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Jan. 26, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
12/04/2014FERGUSON J BRIANDirector8,400$35.8225.84%
12/02/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-16,905$35.51-20.51%
11/28/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials211$29.610.26%
11/18/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-20,000$34.50-19.57%
11/06/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-2,200$33.18-2.11%
11/03/2014Francis JulianPresident, Insulation-69$32.22-0.56%
6/02/2014McMurray Michael C.Sr. VP and CFO-1,723$41.54-3.57%
5/07/2014Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-4,779$40.00-13.74%
3/14/2014SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP Human Resources-3,000$42.61-5.72%
3/05/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials875$33.960.84%
3/05/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-875$46.15-0.83%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-11,700$46.04-10.11%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials9,700$25.459.33%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-9,700$46.10-8.53%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials100$33.960.10%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-100$46.10-0.10%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials11,700$13.8911.25%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials10,750$33.7310.34%
3/04/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-10,750$46.10-9.37%
2/27/2014HAKE RALPH FDirector-2,000$45.71-4.61%
2/18/2014Schmidt Kelly J.Vice President, Controller-2,300$44.56-16.15%
2/18/2014Neely Joseph FDirector673$44.561.79%
2/06/2014THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-6,774$38.81-0.87%
2/06/2014SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP Human Resources-686$38.81-1.30%
2/06/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-1,076$38.81-1.03%
2/06/2014Schmidt Kelly J.Vice President, Controller-272$38.81-1.89%
2/06/2014McMurray Michael C.Sr. VP and CFO-985$38.81-2.01%
2/06/2014DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials-121$38.81-0.07%
2/06/2014Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-588$38.81-1.67%
2/03/2014DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials-5,068$37.31-3.22%
2/03/2014Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-1,446$37.31-5.05%
2/03/2014Schmidt Kelly J.Vice President, Controller-935$37.31-7.79%
2/03/2014McMurray Michael C.Sr. VP and CFO-1,346$37.31-3.69%
2/03/2014SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP Human Resources-3,047$37.31-6.68%
2/03/2014THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-22,462$37.31-3.03%
2/03/2014Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Materials-2,929$37.31-3.18%
11/11/2013McMurray Michael C.Sr. VP and CFO3,000$35.798.97%
10/28/2013Neely Joseph FDirector782$37.412.12%
6/03/2013McMurray Michael C.Sr. VP and CFO-1,723$43.46-4.90%
5/17/2013SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP, Human Resources-9,228$44.58-16.90%
5/17/2013Schmidt Kelly J.Vice President, Controller-1,693$44.87-12.77%
3/26/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-4,415$39.16-13.59%
3/25/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-2,185$38.84-6.30%
3/15/2013THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-100,000$40.83-11.89%
3/06/2013Schmidt Kelly J.Vice President, Controller-2,120$40.00-13.79%
2/22/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-13,000$39.73-24.06%
2/22/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-3,975$39.73-10.29%
2/22/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-2,400$39.73-5.85%
2/22/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel3,975$25.457.94%
2/22/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel2,400$13.895.04%
2/22/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel13,000$30.0037.50%
2/04/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-1,102$41.36-3.99%
2/04/2013DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials-6,977$41.36-4.89%
2/04/2013McMurray Michael C.Sr. VP and CFO-1,537$41.36-6.68%
2/04/2013Schmidt Kelly J.Vice President, Controller-560$41.36-4.67%
2/04/2013SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP, Human Resources-2,062$41.36-4.58%
2/04/2013THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-35,066$41.36-4.42%
2/04/2013Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Solutions-3,451$41.36-4.31%
2/01/2013DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials-1,622$41.67-1.12%
2/01/2013McMurray Michael C.Sr. VP and CFO-461$41.67-1.96%
2/01/2013Schmidt Kelly J.Vice President, Controller-363$41.67-2.94%
2/01/2013SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP, Human Resources-1,090$41.67-2.36%
2/01/2013THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-5,594$41.67-0.70%
2/01/2013Genis ArnaudGroup Pres Composite Solutions-1,248$41.67-1.53%
2/01/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-848$41.67-2.98%
1/17/2013SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP, Human Resources-8,628$40.00-15.76%
1/17/2013Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-3,750$40.00-11.64%
12/11/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr4,400$13.897.70%
12/11/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-4,400$34.51-7.15%
12/10/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-9,300$34.50-14.00%
12/10/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr9,300$13.8916.28%
11/29/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr6,775$13.8911.86%
11/29/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-6,775$34.58-10.60%
11/09/2012BLAKE NORMAN P JRDirector-32,250$32.99-43.50%
11/01/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-17,653$33.74-23.60%
8/22/2012DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials-30,000$31.83-17.21%
6/13/2012DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials20$27.350.01%
5/17/2012McMonagle James JDirector1,000$28.941.81%
3/19/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-2,700$38.00-3.48%
3/14/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-20,464$36.27-20.89%
3/13/2012Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-3,000$35.00-8.52%
3/13/2012Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-7,200$35.00-18.27%
3/13/2012Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel7,200$13.8922.35%
2/23/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-15,775$31.65-13.87%
2/06/2012Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-508$34.65-1.42%
2/06/2012DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials-4,305$34.65-2.41%
2/06/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-1,449$34.65-1.26%
2/06/2012Mayer Mark WVP & Chief Acctg. Officer-286$34.65-1.85%
2/06/2012Palmer DuncanSenior VP and CFO-4,790$34.65-2.57%
2/06/2012SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP, Human Resources-71$34.65-0.13%
2/06/2012THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-15,762$34.65-1.94%
2/03/2012THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-9,105$34.61-1.11%
2/03/2012SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP, Human Resources-975$34.61-1.75%
2/03/2012Mayer Mark WVP & Chief Acctg. Officer-56$34.61-0.36%
2/03/2012JOHNS DAVID LSr VP & Chief Info Tech Ofcr-765$34.61-0.66%
2/03/2012DANA CHARLES EGroup Pres Building Materials-2,490$34.61-1.37%
2/03/2012Christy John WilliamSr. VP & General Counsel-282$34.61-0.78%
2/03/2012Palmer DuncanSenior VP and CFO-2,490$34.61-1.32%
2/02/2012THAMAN MICHAEL HChairman, President and CEO-7,080$33.81-0.85%
2/02/2012SMITH DANIEL TSr. VP, Human Resources-934$33.81-1.65%
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