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22/9/2014 04:01 PM  |  NYSE : NU  
Industries : Utilities / Diversified Utilities

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/03/2014BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-2,150$45.72-22.16%
9/03/2014BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-4,000$45.71-29.19%
8/28/2014BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-840$45.58-100.00%
8/25/2014Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources8,868$25.9312.58%
8/25/2014Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources9,840$28.1216.22%
8/25/2014Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources-34,452$45.34-36.22%
8/25/2014Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources15,744$26.9019.83%
8/07/2014CLOUD SANFORD JRN/A-2,716$42.57-6.80%
8/07/2014BUTLER GREGORY BSr VP and General Counsel-30,000$42.51-19.91%
6/19/2014MAY THOMAS JChrmn of Bd, President & CEO208,608$25.9365.72%
6/19/2014MAY THOMAS JChrmn of Bd, President & CEO-208,608$47.09-39.66%
3/13/2014NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-5,942$44.63-10.09%
3/05/2014BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-2,229$43.99-14.07%
2/25/2014Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-8,287$44.41-5.19%
2/25/2014McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-8,169$44.41-4.63%
2/25/2014BUTLER GREGORY BSr VP, General Counsel & Secy-5,248$44.41-3.39%
2/25/2014BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-1,251$44.41-7.32%
2/21/2014McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-1,540$44.97-0.86%
2/21/2014MAY THOMAS JChrmn of Bd, President & CEO-8,039$44.97-2.49%
2/21/2014NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-830$44.97-1.39%
2/21/2014Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-1,510$44.97-0.94%
2/21/2014Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources-506$44.97-0.84%
2/21/2014BUTLER GREGORY BSr VP, General Counsel & Secy-996$44.97-0.64%
2/21/2014BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-271$44.97-1.56%
2/21/2014JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO-2,025$44.97-0.96%
2/14/2014LACAMERA PAUL AN/A-1,459$44.91-22.54%
1/27/2014NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-2,425$42.43-4.24%
1/27/2014JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO-5,404$42.43-2.66%
1/27/2014MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee-34,011$42.43-11.32%
1/27/2014Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources-2,171$42.43-3.73%
1/21/2014NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations13,995$25.9322.13%
1/21/2014NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations6,560$24.7411.57%
1/21/2014MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee244,032$28.1282.41%
1/21/2014NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations18,368$26.9023.78%
1/21/2014NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-38,923$43.00-40.71%
1/21/2014MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee196,800$24.7436.43%
1/21/2014MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee-440,832$43.04-59.82%
1/08/2014SHIVERY CHARLES WN/A-64,157$41.92-10.59%
12/05/2013CLOUD SANFORD JRN/A-2,134$41.04-4.51%
11/27/2013McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-5,500$41.15-3.15%
11/13/2013Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-21,000$41.83-12.24%
10/10/2013SHIVERY CHARLES WN/A-40,745$41.20-6.33%
9/06/2013NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-100$40.43-0.18%
9/06/2013NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-1,900$40.43-3.39%
9/06/2013BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-433$40.27-2.80%
8/28/2013NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-2,747$41.40-4.66%
7/01/2013BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-4$41.74-0.03%
6/03/2013BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-358$41.67-2.27%
3/20/2013MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee-186,014$42.73-38.73%
3/19/2013MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee-76,386$42.32-13.72%
3/19/2013MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee262,400$21.1489.16%
3/07/2013Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources-16,060$42.58-22.42%
3/07/2013Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources9,500$25.9315.29%
3/07/2013Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources6,560$24.7411.81%
3/05/2013MAY THOMAS JPresident and CEO-100,000$42.12-100.00%
2/25/2013BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-1,723$41.43-9.92%
2/25/2013BUTLER GREGORY BSr VP, General Counsel & Secy-9,800$41.43-6.30%
2/25/2013McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-13,239$41.43-7.08%
2/25/2013Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-13,943$41.43-7.54%
2/01/2013SHIVERY CHARLES WN/A-55$41.18-0.01%
1/28/2013NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-2,437$40.25-4.34%
1/28/2013MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee-29,268$40.25-7.88%
1/28/2013JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO-5,230$40.25-2.76%
1/28/2013Carmody Christine MSVP - Human Resources-2,098$40.25-3.95%
1/24/2013BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-900$39.77-5.64%
1/24/2013BUTLER GREGORY BSr VP, General Counsel & Secy-3,405$39.77-2.27%
1/24/2013McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-4,393$39.77-2.46%
1/24/2013Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-4,284$39.77-2.44%
1/24/2013SHIVERY CHARLES WN/A-23,550$39.77-3.57%
1/08/2013SHIVERY CHARLES WN/A-122,331$39.21-15.71%
1/04/2013BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-147$39.64-0.91%
12/03/2012McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-5,000$38.63-2.75%
11/26/2012Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-2,370$38.01-1.34%
10/31/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO1,906$39.491.01%
10/31/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO-1,906$39.49-1.00%
10/18/2012MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee188,718$22.5751.04%
10/18/2012MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee-188,718$39.52-33.79%
10/17/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO34,581$39.4918.29%
10/17/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO-179,744$39.50-48.74%
10/17/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO39,360$26.9011.95%
10/17/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO48,544$25.9317.28%
10/17/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO39,360$24.7416.30%
10/17/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO52,480$28.1227.76%
10/17/2012JUDGE JAMES JEVP & CFO-34,581$39.49-15.46%
10/17/2012MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee262,400$18.4570.97%
10/17/2012MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee73,682$22.5711.66%
10/17/2012MAY THOMAS JPresident, CEO & Trustee-336,082$39.56-47.62%
10/11/2012SHIVERY CHARLES WN/A-9,888$39.04-1.26%
10/10/2012SHIVERY CHARLES WN/A-8,238$39.43-1.06%
8/10/2012McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-10,000$39.42-5.24%
6/01/2012BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-330$36.01-2.07%
5/15/2012BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-750$35.86-4.50%
5/14/2012NOLAN JOSEPH R JRSVP-Corporate Relations-22,336$36.15-68.03%
5/11/2012BUTH JAY S.VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off-430$36.46-2.51%
5/11/2012BUTLER GREGORY BSr VP, General Counsel & Secy-2,161$36.46-1.45%
5/11/2012McHale David REVP and Chief Admin Off-2,782$36.46-1.44%
5/11/2012Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-2,830$36.46-1.57%
4/02/2012SHIVERY CHARLES WChrmn of Bd, President & CEO-121$37.21-0.02%
4/02/2012Olivier Leon JExecutive VP and COO-32$37.21-0.03%
4/02/2012ROBB JAMES BSr VP-Enterprise Plan. & Dev.-13$37.21-0.03%
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