer10,000$19.5526.36%
2/02/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer11,562$21.1024.12%
2/02/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer5,000$20.808.40%
2/02/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer1,708$11.412.65%
2/02/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer-28,270$39.94-42.70%
1/23/2012CARTER MILLER JOYCELYNDirector-1,100$40.75-7.50%
1/19/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-1,321$39.36-15.19%
1/19/2012Shimer Julie AnnDirector-13,400$40.00-45.58%
1/18/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU313$28.792.94%
1/18/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU312$11.412.84%
1/18/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU313$21.102.77%
1/18/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU167$20.801.44%
1/18/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-1,105$39.00-9.39%
1/17/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU416$11.412.17%
1/17/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU-416$37.69-2.12%
1/17/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-312$11.41-1.45%
1/17/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-312$37.69-1.47%
1/17/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-667$28.79-5.92%
1/17/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-666$11.41-5.58%
1/17/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-250$20.80-2.12%
1/17/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-250$21.10-2.08%
1/17/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-1,833$37.69-15.58%
1/17/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-1,235$37.69-12.43%
1/16/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-367$37.53-3.33%
1/16/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-804$37.53-7.49%
1/16/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-784$37.53-3.62%
1/16/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU-761$37.53-3.81%
1/16/2012LO PATRICK CSChairman and CEO-1,835$37.53-3.63%
1/16/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer-1,376$37.53-3.50%
1/16/2012Kim Andrew WonkiVP, Legal and Corp. Dev.-419$37.53-2.79%
1/16/2012MERRILL MARK GChief Technology Officer-315$37.53-2.96%
1/13/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support355$20.801.82%
1/13/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-355$37.84-1.79%
1/11/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-376$37.92-3.30%
1/11/2012SOARES DAVIDSVP and GM, RBU-838$37.92-4.46%
1/11/2012Gorjanc Christine MarieChief Financial Officer-1,523$37.92-4.11%
1/11/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support313$28.791.71%
1/11/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-313$37.58-1.68%
1/11/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-890$37.92-4.36%
1/11/2012MERRILL MARK GChief Technology Officer-315$37.92-3.09%
1/11/2012OLSON CHARLES TSVP, Engineering-890$37.92-9.37%
1/11/2012LO PATRICK CSChairman and CEO-1,982$37.92-4.17%
1/10/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU1,563$11.4113.71%
1/10/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU833$20.806.42%
1/10/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU1,562$21.1011.32%
1/10/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU1,563$28.7910.18%
1/10/2012Clegg MichaelSVP and GM, SPBU-5,521$39.06-32.62%
1/03/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support417$21.102.28%
1/03/2012FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support-417$34.08-2.23%
12/16/2011FALCON MICHAEL FSVP, WW Ops and Support313$11.411.71%
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