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  1. Navistar's Turnaround Is Ugly And Bumpy, But Making Progress

    September 5, 2013
    Navistar's turnaround doesn't look pretty, but the company has made important positive steps.
  2. Navistar In The Early Stages Of Turning It Around

    June 11, 2013
    Navistar is on the road back to share regrowth and profits.
  3. Consumer Cyclical Stocks, Including Paccar, Making Big Moves ...

    January 2, 2013
    The market has been doing well after the morning's trading. The Nasdaq has moved up 2.3%; the S&P 500 has risen 1.8%; and ...
  4. Earnings Preview: Navistar - Analyst Blog

    December 18, 2012
    Navistar International Corporation (NAV) is expected to release its fourth quarter 2012 before the market opens on December ...
  5. Paccar and More Big Movers in Consumer Cyclical on October 25, ...

    October 25, 2012
    There has been little movement in the market so far this morning. The Nasdaq remains relatively unchanged; the S&P 500 has ...
  6. American Axle Issuing $550M Notes - Analyst Blog

    September 5, 2012
    American Axle and Manufacturing Inc. (AXL) has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, American Axle & Manufacturing, ...
  7. NAV to Bear Restructuring Charges - Analyst Blog

    August 31, 2012
    According to Reuters, Navistar International Corporation (NAV) will be incurring a charge of $40 million to $60 million in ...
  8. Navistar-JAC Gets Govt. Approval - Analyst Blog

    August 23, 2012
    Navistar International Corporation (NAV) and China-based truck maker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd. ("JAC") are happy, ...
  9. Daimler Profits Fall 11% - Analyst Blog

    July 25, 2012
    Daimler AG (DDAIF) reported an 11% fall in earnings to €1,515 million ($1,833.0 million) or €1.34 ($1.62) per share in the ...
  10. GNTX and Other Consumer Cyclical Stocks Making Big Moves on July ...

    July 24, 2012
    The morning has been bad for the market. The Nasdaq has fallen 0.2%; the S&P 500 has decreased 0.5%; and the Dow has declined ...
  11. Fitch Cuts Navistar Ratings - Analyst Blog

    July 16, 2012
    According to Reuters, Fitch Ratings has lowered the long-term debt rating and senior unsecured notes rating of Navistar International ...
  12. TEN Ride Control to Power Escape - Analyst Blog

    June 18, 2012
    Tenneco Inc. (TEN) has announced the launch of its ride control business for Ford Motor Co.'s F) new 2013 Escape. The company ...
  13. The Navistar Mess Gets Messier

    June 11, 2012
    Navistar's engine problems have drained the company's power.
  14. Navistar Misses Badly - Analyst Blog

    June 7, 2012
    Navistar International Corporation (NAV) reported a loss of $137 million or $1.99 per share (excluding special items) in ...
  15. Digesting Allison Transmission's IPO

    March 28, 2012
    The private equity players sold nearly 22 million in shares during the IPO. None of this went to Allison. The company's operating ...
  16. Trying To Make Sense Of Navistar

    March 13, 2012
    Navistar could do well on a truck rebound.
  17. Commercial Vehicle Group Is Priced To Move

    March 5, 2012
    Commercial is generating huge gains in revenues and earnings, yet its stock trades below its 2004 IPO price of $13 a share.
  18. Miller Industries – A Great Little Company That Nobody Knows

    January 12, 2012
    Miller is well-run, but quite small.
  19. Better Still Not Good Enough For Navistar

    December 22, 2011
    Navistar is doing a little better, but it needs to do a lot better to reach its potential.
  20. Navistar Gets More Than The Benefit Of The Doubt

    September 8, 2011
    Navistar is undervalued, but only if it executes better than it has.
  21. Navistar Looking For A Higher Gear

    June 9, 2011
    Can Navistar work out the kinks in its new engine before it's too late?
  22. Cummins Finds Another Gear

    April 28, 2011
    Cummins continues to reap the profits from a nearly insatiable demand for trucks in emerging markets.
  23. Eaton Shows Broad Recovery Continues

    April 25, 2011
    Eaton is no bargain, but the company is prospering as the economy recovers.
  24. Truck-Makers Still Hauling In Profits

    March 22, 2011
    Strong growth in commercial truck demand suggests that investors may want to consider buying the dips.
  25. Navistar's Truck-Tough Earnings

    December 29, 2010
    Navistar came in with lower quarterly profits on a small revenue increase. The industry's had a couple of tough years, but ...
  26. Analysts Redline Cummins

    October 28, 2010
    Cummins did nothing wrong, but overheated expectations set the stock up for failure.
  27. Can The U.S. Switch To Natural Gas?

    August 27, 2010
    Who stands to benefit if the U.S. decides to leverage this cheap and abundant fuel source?
  28. Exxon Mobil Takes The Plunge Into Biofuels

    July 21, 2009
    Exxon Mobil committed $600 million to a joint veture to research biofuels made from Algae. This illustrates the importance ...
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