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20/8/2014 04:02 PM  |  NYSE : PKY  
Industries : Real Estate / Reit - Office

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/18/2014O'Reilly David R.EVP & CFO & CIO112,500$17.2147.76%
7/18/2014Pratt Henry F IIIEVP OF ASSET MANAGEMENT-26,358$21.55-12.57%
7/18/2014Heistand James RPRESIDENT & CEO237,500$17.2117.96%
7/18/2014Heistand James RPRESIDENT & CEO-209,244$21.55-13.41%
7/18/2014O'Reilly David R.EVP & CFO & CIO-95,721$21.55-27.50%
7/18/2014Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER56,250$17.2162.39%
7/18/2014Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-47,701$21.55-32.58%
7/18/2014Pratt Henry F IIIEVP OF ASSET MANAGEMENT31,250$17.2117.51%
7/08/2014Heistand James RDIRECTOR, PRESIDENT & CEO-13,984$20.91-1.05%
7/01/2014Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-66$20.69-0.07%
6/25/2014Pratt Henry F IIIEVP OF ASSET MANAGEMENT-5,983$20.94-3.24%
1/14/2014Pratt Henry F IIIEVP OF ASSET MANAGEMENT-102$17.81-0.06%
1/14/2014Pratt Henry F IIIEVP OF ASSET MANAGEMENT-174$17.81-0.10%
1/14/2014O'Reilly David R.EVP & CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER-220$17.81-0.10%
1/14/2014Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-78$17.81-0.10%
1/14/2014Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-220$17.81-0.28%
12/20/2013Francis Scott ESVP & CHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-30,000$18.33-51.41%
9/16/2013Dorsett Jeremy REVP & GENERAL COUNSEL1,000$16.588.36%
9/10/2013Mixson Brenda JDirector1,000$16.363.75%
9/10/2013Mixson Brenda JDirector-921$16.35-3.34%
8/22/2013Pratt Henry F IIIEVP OF ASSET MANAGEMENT5,983$17.954.18%
8/22/2013Heistand James RPRESIDENT & CEO11,966$17.950.92%
7/01/2013Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-66$16.79-0.15%
6/20/2013Casal Edward ManuelDirector2,000$16.6721.16%
6/04/2013Heistand James RPRESIDENT & CEO50,000$16.614.16%
6/04/2013Heistand James RPRESIDENT & CEO50,000$16.614.16%
5/24/2013Dorsett Jeremy REVP & GENERAL COUNSEL1,000$17.989.12%
3/19/2013Mixson Brenda JDirector3,000$17.2513.82%
1/14/2013O'Reilly David R.EVP & CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER-220$15.56-0.20%
1/14/2013Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-220$15.56-0.66%
1/14/2013Lipsey M. JaysonEVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-78$15.56-0.24%
8/14/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO25,000$11.24125.00%
7/31/2012INGRAM JAMES MExecutive Vice President-629$11.13-1.04%
7/31/2012Lipsey M. JaysonEVP & Chief Operating Officer-198$11.13-0.59%
7/31/2012POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-550$11.13-1.18%
7/31/2012Speed Warren LExecutive Vice President-393$11.13-0.66%
7/01/2012Speed Warren LExecutive Vice President-85$11.44-0.14%
7/01/2012POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-127$11.44-0.27%
7/01/2012INGRAM JAMES MExecutive Vice President-127$11.44-0.21%
6/07/2012INGRAM JAMES MExecutive Vice President-4,000$10.90-6.20%
5/21/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO15,000$10.244.48%
5/15/2012Mixson Brenda JDirector2,000$25.20100.00%
5/09/2012CANNADA CHARLES TDirector10,000$10.9782.22%
5/09/2012Dotter Laurie L.Director5,000$10.8551.74%
5/08/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO65,000$10.8224.08%
3/22/2012Dotter Laurie L.Director5,000$10.07107.23%
3/07/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO25,000$9.6110.21%
2/27/2012O'Reilly David R.EVP & Chief Investment Officer4,000$10.1027.97%
2/21/2012LeMaile-Stovall TroyDirector282$10.22188.00%
2/21/2012LeMaile-Stovall TroyDirector200$10.20200.00%
2/15/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO20,000$10.228.94%
2/14/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO20,000$10.229.81%
2/13/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO20,000$10.1610.88%
2/10/2012Hickson Richard G IVEVP & Chief Financial Officer2,500$9.935.29%
2/10/2012Lipsey M. JaysonEVP & Chief Operating Officer1,506$10.015.28%
2/10/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO20,000$9.9912.21%
2/09/2012CANNADA CHARLES TDirector5,000$10.0569.80%
2/09/2012Heistand James RPresident and CEO20,000$10.0413.91%
2/09/2012POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer2,000$10.034.62%
2/09/2012Lipsey M. JaysonEVP & Chief Operating Officer9,900$10.0353.13%
1/14/2012Speed Warren LExecutive Vice President-357$9.55-0.60%
1/14/2012Speed Warren LExecutive Vice President-96$9.22-0.16%
1/14/2012POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-758$9.22-1.72%
1/14/2012POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-144$9.22-0.33%
1/14/2012INGRAM JAMES MExecutive Vice President-1,114$9.22-1.80%
1/14/2012INGRAM JAMES MExecutive Vice President-144$9.22-0.24%
1/14/2012Hickson Richard G IVEVP & Chief Financial Officer-153$9.22-0.32%
1/14/2012Hickson Richard G IVEVP & Chief Financial Officer-207$9.22-0.44%
1/09/2012Speed Warren LExecutive Vice President-446$9.45-0.75%
1/09/2012POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-624$9.45-1.39%
1/09/2012INGRAM JAMES MEVP & Chief Investment Officer-713$9.45-1.14%
1/09/2012Hickson Richard G IVEVP & Chief Financial Officer-287$9.45-0.60%
10/14/2011Flatt William RFormer EVP & COO-3,193$11.87-4.22%
8/08/2011ROGERS STEVEN GPresident and CEO-39,000$13.03-13.05%
7/01/2011INGRAM JAMES MEVP & Chief Investment Officer-127$17.13-0.20%
7/01/2011ROGERS STEVEN GPresident and CEO-616$17.13-0.21%
7/01/2011Flatt William REVP & Chief Operating Officer-212$17.13-0.28%
7/01/2011Hickson Richard G IVEVP & Chief Financial Officer-212$17.13-0.44%
7/01/2011POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-127$17.13-0.28%
7/01/2011Speed Warren LExecutive Vice President-85$17.13-0.14%
6/09/2011Heistand James RChairman of the Board25,000$16.3321.04%
6/03/2011Heistand James RChairman of the Board50,000$17.3372.67%
5/26/2011Mixson Brenda JDirector2,000$18.2033.42%
5/26/2011INGRAM JAMES MEVP & Chief Investment Officer-3,850$18.26-5.77%
5/23/2011CANNADA CHARLES TDirector2,000$17.4338.74%
2/09/2011Mixson Brenda JDirector5,000$10.0462.63%
1/12/2011ROGERS STEVEN GPresident and CEO-1,966$17.84-0.86%
1/12/2011INGRAM JAMES MEVP & Chief Investment Officer-1,114$17.84-1.74%
1/12/2011Flatt William REVP & Chief Operating Officer-771$17.84-1.05%
1/12/2011POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-535$17.84-1.22%
1/09/2011Flatt William REVP & Chief Operating Officer-454$17.99-0.61%
1/09/2011ROGERS STEVEN GPresident and CEO-2,136$17.99-0.92%
1/09/2011POPE MANDY MEVP & Chief Accounting Officer-624$17.99-1.41%
1/09/2011INGRAM JAMES MEVP & Chief Investment Officer-713$17.99-1.10%
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