Oasis Petroleum Inc $48.25

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21/8/2014 04:03 PM  |  NYSE : OAS  
Industries : Energy / Independent Oil & Gas

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/11/2014Reid Taylor LPresident and COO-5,060$48.00-0.44%
8/11/2014Reid Taylor LPresident and COO-5,000$47.86-0.44%
8/01/2014Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-1,136$51.69-0.87%
6/26/2014Collins Ted JrDirector2,000$53.392.19%
5/29/2014Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-15,000$49.79-10.28%
3/18/2014Nusz Thomas BChairman and CEO-132,370$41.66-5.56%
3/15/2014Nusz Thomas BChairman and CEO-2,097$41.32-0.09%
3/15/2014Reid Taylor LPresident and COO-1,482$41.32-0.13%
3/15/2014Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-852$41.32-0.55%
3/15/2014Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-811$41.32-0.54%
3/15/2014Lorentzatos Nickolas JExecutive VP, GC & Corp. Sec.-473$41.32-0.81%
3/07/2014Reid Taylor LPresident and COO-75,000$43.68-12.50%
3/07/2014Reid Taylor LPresident and COO-10,000$43.67-0.86%
3/05/2014Lorentzatos Nickolas JExecutive VP, GC & Corp. Sec.-12,569$44.18-17.65%
3/01/2014Lorentzatos Nickolas JExecutive VP, GC & Corp. Sec.-569$43.57-0.79%
2/15/2014Lorentzatos Nickolas JExecutive VP, GC & Corp. Sec.-1,314$42.45-1.80%
2/15/2014Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-2,635$42.45-1.74%
2/15/2014Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-1,253$42.45-0.81%
2/15/2014Nusz Thomas BChairman and CEO-9,372$42.45-0.39%
2/15/2014Reid Taylor LPresident and COO-3,550$42.45-0.30%
10/01/2013Lorentzatos Nickolas JSr VP, GC, Corporate Secretary-774$51.00-1.69%
9/12/2013Reid Taylor LExecutive VP and COO-30,000$43.52-2.61%
8/01/2013Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-829$43.37-0.66%
6/18/2013Cassidy William J.Director-2,000$42.08-12.38%
6/13/2013Swanson Douglas E JrDirector-7,200$40.46-44.58%
6/12/2013Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-35,000$41.27-21.85%
6/07/2013Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$40.00-14.70%
5/15/2013Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$36.74-12.81%
4/01/2013Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$37.25-11.36%
2/15/2013Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$38.65-10.51%
1/23/2013Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-24,953$36.10-9.50%
1/22/2013Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-47$36.00-0.02%
1/02/2013Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$32.00-8.69%
12/26/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-60,000$31.02-100.00%
12/19/2012Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-30,000$30.75-17.19%
12/14/2012Lorentzatos Nickolas JSr VP, GC, Corporate Secretary-1,771$29.88-4.47%
12/14/2012Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-3,436$29.88-1.93%
12/14/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-2,955$29.88-1.02%
12/14/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-8,033$29.88-0.35%
12/14/2012Reid Taylor LExecutive VP and COO-4,770$29.88-0.41%
11/29/2012Reid Taylor LExecutive VP and COO-100,000$30.27-7.90%
11/28/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-50,554$29.59-2.17%
11/27/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-1,250$31.16-0.05%
11/26/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-78,196$31.14-3.24%
11/02/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$31.00-6.48%
10/10/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-22,000$31.00-5.40%
10/09/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-3,000$31.00-0.73%
10/01/2012Lorentzatos Nickolas JSr VP, GC, Corporate Secretary-749$29.72-1.86%
9/06/2012SPO ADVISORY CORPSubstantial Shareholder-300,000$30.87-3.15%
9/06/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$31.00-5.74%
9/06/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-46,942$30.62-1.85%
9/06/2012Reid Taylor LExecutive VP and COO-100,000$30.76-7.22%
9/05/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-249,097$30.12-8.94%
9/04/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-128,961$29.62-4.43%
8/27/2012Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-40,000$29.21-18.21%
8/17/2012Lorentzatos Nickolas JSr VP, GC, Corporate Secretary-3,911$30.81-8.83%
8/16/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-25,000$31.00-5.43%
8/01/2012Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-802$26.12-0.33%
5/01/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-30,000$33.27-6.11%
4/02/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-40,000$31.00-7.54%
3/15/2012Lorentzatos Nickolas JSr VP, GC, Corporate Secretary-656$30.73-1.46%
3/15/2012Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-1,306$30.73-0.54%
3/15/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-1,372$30.73-0.26%
3/15/2012Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-2,783$30.73-0.10%
3/15/2012Reid Taylor LExecutive VP and COO-1,859$30.73-0.09%
3/01/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-20,000$32.57-3.62%
2/24/2012Lorentzatos Nickolas JSr VP, GC, Corporate Secretary-9,000$34.01-18.88%
2/01/2012Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-20,000$31.92-3.64%
1/31/2012ZORICH ROBERT LSenior Executive Officer-7,000,000$32.00-49.00%
1/31/2012ENCAP ENERGY CAPITAL FUND VI L PTenPercent-7,000,000$32.00-49.00%
1/01/2012Beers Kent OSenior VP Land-1,335$29.09-0.15%
12/13/2011Nusz Thomas BChairman, President and CEO-57,600$29.80-2.00%
12/01/2011Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-20,000$30.22-3.36%
12/01/2011Beers Kent OSenior VP Land-20,000$30.22-2.19%
11/30/2011Smithwick Walter SSenior VP Operations-100,000$30.18-14.21%
11/30/2011Candito Robert JSenior VP Exploration-13,300$30.25-4.00%
11/11/2011Lou Michael HExecutive VP and CFO-100,000$31.23-33.84%
11/10/2011Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-20,000$30.03-3.25%
11/10/2011Candito Robert JSenior VP Exploration-60,000$30.17-15.29%
11/10/2011Reid Taylor LExecutive VP and COO-130,000$30.43-6.20%
11/02/2011Beers Kent OSenior VP Land-14,400$29.00-1.55%
11/01/2011Beers Kent OSenior VP Land-5,600$29.01-0.60%
10/27/2011ENCAP ENERGY CAPITAL FUND VI L PTenPercent-5,000,000$30.95-25.93%
10/27/2011ZORICH ROBERT LSenior Executive Officer-5,000,000$30.95-25.93%
10/18/2011Newton H BrettSenior VP Asset Management-57,000$31.00-12.50%
10/17/2011Beers Kent OSenior VP Land-60,000$29.31-6.05%
10/01/2011Lorentzatos Nickolas JSr VP, GC, Corporate Secretary-749$22.33-3.10%
9/16/2011Newton H BrettSenior VP Asset Management-63,000$28.00-12.48%
8/25/2011SPO ADVISORY CORPTenPercent242,440$23.602.61%
8/17/2011Collins Ted JrDirector25,000$26.3846.95%
6/22/2011Newton H BrettSenior VP Asset Management-65,000$27.78-11.41%
6/21/2011Candito Robert JSenior VP Exploration-57,226$27.87-13.11%
6/21/2011Candito Robert JSenior VP Exploration-49,774$27.45-10.24%
6/20/2011Lou Michael HSenior VP Finance-20,000$26.68-6.67%
6/01/2011Beers Kent OSenior VP Land-25,000$30.03-2.19%
6/01/2011Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-8,022$29.71-1.32%
6/01/2011Mace Roy WSenior VP and CAO-12,417$28.85-2.00%
6/01/2011Smithwick Walter SSenior VP Operations-9,599$29.72-1.38%
6/01/2011Smithwick Walter SSenior VP Operations-15,401$28.86-2.16%
5/16/2011Collins Ted JrDirector25,000$26.3388.50%
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