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Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/30/2014DAVID CATHERINEExec. Vice Pres.-Merchandising341$17.610.23%
5/30/2014Benkel Michael RExec VP-Planning & Allocations143$17.610.12%
5/30/2014RAMIREZ DARLA DN/A53$17.610.25%
5/30/2014SMITH ALEXPresident & CEO1,024$17.610.13%
5/30/2014Carter Michael ASVP - Compliance & Gen Counsel257$17.610.16%
5/30/2014COFFEY LAURA ASr. Vice President - Planning106$17.610.12%
5/30/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO778$17.610.35%
5/30/2014PEEL MICHAEL ADirector887$17.6117.00%
5/30/2014McCague CynthiaDirector444$17.6112.56%
5/30/2014DODDS HAMISHDirector444$17.612.28%
5/30/2014BURGOYNE JOHN HDirector444$17.610.17%
5/30/2014BACHELDER CHERYL ADirector1,006$17.616.88%
5/30/2014BABROWSKI CLAIRE HDirector177$17.612.23%
5/30/2014LONDON TERRY EDirector124$17.610.07%
5/30/2014HOFFMAN BRENDANDirector444$17.612.28%
5/30/2014SMITH CECEDirector1,035$17.610.41%
5/30/2014SARDINI ANNDirector284$17.6116.12%
5/07/2014LONDON TERRY EDirector592$17.670.34%
5/07/2014McCague CynthiaDirector11$17.670.31%
5/07/2014PEEL MICHAEL ADirector15$17.670.29%
5/07/2014BURGOYNE JOHN HDirector857$17.670.33%
5/07/2014SARDINI ANNDirector5$17.670.28%
5/07/2014DODDS HAMISHDirector64$17.670.33%
5/07/2014HOFFMAN BRENDANDirector64$17.670.33%
5/07/2014BACHELDER CHERYL ADirector39$17.670.27%
5/07/2014DAVID CATHERINEExec. Vice Pres.-Merchandising11$17.670.01%
5/07/2014Carter Michael ASVP - Compliance & Gen Counsel12$17.670.01%
5/07/2014SMITH CECEDirector690$17.670.27%
5/07/2014BABROWSKI CLAIRE HDirector8$17.670.10%
5/07/2014SMITH CECEDirector43$17.670.02%
5/07/2014RAMIREZ DARLA DN/A2$17.670.01%
5/07/2014Benkel Michael RExec VP-Planning & Allocations8$17.670.01%
5/02/2014BACHELDER CHERYL ADirector968$18.307.12%
5/02/2014LONDON TERRY EDirector120$18.300.07%
5/02/2014PEEL MICHAEL ADirector854$18.3019.63%
5/02/2014McCague CynthiaDirector427$18.3013.79%
5/01/2014Leite Sharon MEVP - Sales & Cust. Experience-17,000$18.22-14.40%
5/01/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO-2,500$18.29-1.10%
4/30/2014SMITH CECEDirector998$18.260.40%
4/30/2014RAMIREZ DARLA DN/A34$18.260.16%
4/30/2014Leite Sharon MEVP - Sales & Cust. Experience55$18.260.05%
4/30/2014HUNTER ERIC WExec. Vice Pres - Marketing137$18.260.30%
4/30/2014Humenesky GregoryExec Vice Pres/Human Resources68$18.260.06%
4/30/2014DAVID CATHERINEExec. Vice Pres.-Merchandising219$18.260.15%
4/30/2014COFFEY LAURA ASr. Vice Pres. - Planning68$18.260.08%
4/30/2014Carter Michael ASVP - Compliance & Gen Counsel158$18.260.10%
4/30/2014Benkel Michael RExec VP-Planning & Allocations87$18.260.07%
4/30/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO500$18.260.22%
4/30/2014SMITH ALEXPresident & CEO658$18.260.07%
4/30/2014BABROWSKI CLAIRE HDirector171$18.262.21%
4/30/2014SARDINI ANNDirector274$18.2618.48%
4/29/2014RAMIREZ DARLA DN/A-399$18.19-1.83%
4/29/2014Benkel Michael RExec VP-Planning & Allocations-1,619$18.19-1.32%
4/29/2014Carter Michael ASVP - Compliance & Gen Counsel-1,111$18.19-0.68%
4/29/2014SMITH ALEXPresident & CEO-52,192$18.19-4.94%
4/29/2014COFFEY LAURA ASr. Vice Pres. - Planning-914$18.19-1.06%
4/29/2014Humenesky GregoryExec Vice Pres/Human Resources-1,340$18.19-1.26%
4/29/2014DAVID CATHERINEExec. Vice Pres.-Merchandising-2,085$18.19-1.41%
4/29/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO-2,504$18.19-1.10%
4/29/2014Leite Sharon MEVP - Sales & Cust. Experience-1,806$18.19-1.51%
4/01/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO-2,500$18.91-1.21%
3/31/2014SMITH ALEXPresident & CEO637$18.880.06%
3/31/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO484$18.880.24%
3/31/2014BABROWSKI CLAIRE HDirector166$18.882.19%
3/31/2014RAMIREZ DARLA DN/A33$18.880.19%
3/31/2014SMITH CECEDirector966$18.880.38%
3/31/2014SARDINI ANNDirector265$18.8821.76%
3/31/2014Leite Sharon MEVP - Sales & Cust. Experience53$18.880.06%
3/31/2014HUNTER ERIC WExec. Vice Pres - Marketing132$18.880.66%
3/31/2014Humenesky GregoryExec Vice Pres/Human Resources66$18.880.07%
3/31/2014DAVID CATHERINEExec. Vice Pres.-Merchandising212$18.880.18%
3/31/2014COFFEY LAURA ASr. Vice President - Planning66$18.880.09%
3/31/2014Carter Michael ASVP - Compliance & Gen Counsel153$18.880.10%
3/31/2014Benkel Michael RExec VP-Planning & Allocations84$18.880.08%
3/03/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO-2,500$18.68-1.20%
3/01/2014SMITH ALEXPresident & CEO-69,891$18.92-9.30%
2/28/2014Carter Michael ASVP - Compliance & Gen Counsel152$18.920.10%
2/28/2014HOFFMAN BRENDANDirector413$18.922.28%
2/28/2014LONDON TERRY EDirector116$18.920.07%
2/28/2014PEEL MICHAEL ADirector826$18.9231.02%
2/28/2014SMITH ALEXPresident & CEO635$18.920.08%
2/28/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO483$18.920.23%
2/28/2014BABROWSKI CLAIRE HDirector165$18.922.22%
2/28/2014SARDINI ANNDirector264$18.9227.64%
2/28/2014SMITH CECEDirector963$18.920.39%
2/28/2014BACHELDER CHERYL ADirector936$18.928.00%
2/28/2014COFFEY LAURA ASr. Vice President - Planning66$18.920.09%
2/28/2014Leite Sharon MEVP - Sales & Cust. Experience53$18.920.06%
2/28/2014RAMIREZ DARLA DN/A33$18.920.19%
2/28/2014HUNTER ERIC WExec. Vice Pres - Marketing132$18.920.66%
2/28/2014Humenesky GregoryExec Vice Pres/Human Resources66$18.920.07%
2/28/2014DAVID CATHERINEExec. Vice Pres.-Merchandising211$18.920.18%
2/28/2014Benkel Michael RExec VP-Planning & Allocations84$18.920.08%
2/26/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO10,000$17.254.82%
2/26/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO5,000$14.252.30%
2/26/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO-15,000$20.00-6.75%
2/10/2014TURNER CHARLES HSr. Exec. Vice President & CFO-2,500$18.88-1.19%
2/05/2014DODDS HAMISHDirector58$18.340.32%
2/05/2014LONDON TERRY EDirector568$18.340.33%
2/05/2014SMITH CECEDirector663$18.340.27%
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