OAS : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Oasis Petroleum Stock Continues to Rise on Analyst Upgrades (OAS)

    November 17, 2016
    Trump's presidential election, EIA oil demand prediction and November OPEC meeting encourage analyst bullish hopes.
  2. Crude Price Worries Oil Companies and Banks (OAS, HAL)

    October 13, 2016
    Potential for further weakness in the price of crude oil is a concern for commercial banks as well as oil and gas industry ...
  3. Oasis Petroleum Retains Gains on API Surprise (OAS)

    October 5, 2016
    The fifth straight week of surprise oil supply draw-downs has boosted the oil price and hopes for balance in North America's ...
  4. Some Bullish Indications for Halliburton Stock (HAL, OAS)

    October 4, 2016
    Halliburton is positioned to benefit from oil price increase due to its dominant position in Baaken oil fields.
  5. Oasis Petroleum Bucks Broad Market Decline (OAS)

    September 30, 2016
    Exploration and production companies like Oasis Petroleum are poised to take advantage of a higher price for crude oil.
  6. OPEC Surprise Caps Production and Ignites Rally (OAS, HAL)

    September 29, 2016
    OPEC production cap sparks 6% crude oil price rise and a strong rally in E&P and field service stocks.
  7. E&P and Oilfield Services Await OPEC Meeting (OAS, HAL)

    September 20, 2016
    Exploration, production and oil field services companies await September 27th oil producers meeting in Algeria.
  8. Oasis Petroleum Sets $250 Million Tender Offer (OAS)

    September 15, 2016
    Oasis Petroleum is making the tender to replace debt on its balance sheet
  9. Williams Posts Buy Rating on Oasis Petroleum (OAS)

    September 12, 2016
    Conservative fiscal strategies and experienced management enhance Oasis Petroleum's value.
  10. Top 5 Petroleum Stocks of 2016 (MPC, OAS)

    September 10, 2016
    WTI crude oil prices rebounded to $50 per barrel in August 2016. Risk-tolerant investors should keep these top five petroleum ...
  11. Halcon Resources Finally Addresses Its Debt Issues (HK, LPI)

    April 14, 2015
    As of the end of last year, Halcon Resources (NYSE: HK) had a whopping $3.75 billion of debt on its balance sheet. That's ...
  12. Continental Resources Bets Big On Williston Basin In 2010

    January 1, 2011
    Continental Resources moved to develop its huge holdings in the Williston Basin and also entered the Niobrara Shale in 2 ...
  13. Brigham Exploration Rules The Williston Basin

    November 10, 2010
    Brigham Exploration Company continued its top-tier production growth in the third quarter of 2010.
  14. Williston Basin Mid-North America Fund Levered To Bakken

    October 19, 2010
    This fund buys stocks that are focused on the Williston Basin and other areas in the Mid North American area.