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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/10/2012MAHAN EDGAR RSr. VP - OVBC53$19.541.07%
5/10/2012HOWE HAROLD ADirector106$19.541.07%
5/10/2012BARNITZ ANNA PDirector185$19.546.40%
5/10/2012HART KATRINKA VSr. VP - OVBC48$19.541.08%
5/10/2012SMITH JEFFREY EChairman of the Board4$19.541.19%
5/10/2012SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector70$19.541.08%
5/10/2012SMITH JEFFREY EChairman of the Board47$19.541.08%
5/10/2012SMITH JEFFREY EChairman of the Board6$19.541.00%
5/10/2012WISEMAN THOMAS EPresident/CEO1$19.540.96%
5/10/2012WISEMAN THOMAS EPresident/CEO7$19.541.10%
5/10/2012WISEMAN THOMAS EPresident/CEO186$19.541.08%
5/10/2012CHAPMAN STEVEN BDirector33$19.541.08%
5/10/2012WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector74$19.541.07%
5/10/2012WILLIAMSON LANNES CDirector7$19.541.14%
5/10/2012HOWE HAROLD ADirector2$19.541.20%
3/01/2012WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector5,000$19.41262.05%
2/17/2012BARNITZ ANNA PDirector190$18.777.04%
2/17/2012WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC191$18.771.12%
2/17/2012WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC7$18.771.11%
2/17/2012WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC1$18.770.98%
2/17/2012SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC48$18.771.12%
2/17/2012SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC7$18.771.18%
2/17/2012SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC4$18.771.20%
2/17/2012SHOCKEY SCOTT WVP/CFO - OVBC6$18.771.21%
2/17/2012MAHAN EDGAR RSr. VP - OVBC55$18.771.12%
2/17/2012HART KATRINKA VSr. VP - OVBC49$18.771.11%
2/17/2012WILLIAMSON LANNES CDirector7$18.771.16%
2/17/2012CHAPMAN STEVEN BDirector34$18.771.13%
2/17/2012HOWE HAROLD ADirector2$18.771.21%
2/17/2012HOWE HAROLD ADirector110$18.771.12%
2/17/2012SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector2$18.770.94%
2/17/2012SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector72$18.771.12%
2/17/2012THOMAS DAVID WDirector7$18.770.15%
2/17/2012WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector21$18.771.11%
12/02/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC4$17.971.22%
12/02/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC7$17.971.19%
12/02/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC50$17.971.18%
12/02/2011THOMAS DAVID WDirector7$17.970.18%
12/02/2011BARNITZ ANNA PDirector196$17.977.83%
12/02/2011CHAPMAN STEVEN BDirector35$17.971.17%
12/02/2011HART KATRINKA VSr. VP - OVBC51$17.971.17%
12/02/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC197$17.971.17%
12/02/2011SHOCKEY SCOTT WVP/CFO - OVBC6$17.971.22%
12/02/2011SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector74$17.971.16%
12/02/2011SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector2$17.970.95%
12/02/2011WILLIAMSON LANNES CDirector7$17.971.17%
12/02/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC7$17.971.12%
12/02/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC1$17.970.99%
12/02/2011WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector22$17.971.18%
12/02/2011HOWE HAROLD ADirector2$17.971.23%
12/02/2011HOWE HAROLD ADirector113$17.971.17%
12/02/2011MAHAN EDGAR RSr. VP - OVBC57$17.971.17%
8/10/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC7$17.971.21%
8/10/2011THOMAS DAVID WDirector6$17.970.16%
8/10/2011WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector22$17.971.19%
8/10/2011WILLIAMSON LANNES CDirector7$17.971.18%
8/10/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC7$17.971.13%
8/10/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC1$17.971.00%
8/10/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC195$17.971.17%
8/10/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC4$17.971.23%
8/10/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC49$17.971.17%
8/10/2011SHOCKEY SCOTT WVP/CFO - OVBC6$17.971.24%
8/10/2011BARNITZ ANNA PDirector27$17.971.17%
8/10/2011CHAPMAN STEVEN BDirector34$17.971.15%
8/10/2011HART KATRINKA VSr. VP - OVBC50$17.971.16%
8/10/2011HOWE HAROLD ADirector2$17.971.24%
8/10/2011HOWE HAROLD ADirector112$17.971.17%
8/10/2011MAHAN EDGAR RSr. VP - OVBC56$17.971.16%
8/10/2011SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector2$17.970.97%
8/10/2011SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector73$17.971.16%
8/10/2011BARNITZ ANNA PDirector167$17.977.15%
8/03/2011THOMAS DAVID WDirector400$17.2111.72%
7/29/2011WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector1,000$17.00118.48%
5/10/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC3$19.820.93%
5/10/2011SHOCKEY SCOTT WVP/CFO - OVBC5$19.821.04%
5/10/2011SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector66$19.821.06%
5/10/2011SAUNDERS BRENT ADirector2$19.820.98%
5/10/2011MILLER LARRY E IISr. VP - OVBC39$19.821.05%
5/10/2011MAHAN EDGAR RSr. VP - OVBC51$19.821.07%
5/10/2011HOWE HAROLD ADirector100$19.821.06%
5/10/2011HOWE HAROLD ADirector2$19.821.26%
5/10/2011HART KATRINKA VSr. VP - OVBC45$19.821.06%
5/10/2011BARNITZ ANNA PDirector23$19.821.08%
5/10/2011BARNITZ ANNA PDirector151$19.827.00%
5/10/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC6$19.821.05%
5/10/2011SMITH JEFFREY ECEO - OVBC44$19.821.06%
5/10/2011THOMAS DAVID WDirector6$19.820.22%
5/10/2011DANIEL ROBERT EN/A5$19.821.09%
5/10/2011CHAPMAN STEVEN BDirector31$19.821.06%
5/10/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC177$19.821.06%
5/10/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC6$19.820.98%
5/10/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC7$19.821.14%
5/10/2011WILLIAMSON LANNES CDirector6$19.821.02%
5/10/2011WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector9$19.821.08%
3/04/2011THOMAS DAVID WDirector6$20.250.22%
3/04/2011WILLIAMS ROGER DDirector9$20.251.09%
3/04/2011HOWE HAROLD ADirector97$20.251.04%
3/04/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC172$20.251.04%
3/04/2011WISEMAN THOMAS EPres/COO - OVBC6$20.250.98%
3/04/2011CHAPMAN STEVEN BDirector30$20.251.04%
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