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Oct. 2, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/17/2015KIMMITT JOSEPH HExecutive Vice President-883$39.70-2.18%
9/17/2015Grennier R ScottSenior VP and Treasurer-700$39.70-6.73%
9/17/2015Nelson Bradley M.SVP & Pres. Commercial Segment-561$39.70-4.95%
9/17/2015Sagehorn David M.Exec. VP and CFO-2,917$39.70-2.87%
9/17/2015Messina Robert SSenior VP, Engineering & Tech.-373$39.70-5.76%
9/17/2015Radue Mark MSenior VP Business Development-817$39.70-2.28%
9/17/2015Johnson James W.Exec. VP & Pres., Fire & Emerg-934$39.70-2.89%
9/17/2015Urias John M.EVP and Pres., Defense Segment-1,284$39.70-4.24%
9/17/2015May Marek W.Senior VP, Operations-584$39.70-4.67%
9/17/2015Fredericksen Gregory LEVP & Chief Procurement Officr-1,050$39.70-2.26%
9/17/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.-1,284$39.70-2.60%
9/17/2015Jones Wilson RPresident and COO-4,464$39.70-5.31%
9/17/2015POLNASZEK THOMAS JSenior VP and Controller-1,050$39.70-2.85%
9/17/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment-1,691$39.70-4.65%
9/16/2015Urias John M.EVP and Pres., Defense Segment-659$40.86-2.13%
9/16/2015Grennier R ScottSenior VP and Treasurer-420$40.86-3.88%
9/16/2015Sagehorn David M.Exec. VP and CFO-1,569$40.86-1.52%
9/16/2015Radue Mark MSenior VP Business Development-432$40.86-1.19%
9/16/2015Messina Robert SSenior VP, Engineering & Tech.-276$40.86-4.11%
9/16/2015Fredericksen Gregory LEVP & Chief Procurement Officr-611$40.86-1.30%
9/16/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.-659$40.86-1.32%
9/16/2015Jones Wilson RPresident and COO-2,318$40.86-2.68%
9/16/2015May Marek W.Senior VP, Operations-407$40.86-3.15%
9/16/2015Johnson James W.Exec. VP & Pres., Fire & Emerg-515$40.86-1.57%
9/16/2015POLNASZEK THOMAS JSenior VP and Controller-587$40.86-1.57%
9/16/2015KIMMITT JOSEPH HExecutive Vice President-453$40.86-1.10%
9/16/2015Nelson Bradley M.SVP & Pres. Commercial Segment-414$40.86-3.52%
9/16/2015Moynihan Colleen R.Senior VP, Quality & Cont Impr-432$40.86-2.34%
9/16/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment-868$40.86-2.33%
9/15/2015Grennier R ScottSenior VP and Treasurer-441$39.58-4.38%
9/15/2015Urias John M.EVP and Pres., Defense Segment-657$39.58-2.21%
9/15/2015Messina Robert SSenior VP, Engineering & Tech.-346$39.58-5.51%
9/15/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.-436$39.58-0.90%
9/15/2015Johnson James W.Exec. VP & Pres., Fire & Emerg-515$39.58-1.62%
9/15/2015Nelson Bradley M.SVP & Pres. Commercial Segment-418$39.58-3.82%
9/15/2015Sagehorn David M.Exec. VP and CFO-1,566$39.58-1.56%
9/15/2015Jones Wilson RPresident and COO-1,767$39.58-2.13%
9/15/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment-866$39.58-2.39%
9/15/2015Hogan Janet L.EVP and Chief HR Officer-530$39.58-12.73%
9/15/2015POLNASZEK THOMAS JSenior VP and Controller-583$39.58-1.61%
9/15/2015May Marek W.Senior VP, Operations-436$39.58-3.58%
9/15/2015Fredericksen Gregory LEVP & Chief Procurement Officr-613$39.58-1.33%
9/15/2015Radue Mark MSenior VP Business Development-436$39.58-1.23%
9/15/2015Moynihan Colleen R.Senior VP, Quality & Cont Impr-436$39.58-2.47%
9/15/2015KIMMITT JOSEPH HExecutive Vice President-453$39.58-1.13%
9/01/2015SZEWS CHARLES LChief Executive Officer-31,549$42.10-15.45%
9/01/2015SZEWS CHARLES LChief Executive Officer31,549$41.0418.27%
8/17/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.4$39.430.01%
8/17/2015Radue Mark MSenior VP Business Development24$39.430.07%
8/17/2015OMTVEDT CRAIG PDirector5$39.430.02%
8/17/2015POLNASZEK THOMAS JSenior VP and Controller17$39.430.05%
8/17/2015Wallace William SDirector66$39.430.43%
8/17/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector625$39.431.31%
8/17/2015DONNELLY RICHARD MDirector34$39.430.15%
8/17/2015KENNE LESLIE FDirector66$39.430.43%
8/17/2015MIZELL STEVENDirector264$39.4314.47%
8/17/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector144$39.430.30%
8/17/2015NEWLIN STEPHEN DDirector23$39.430.27%
8/17/2015DONNELLY RICHARD MDirector34$39.430.13%
8/17/2015Palmer DuncanDirector63$39.430.43%
8/05/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector1,200$36.062.57%
8/04/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector1,200$36.022.64%
8/03/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector1,000$36.022.25%
7/31/2015Fredericksen Gregory LEVP & Chief Procurement Officr-5,250$36.54-10.60%
7/31/2015Jones Wilson RPresident and COO-7,000$36.54-8.23%
7/31/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment-2,305$36.54-6.28%
5/28/2015Hogan Janet L.EVP and Chief HR Officer-5$50.96-0.19%
5/15/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector456$54.021.04%
5/14/2015NEWLIN STEPHEN DDirector17$54.900.20%
5/14/2015Wallace William SDirector47$54.900.31%
5/14/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.3$54.900.01%
5/14/2015Radue Mark MSenior VP Business Development17$54.900.05%
5/14/2015KENNE LESLIE FDirector47$54.900.30%
5/14/2015POLNASZEK THOMAS JSenior VP and Controller12$54.900.03%
5/14/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector102$54.900.23%
5/14/2015DONNELLY RICHARD MDirector24$54.900.09%
5/14/2015OMTVEDT CRAIG PDirector4$54.900.01%
5/14/2015Palmer DuncanDirector45$54.900.31%
5/12/2015Hogan Janet L.EVP and Chief HR Officer-1,411$52.74-34.82%
5/08/2015KIMMITT JOSEPH HExecutive Vice President-9,254$52.75-19.36%
5/01/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment-13,000$54.81-26.17%
5/01/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment13,000$32.1035.44%
5/01/2015KIMMITT JOSEPH HExecutive Vice President16,600$41.0434.73%
5/01/2015KIMMITT JOSEPH HExecutive Vice President-16,600$54.50-25.78%
5/01/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment-20,000$54.80-35.28%
5/01/2015Grennier R ScottSenior VP and Treasurer-1,839$54.68-17.28%
5/01/2015Nerenhausen Frank R.EVP & Pres. Access Segment20,000$19.2454.52%
4/30/2015Urias John M.EVP and Pres., Defense Segment-6,100$53.85-17.98%
2/20/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.-13,333$46.88-21.97%
2/20/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.11,500$19.2424.28%
2/20/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.13,333$28.9628.15%
2/20/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.-11,500$46.87-19.54%
2/17/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector527$46.771.21%
2/12/2015SIM RICHARD GDirector119$46.010.27%
2/12/2015BLANKFIELD BRYAN JExec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Secy.4$46.010.01%
2/12/2015Wallace William SDirector56$46.010.37%
2/12/2015HEMPEL KATHLEEN JDirector-3,050$46.13-9.88%
2/12/2015Palmer DuncanDirector54$46.010.37%
2/12/2015KENNE LESLIE FDirector56$46.010.36%
2/12/2015HEMPEL KATHLEEN JDirector3,050$36.9510.96%
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